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For people trying to find the desired cartoons on the internet or youtube, online is the safest place for you. It is a Mexico-based online site that makes it easy for you to find old 90s cartoons all in one place. Today’s youth has no idea what they have missed. Therefore you can show them the animated shows on La Cartoons. Sometimes, we find it hard to find our favorite shows that you might’ve liked in your childhood.  

So, it is time to refresh your childhood and youth days, which you might have lost touch with. And the shows that you’re not able to find easily. 

In this article, you will get answers to your questions about what La cartoons is? What does it do? What opportunities does it offer? 

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What is the LA Cartoon Website?

LA Cartoon is a Mexican-based site that allows you to watch shows that are not released anymore. As you have lost the essence of your good old days, this website will help you regain the lost essence. These cartoons were an escape for everyone from the world of worries. Kids spent hours keeping their eyes on the television to watch their favorite cartoons. Therefore, LA Cartoons is launched to bring back the charm of these cartoons and shows. All the animated shows and cartoons are arranged in the order they were aired earlier. Plus, you can get all the updates on TV series and shows. It helps you relive your connection with the kid’s shows you spent your whole youth with. 

Hence, you can watch your favorite series every other week as La Cartoons provides updates with amazing shows weekly. 

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List of Available Channels

When it comes to channels that are used to watch shows, it can be said that there were not many. You are given a list below to check the name of the channel. If someone is looking for a particular channel for their favorite show, they must go through the channel that La online pertains to.

  • Cartoon Network
  • Hannah Barbera
  • Marvel and others
  • Nickelodeon
  • For kids
  • Disney
  • Warner Channel 
  • Wonder and others 
  • Animation Network 

By clicking on any of the above-mentioned channels, you will get the list of all the TV shows it broadcasted. Hence if you click on the #1 channel, you will get a list of all the #1 kids’ to show. 

Available Shows on LA online

After you are done exploring the channels, you select one channel that you think will have your desired show. However, all the channels contain very hit animated series/shows on their portals. Some of these high-TRP shows are Code Lyoko, Duck Dodgers, Captain Planet, 2 Silly dogs to Knights of the Zodiac, Static Shock, Rex Generator, and The Planetariums, The Cowardly Dog, Gasparini, and his friends,  the Powerpuff Girls, and Garfield. 

The portal of the channel not only provides you with the series and gives you information about its airing date, reviews, ratings, the total number of episodes it has, and facts related to it. 

Hence, the website offers you a rundown of channels with abundant shows with multiple shows mentioned above.  

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Virtual Appearance of the Platform on Social Media

Social media portals are something that not only people but also online websites happen to have. Similarly, on LA, you will see the links to its Facebook and Instagram Pages when you move further down. These links will help you to visit their official portals on social media. The Facebook page of LA Cartoon has more than 4500 fan following and more than 4000 likes. Also, the website has around 22K supporters on its Instagram account. 


La online was put into the sea about 3 years back. In the beginning, they witnessed huge popularity across social media platforms and entertainment platforms. This website provides several channels containing old 90s shows you must have watched in your youth. The channels and shows on the site are arranged according to the period they were aired. Furthermore, the article mentions some names of channels and shows that the site offers. 

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Q1)When are new episodes uploaded on LA

Ans- The new episodes of shows are uploaded on the site the day after they get aired online. 

Q2) For how long are the episodes available?

Ans-  On LA online, the episodes are available for a few weeks. One can watch shows and animations as much as he/she wants for free of cost, but it should be done between the duration.