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PIMEYES FREEHave you ever wished to have the ability to search for online images and discover the original origins of such pictures? In such cases, PimEyes are the ideal tool for people. 

Users can upload their photos to PinEyes, a face search engine, to discover similar results in a matter of seconds. It may include a URL to the source of the presented photographs. This article will cover many topics, including What is PimEyes: free Alternatives, Pricing Plans for PimEyes, How to use PrimEyes, and many more. 

What do you mean by PimEyes?

PimEyes is a face search engine that allows customers to upload photographs and discover where they were published. It’s a fast and accurate face recognition website that can instantly generate similar-looking photos. PimEyes performs reverse image searches by leveraging technology such as face recognition. 

This tool is an amazing way to verify copyright infringement. PimEyes’ fact finder helps users effortlessly find a face by dragging a photograph from their browser. Users can also upload images by taking them with their camera. You find the face & investigate where the particular picture appears online to obtain its exact webpage.

This tool is fast, providing results all over the internet in a matter of seconds. Users can use this tool for a variety of purposes, including face searches, auditing copyright violations, locating the image’s source, and more. 

How PimEyes can be used

To use PimEyes, you have to follow some steps which are given below:

  • Visit PimEyes’ official website at 
  • Click the “Upload a Photo” option to drag your photo, or click the “Camera” button to select a photo.
  • Once your photo has been processed, add more images for improved results and select the search time from the option list.
  • You can also set the safe search option to avoid any improper or hazardous images.
  • Now, click the “Start Search” button. 
  • PimEyes is going to produce your results in a few seconds. 

After that, you will see a pattern of photos of people with similar faces. You may click on any of the pictures to see a list of clickable links attached to it. To get back the initial website link of your uploaded images, click “Open Website.”

Pricing plan for PimEyes

There are three pricing offers for PimEyes, which are as follows:

        Advance Plan         Open Plus Plan       PROtect Plan
    $353.99/month    $35.39/month      $47.19/month

Alternatives of PimEyes

If you’re looking for affordable alternatives to PimEyes for doing recognition of faces activities. Then you might try the following alternatives: 


TinEye is another excellent substitute for visualizing search tools. This platform’s purpose is to help users make the photos of browsing for photographs easier. TinEye provides image-searching solutions to a wide range of businesses and organizations. Users may easily search for everything by uploading a picture or by copying and pasting the URL into TinEye. 

This technology adds millions of photographs to its web daily and has over 61.6 billion images.

TinEye price

For non-commercial use, TinEye is available for free. If someone wants to use TinEye for commercial use, You have to purchase the following TinEye API plans:

             Basic           Starter   Enterprise          Corporate
10,000 searches5,000 searches10,000 searches1,00,000 searches

Reverse image search from Google

Google has a “reverse image search” option which allows users to do searches using photos. By using this tool, you can simply upload an image or take a photo with your camera and run internet searches. Users can use the Chrome browser on their PC to access this feature, or they can use the Chrome app on their iOS or Android smartphones. Once you’ve posted your image to the web, Google will quickly analyze it and generate similar-looking photos. This method helps you to receive all of the information about an image in a matter of seconds. 

Price of reverse image search from Google

Google Reverse Image Search is free. Anyone who has a Google account can use this service.

Clearview AI

Clearview AI is a facial identification company. This startup makes software that matches faces with a database of billions of photographs on the internet. This application is capable of identifying faces from social media accounts. Clearview AI often sells its software to corporations, colleges, law enforcement, & individuals. Clearview AI users can request a demo by visiting the company’s website. 

Clearview AI Pricing

Clearview AI offers both free and paid plans. Users can use the free plan to access the basic functionalities of Clearview AI. However, to gain access to more features like image enhancement, photo lineup, deconfliction, & more, customers must subscribe to the Pro plan. To subscribe to the Pro plan, users can contact the sales team at 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is it illegal to use PimEyes?

Ans. It is not illegal to utilize PimEyes. However, using PimEyes for any illegal, unauthorized, and improper purpose violates PimEyes’ Terms of Service and may result in permanent termination. 

Q2) Is there a free version of PimEyes?

Ans. PimEyes gives consumers three free searches without requiring them to register or subscribe. However, after using all three free searches, you must subscribe to a premium plan to continue using PimEyes. 

Q3) Is PimEyes safe?

Ans. Yes, PimEyes is a secure face search engine. PimEyes ensures that no private information about users is stored on the website.