PINE WOOD GENSHIN IMPACT – Travellers can design furniture for your Serenitea Pots using Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact’s furniture-making, nevertheless, consumes Wood. Here are the locations in “Pine wood Genshin Impact” where you can obtain Pine trees when you’re low on it.

The Genshin Impact’s Pine Wood is what? 

Whenever the Serenitea Pot update was released, it also had a facility that allowed Travelers to personalize their Serenitea Pots. You require materials to construct structures and furniture for your Serenitea Pot. Fortunately, the wide globe of Genshin Impact is where these materials can be found.

Wood is another one of those materials. Nonetheless, there are various kinds of wood in Genshin Impact, and pine wood constitutes one of them. Before a few patches, only the trees in Dragonspine could have been used to collect Pine Wood. But now, travelers can cultivate it in Genshin Impact’s three currently active regions: Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

Pine Wood locations in Mondstadt!

Travelers can obtain Pine Wood at Mondstadt from the Dragonspine or the capital. See what other trees provide Pine wood Genshin Impact in the picture below. 

Mondstadt City 

The 2 teleport locations in the city are accessible to travelers from such a point. They can search for the trees arranged in a row against the city walls and begin attacking them using the Teleport Waypoint close to the Crafting Bench. 3 pine woods will be produced by each tree. 

After that, they could also inspect the region at the front of the Knights of Favonius headquarters. Pine trees ought to be present there.


If you wish to harvest Pine Wood genshin impact and are in the area of Dragonspine, head to the Teleport Shortcut close to the Frost Bearing Tree. Then look around the region and see if there are any Pine woods you can cut down for their wood. In addition, snow covers the trees in Dragonspine. But it is still possible to farm them for their wood.

Pine Wood locations in Liyue!

There are several locations where you can farm pine wood unless you’re in Liyue. Use the pictures below to locate Pine Wood in Liyue quickly. 

Qingyun Peak

Travelers are advised to use the Teleport Waypoint for this area rather than the Monument of the 7 to maintain a smooth farming trip. Once you reach the other two regions mentioned above, start at the region close to the Teleport Waypoint.

Wuwang Hill

In particular, the region next to Wuwang Hill is where travelers can harvest pine wood. To quickly transport to this location, utilize the Teleport Endpoint or Domain. 

Where in Inazuma can I get pine wood? 

In addition to harvesting pine wood genshin impact at Mondstadt and Liyue, travelers also can collect pine wood there in the Inazuma region. 


In Ritou, there seem to be Pine trees in addition to Maple trees for collecting wood. When you wish to start stocking up on Pine Wood for crafting, look at the highlighted area in the above image to discover where you may harvest the material. 

Konda Town

Once you have collected Pine Wood from Ritou, proceed to Konda Village. You may find this spot well before you reach the city of Inazuma. On either side, you could also use one of the 2 Teleport Waypoints nearby, one to the north and one to the south. The region above that has been marked contains pine trees. 

City of Inazuma

Inazuma City is another one among the genshin wood locations where you can harvest pine wood in the game. Despite the presence of buildings, it is simple to see Pine trees in this region. However, if you’re determined to get wood, you could strike any tree you come across. There are a few ornamental trees nearby, though, and they won’t produce any wood if struck. 

Camp of Kujou

And for the final PineWood genshin wood locations in Inazuma, use the Waypoint to transport to Kujou Encampment and then head to the place shown in the picture. Look at Pine trees nearby and hit them, just like you did when you farmed earlier sites. Each tree produces three parts.

Pine wood is presently used to make 47 different types of furniture.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “Pine wood Genshin Impact”. Also, the genshin wood locations, where pine trees are found, are mentioned above.


Q1) where to find pine wood in genshin impact?

Ans- Dragonspine is the only place out of genshin wood locations to find pine wood.

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