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OUROBOROS TATTOO – The initial query is well-known to all. Describe the ouroboros. Because when you say “I want an ouroboros tattoo,” the majority of people will take a look at you with a question mark on their face. An ouroboros is a circle symbol from antiquity that features a snake or dragon eating its very own tail.

Although this tattoo is becoming increasingly popular, it is not very prevalent among enthusiasts. Additionally, it is pretty attractive on the layers of skin wherever you place it.

Ouroboros tattoo designs and the symbol’s significance will be the main topics of this essay. In this way, you can decide if getting an ouroboros tattoo was the best choice before permanently sticking it onto your body.

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What Does the Ouroboros Mean?

To explain, the word ouroboros meaning, sometimes known as Uroboros, is a combination of the Greek words oura and bora. The first word in the phrase signifies tail, and the second term indicates to eat or devour. Ouroboros, then, is a tail-devourer.

It has a dragon and a serpent or snake, an old sign. The Ouroboros was initially uncovered in inscriptions from ancient Egypt and in the tomb at Tutankhamun (1400 BC).

The ouroboros tattoo is uncommon and has several meanings. Throughout history, the emblem has been a part of numerous cultures. The ouroboros’ basic purpose is that life continues even in the face of adversity, which is often the guiding principle.

And it represents immortality to specific individuals, not in the way that they will live forever, but rather that no one will be able to stop them from achieving their objective. One of the tattoos that symbolizes the acceptance of rebirth and death is this one.

Ouroboros tattoo can also mean that a person is happy with their life, meaning that their life is complete, like a circle, for certain people. This symbol serves as a constant reminder of where you are in life, your successes, and all the difficult times you’ve successfully overcome for those individuals who have it all—faith, family, etc.

The ouroboros snake can only be depicted in one way in various cultures. In the contemporary world, we represent the ouroboros with an actual snake or other animal.

You have the freedom to be imaginative and non-conformist. You must understand what the symbol, which features an animal circling and munching on its tail, signifies. There are various ways to depict this symbol. Whether the animal’s mouth is open or closed is your choice. The tail must be present, and the sign must be round to be effective.

You can tie a knot in the flesh to represent a snake, serpent, or dragon on your tattoo. Complexity is added to the tattoo by twisting or the knot. The symbol’s meaning won’t be altered in any way by this.

Where Should an Ouroboros Tattoo Be Placed?

An ouroboros tattoo is easy to place because it is typically circular. Of course, both of you, the tattoo artist may encounter a few minor challenges while determining the ideal spot for a knot or infinite form. The allure of ouroboros tattoos is how simple it is to apply them to the arm, finger, neck, wrist, and ankle.

Tattoos with ouroboros generally look cool. It may take some time to complete this kind of tattoo design. The explanation is straightforward: Everyone wants their tattoo to be special, symbolise something they can identify, and have various components.

This tattoo concept is cool. To ensure that the tattoo is a work of art, remember that you need to pick a tattoo artist with plenty of experience and knowledge. This is especially crucial if the pattern is more challenging.

The Best Ideas for Ouroboros Tattoos

Check out the bold and potent examples of ouroboros tattoos below if you’re unsure of which one is right for you, then pick that design.

Ouroboros tattoo on a snake

Snakes eating themselves may terrify some individuals, but that doesn’t stop others from getting permanent tattoos on their bodies. Ouroboros tattoos frequently feature snake designs.

A long snake tattoo meaning a forked tongue, can be used to convey a strong and compelling message. Selecting a snake skeleton may make your snake ouroboros tattoos stand out more. This can help to personalize your tattoo design.

Add a cross, a flower, or a tiny animal around the snake to personalise the difficulty. It all comes down to what you desire and require from your tattoos. This design is ideal if you enjoy getting tattoos and learning about the past.

No matter where you place a snake eating itself with an ouroboros tattoo on your body, it looks fantastic. Just make sure the tattoo reflects who you are.

Ouroboros tattoo on a snake

Dragon Ouroboros Tattoo

Dragons represent strength. Therefore, it is unsurprising that some ouroboros designs include dragons rather than snakes. In ouroboros tattoos, dragons are frequently employed as a bolder motif that allows for more intricacy.

Even a simple dragon ouroboros tattoo looks fantastic, like one on your wrist or ankle. These little tattoos can stand out on the skin because of their intricate designs.

Considering how uncommon it is to find a dragon in an ouroboros tattoo, dragon patterns are for individuals who aren’t scared to stand out. They are slightly diverse works of art as a result. You can give your dragon any features, including claws, wings, scales, and flames.

