All About Payphone Location Fortnite

Payphone Location Fortnite

Payphone Location Fortnite – Payphone are the unmarked location in the Fortnite map that links to the quest “Accept a Quest from a Play Phone” in season 7 of Fortnite. The mission that requires Payphone location Fornite which is given to you in season 7 is: you have to find a Payphone on the live map during a match and then connect with the payphone. It will give you a mission that you have to complete. But the real hassle is the Payphone location Fornite which we will look at down below. 

Payphone Location Fortnite 

There are a total of 15+ Payphone location Fortnite present on the Fortnite map which is unmarked and the majority of them are present on the coastlines of the map. Some are present along the roadside in the middle of Nowheresville. Pick up a car and start moving because the circle is only going to shrink. 

Major locations of Payphone in Fortnite 

  • We will start from Believer Beach, move towards the eastern side of Believer beach, and on the edges, you will find Payphone location Fortnite for you to complete your mission.
  • Now we will move towards Pleasant Park. Towards the Southwestern corner of Pleasant Park where the road connects with Pleasant Park, you will find the Payphone location Fortnite.
  • We will move towards the bridge that connects Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs. Along the road, south of Craggy Cliffs you will find the Payphone location Fornite present.
  • Towards the hill southeast of Craggy Cliffs alongside the road, you will find another Payphone location Fortnite is waiting for you. 
  • We will move on the same road towards the coastal lines towards the hill which is northwest of Steamy Stacks. We will find yet again another Payphone location in Fortnite
  • Moving along the road of Steamy Stacks, towards the south of Steamy Stack along with the road you will find Payphone location Fortnite.
  • When you will reach the Dirty Docks, move west toward the small island, along the road you will find the Payphone location Fortnite.
  • Near the bridge that connects Lazy Lake and Retail Row, on the hill northeast of lazy lake, you will find the Payphone location Fortnite. 
  • Enter the Retail Row, southeast portion of Retail Row, this is the Payphone location Fornite.
  • You have to move along the road towards Catty Corner, and enter Catty Corner, east of Catty Corner is where you will find the Payphone location Fortnite. 
  • While moving toward Misty Meadows, you will find the Payphone location Fortnite near the bridge that connects Catty Corner and Misty Meadows. 
  • Another location of Payphone location Fortnite can be found along the road leading north out of Slurpy Swamp.
  • You will find another one while exiting Misty Meadows.
  • Payphone location Fortnite presents to the east of the hydro 16 power plant, along the roadside. 
  • Moving alongside Weeping Woods you will reach the southwestern portion of holly hedges, where you will find another Payphone location Fortnite.

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Accept the request             

When you will reach the Payphone location Fortnite you have to accept the mission which it will give you. Do it again 3 times more until you have finished it. You can obtain 30,000 XP for completing the full mission sequence. 


“Accept a quest from a Payphone” is an easy way to gain XP while playing your normal round of battle royal. It gives reason for players to jump back to fortnite battle royale and play for more than only one reason stay alive on the battlefield and enjoy the game with friends.