Peyton Meyer, a former Disney star, appeared to reply to a sexual film that went viral.

Peyton Meyer leaked

Peyton Meyer Leaked

Fans think an inappropriate video featuring “He’s All That” star Peyton Meyer has gone viral. Netflix/Kevin Estrada

On August 31,Peyton Meyer and “TikTok Leak Room” became social media trends.

Fans suspected Meyer was in an obscene video released by a Twitter account (now suspended).

Meyer’s TikTok account appears to have produced a video that purports to be a response.

Peyton Meyer, a former Disney star, and his girlfriend appear to have replied to reports about a video that went viral earlier a few weeks earlier claimed to show them having sex. Meyer is most recognized for his work in “Girl Meets World” and the Netflix original film “He’s All That.”

On Tuesday, two unverified TikTok accounts that appear to belong to Meyer and his girlfriend Taylor Mae LaCour shared the identical video in response to the popular obscene video. It begins with a clip from the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon announcing “Several Months Later,” followed by the pair gyrating and stroking LaCour’s stomach.

The account that seems to be Meyer’s did not either confirm or reject if the video was of him. It did communicate with commentators joking about its content, like one TikTok user’s remark stating “she loves it slow” and reacting to another with a tortoise emoji saying “speed up the pace.”

The same video was labelled “caught in 4K” by the account that appears to be made by LaCour, which is slang for people getting caught doing something on social media. “I prefer finishing it on a leisurely note,” the account seems to reply to comments about the “pacing” of the obscene video.

According to one TikTok user who commented on the video, “I like how you can make light of it. I’m not sure why everyone finds it amusing. That is a significant breach of privacy, regardless of whether they are in the industry.”

The alleged LaCour account reacted, writing, “Imagine someone hacking your phone, taking your identity, and leaking your personal information all over the internet.”

Meyer and LaCour did not immediately reply to Insider’s requests for comment.

Peyton Meyer became a Twitter trend when an obscene video went viral.

The obscene film, which fans assumed featured Meyer, was uploaded earlier this week by the Twitter account “TikTok Leak Room.”

According to LadBible, Twitter has stopped TikTok Leak Room, which had more than 30,000 followers previous to its suspension. According to the source, the account was also popularly known for sharing sexually graphic films and photographs of internet personalities and celebrities.

An insider confirmed that the individual in the video is Meyer.

Reactions to the obscene video and advice to avoid looking it up and risk “ruining their youth” have gone viral on TikTok. All four videos submitted on Tuesday, all of which feature TikTok users appearing astonished while the “Girl Meets World” theme song plays in the background, had a total of 7.3 million views.

The hashtag #tiktokleakroom has been watched over 500,000 times, whereas the hashtag #peytonmeyer has approximately 39 million views.

Although the video went viral, it has been available online for a few months now.

Users on Reddit, Twitter,  and a site dedicated to discussing pornographic content have posted the same obscene video and photographs in postings dating back to May 29, according to Insider. The same video appears to have been published in early June to several pornographic websites.

The persons who shared this information revealed it was from an OnlyFans account. However, an OnlyFans spokesman verified to Insider of zero presence of any account on the network with the name “Peyton Meyer.”

This is all that we knew about Peyton Meyer Leaked video.

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