Multicolour tattoos, in addition to blackwork, may be quite badass.

Due to the way the dragon ouroboros tattoos accentuate men’s masculinity, men frequently choose them. This tattoo is intricate and labour-intensive, so it can be uncomfortable depending on where it is placed.

Dragon Ouroboros Tattoo

Infinity Ouroboros Tattoo

An infinity sign is one of the most distinctive ouroboros tattoo designs available. The serpent’s body may twist in the middle, forming a shape that resembles the number eight. This kind of tattoo symbolizes the endless circle of existence.

For some people, the infinity ouroboros tattoo symbolizes completion. A tattoo such as this would be perfect for someone aware of their needs and desires.

The infinite ouroboros tattoo has significant personal significance for the owner in addition to its stunning aesthetic value. This incredible tattoo additionally symbolizes life, death, and rebirth.

Use a rope, dragon, lizard, serpent, or any other.

Infinity Ouroboros Tattoo

Wrist Ouroboros Tattoo

Nearly everyone who enjoys getting tattoos will say that the wrist is their preferred location. An Ouroboros tattoo looks great on the wrist.

A snake, lizard, and dragon swallowing its tail around the wrist produces a perfect endless circle. Additionally, you can add a few tattoos and tiny designs to combine them.

Because the tattoo on the wrist is so small, it is simple to conceal. The fact that tattoos may be readily removed in this location is helpful if your artist doesn’t do a good job or if you decide to have a different design in the future.

Wrist Ouroboros Tattoo

Tattoo of a flower ouroboros

Everyone wants their tattoos to be deeply symbolic and meaningful. The best approach to making an ouroboros tattoo is using flowers.

The versatility of a flower’s ouroboros tattoos allows for both large and little designs. Your preferences will determine everything. In all sizes, they are attractive.

In general, flowers tend to make people feel good. They stand for joy, love, or happiness. Each bloom represents something different. Additionally, they can mean many things to other people.

Before choosing which flower to include in your ouroboros, tattoo artists advise that you have a certain image in mind or conduct research. Pick what appeals to your tastes along with what you find enjoyable.

For these kinds of tattoos, there are no set guidelines for placement. However, you might want to consult the tattoo artist about the ideal location for your flowers. For instance, you may surround your snake or lizard with cherry or plum blossoms. Japan & its culture are known for their plum blossoms. Choose this timeless blossom for your tattoo design. You can scale up a wildflower and rise to the arm or body. Maintain clean, precise lines.

Tattoo of a flower ouroboros

Tattoo of a colourful Ouroboros

Going beyond blackwork and getting a multicoloured tattoo is the most excellent method to make your ouroboros stand out Or simply a single hue!

If you enjoy tattoos with a splash of colour, you can easily embellish your ouroboros design with various colours and patterns. The life-representing ouroboros. Adding colour to that pattern gives your tattoo more fun and personality.

Tattoos have a long tradition of using various colours. Who’s to say, for instance, that a dragon ouroboros must only be black? Why not include yellow or blue in the mixture?

Both men and women can get tattoos of the multicoloured ouroboros. Everything depends on how you prefer your ink. Your preferences are very important to us.

Ink with a lot of colour conveys independence, power, and freedom. They exhibit your inventiveness as well. You shouldn’t limit your imagination because of this. See where your creativity can take you by exploring it.

A design’s proper colour selection is a crucial component. Prior to getting inked, tattoo artists advise weighing a few factors. First, if the tattoo artist lacks competence, trim, colourful tattoos can occasionally visually merge and appear muddy.

Colourful, large tattoos look much better. Their colours stand out and can appear more transparent. Additionally, the appearance and durability of color on you will depend on your skin tone. Remember that deeper hues typically have a longer lifespan on the skin. Bright hues, such as shades of pink, red, yellow, green, and orange, tend to fade more quickly.

You will eventually need spot fixes because they are only perfect temporarily. Remember that some colours might be challenging to cover with another tattoo and get rid of.

However, colours might emphasize the meaning of the ouroboros tattoo or comparable ideals for you. Each colour has a distinct purpose. Before selecting the colours for your ouroboros tattoo, take some time to consider their meanings.

Tattoo of a colourful Ouroboros


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Why do people ink themselves with ouroboros?

Ans. The Ouroboros was destined to appear in the tattoo industry due to its rich meaning. Ouroboros tattoos symbolize wholeness, eternity, a circle of life, and continuance.

Q2) What does the ouroboros represent?

Ans. The gnostic & alchemical symbol known as the ouroboros expresses the completeness of all things, spiritual and material, which never truly vanish but constantly change shape in an endless cycle of creation and destruction.