Critter Pricker: A Review On Sharktank Product

critter pricker

CRITTER PRICKER – One of the most prevalent species of furry rodents to inhabit homes and other buildings adjacent to forests are raccoons. Additionally, they cause their neighbours, who are homeowners, great inconvenience. Raccoons enjoy consuming leftovers from rubbish in waste cans for some reason.

It would be fantastic if they served as nature’s mechanism for removing leftovers so we could support animals. Conversely, Raccoons make it their business to make a big mess each time they eat your leftovers for dinner. They prefer to urinate anywhere they wish and dump rubbish everywhere.

Like many other people, you may have attempted a number of at-home solutions that you read about on the internet to get rid of raccoons from your property permanently. You may have also felt the total disappointment of being unable to solve the issue. The same problem existed, and Joseph Balistreri, an expert in pest control who started his profession in animal removal in 2010, was torn about assisting his clients in getting rid of the pest.

However, he was cautious to ensure pest control wouldn’t endanger animals. Raccoons, after all, have no morals and should be treated with compassion even though their messes might make our lives miserable.

Through his creativity and professional knowledge, Balistreri created a pest control method that did more than eliminate raccoons from the region. It also served as a way of getting rid of them without hurting them. Installing a top-notch raccoon removal tool seems to be the best course of action for dealing with this pest issue. It is animal-friendly and seems to have the potential to be more effective than DIY home treatments.

If you follow the television programme, Shark Tank, you may already be comfortable with Balistreri’s pest control product, aptly named the Critter Pricker. Do not be deterred by the name. Nothing about this hurts the creature in any way. Balistreri became one of the uncommon inventors that Shark Tank invited to make an appearance and exhibit his idea to the Sharks because the show seldom contacts businessmen to appear at their performance.

Joe attended the show in quest of a Shark willing to give him $115,000 in exchange for 15% ownership of his humane pest management method. He sold $80,000 pair of Critter Prickers the year before appearing on the programme. He had trouble keeping up with demand after fast exhausting his stock following manufacture. Concerned about the security of their beloved Critter Pricker, the Sharks eventually accepted Kevin O’Leary’s offer of $115,000 as a substitute for 15% shares and a $2.50 royalty on each unit sold. Joe took the offer since he thought it was a fair deal.

While it all sounds lovely, we wanted to be sure the humane pest control method worked. You may also want to know how this device functions and whether it successfully deters raccoons. We’re going to examine Critter Pricker in greater detail in this review. It may enable you to decide more effectively if it is worthwhile for you to spend your hard-earned cash on one of these.

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Critter Pricker: A Review

Raccoons enjoy making a large mess in their local communities. The trash is not simply dumped everywhere. Additionally, raccoons have been observed to defecate in swimming pools, have been known to get access to attics and cause havoc there, and are rabies carriers. These rodents could be a significant issue that requires effective management.

Raccoons were Joseph’s most frequent issue as a pest eradication specialist. Even though he had been able to get rid of the raccoons, there was no means to prevent them from returning or from being replaced after some time. He sought a remedy to deter the raccoons and prevent them from returning.

Raccoons have incredibly delicate pads on their feet, something Balistreri was aware of. He decided to make it extremely difficult for these animals to access their favourite spaces inside a home. The Critter Pricker was subsequently created as a result. In reality, these are 10 stiff plastic strips with spikes. For raccoons, these prickly strips pose little threat. They are completely harmless to rodents but give raccoons a lot of anxiety. Raccoons cannot wish to grasp the surface after getting into proximity to it due to the delicate pads on their feet.

Although it would appear like a simple fix, Joseph Balistreri found the strategy successful. Simply arrange the strips to cordon off the regions of interest to use this. You can click together the strips in several sizes and configurations to cover an area. Raccoons lose interest in the region once the wall is in place since it is closed off.

The item is practical. It is reasonably priced, simple to install, and hassle-free at keeping raccoons away. If you have your children outside during the day, you should take caution when removing the spikes because they are sharp.


● Solution for effective pest control.

● Humane means of deterring and retaining raccoons.

● Simple installation procedure.

● Keeps many pests at bay.


● The strips cannot remain well placed together, some customers complained.

● Because of how sharp they are, the spikes can pierce you.

● For it to be used securely, you must install & uninstall it each day.

Critter Pricker Is For Whom?

For people that want to eliminate the insect issue in their houses, there is Critter Pricker. While there are successful treatments for smaller insects and rodents, larger pests like raccoons are more difficult to deter. This may be the best option for you if you reside where raccoons and feral cats are a significant problem. You can find out more about Critter Pricker on the business website.

Alternatives Exist They?

The distinctive feature of the Critter Pricker—and we felt compelled to write a Critter Pricker review—is that it offers a practical answer to the raccoon issue. The majority of other raccoon removal methods are either ineffectual or cruel. Raccoons, along with other pests, can be scared away with the use of the Critter Pricker, which is a cheap remedy. You won’t need to change it regularly because it is a sturdy product that will continue for a very long period.

Our parting remarks

To sum up, the item is a good choice for handling your raccoon issue. The method of pest control works. It has a low, upfront cost and is an easy-to-use, long-lasting solution. To keep your children and pets safe, you must remember to put it up every night and take it down the following day. Other than that flaw, we did not discover anything wrong with the goods.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Can squirrels be pricked by Critter Pricker?

Ans. In addition to working for the raccoons, it also prevented the squirrels from jumping from or onto the feeders. 

Q2) After Shark Tank, what occurred to Critter Pricker?

Ans. Update on the Critter Pricker the show Shark Tank

Joe’s website underwent a revamp after the show. On Amazon, Critter Prickers still remain for sale. The business is still operating with a yearly revenue of under a million dollars as of March 2023.