Prolific surveys

Prolific surveys have received many favourable evaluations online, and some individuals even compare their surveys to those offered by Amazon Mturk. Although it is currently marketed as the finest prolific survey site, is it truly the best for US and UK citizens? We’ll learn about this in-depth review.

The good news comes first.

What occurs on standard Prolific surveys websites?

  • After 10 minutes, you are typically kicked out after answering screening questions.
  • Because of disqualifications and insufficient prolific survey participation, you never hit the withdrawal cap and only make cents.
  • The same dull inquiries on your yearly salary, your kind of work, the number of people in your office, etc.

All these issues are resolved by prolific. Professors from several universities specialising in academic research carry out these prolific surveys.

If you are chosen for a study, you will be compensated (if you make mistakes, you will not be paid, and there will be no screening questions). The website has a £5 withdrawal maximum and offers £5 to $6.50 per hour.

The negative aspect

The glowing review you just read is two years old. I might have said it’s great; go for it even if you had approached me a year ago. Not in 2022. not for brand-new users!

But why? 

  • Prolific announced on October 25, 2021, that it had reached a saturation point with users and had ceased taking new registrations. Still unable to accept.
  • Most assignments are intended for US/UK consumers. Like other survey websites, of course.
  • Numerous unfavourable reviews have begun to surface. There was none earlier.

What is the problem faced in a prolific survey?

It used to be a great resource for people in industrialized countries to access prolific surveys. I’ve read blogs comparing Amazon Mturk and Prolific surveys. On Reddit, you may find earnings reports from folks who make over $200 per month.

However, as a result of their increased popularity and increased competition.

If you reside in any of these nations, it’s still your best option, even though you won’t receive as many jobs as the early adopters.

Belgium, Canada, Australia, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, South Korea, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, etc.

The waitlist must be joined by new users. I’ve written a Prolific assessment to assist you with the remaining information.

How is it prolifically used?

They offer two alternatives. Your employers are the researchers who design the studies and charge you to finish them.

To participate in prolific surveys and get paid, you must register as a participant.

Which types of jobs would you typically get on a Prolific survey?

Simple surveys on psychology, politics, academia, and more are provided. While most of them can be tiresome, many of them can be incredibly fascinating. These categories can be used to group different survey types.

Instructors & undergraduates conduct research searching for thorough responses from citizens in several nations. The questions can occasionally be fascinating, and it’s simple.

How to sign up for Prolific surveys?

There isn’t a sign-up option right now. You will see this screen to enter your information and add it to the waitlist.

There is currently no update on getting off the waitlist. I’ll update this piece as soon as the site begins taking on new users. Additionally, sign up for the waitlist to get a notification via the company.

The steps you take after being accepted

1. Create a profile by signing up as you would on any other survey website. Enter your information, confirm your email, and finish.

2. Pre-screening: Select the preliminary screening choice and complete all of the questions. The fact that Prolific doesn’t check respondents before each survey makes it necessary. You won’t receive surveys if your answers to these inquiries are incomplete.

3. Verify your login details by entering your email, Facebook, or mobile number. To be paid, you must complete two of the three verifications.

4. Oversee studies – All of your surveys can be found here. You can also locate your earnings, bonuses, and studies you’ve taken part in on this tab.

5. Messages- This tab displays your and the investigators’ correspondence. The message will be sent to you under this section every time an investigator contacts you. You have the choice of responding verbally or by email. To be secure, I’ll advise you to answer immediately. 

6. Participate in research; apply to get paid when you possess unfinished studies. These specifics are displayed for each study.

  • The study’s heading
  • The researcher’s name
  • Amount per hour to be paid
  • Number of open positions

7. Collect your payment: There are two choices under the “Payments” page.

  • Pending balance: This is where the amount will appear after each study. Researchers must accept it before it becomes final; if they fail to respond after 21 days, Prolific authorizes it.
  • Cashing out – This is the most you can withdraw via PayPal.

Best tips to earn Prolific Surveys

1. The most crucial step is to finish your about me section. Researchers won’t recruit you if they don’t have all of the information on you. Additionally, see if there are any new questions each day.

2. Verify the surveys manually – They offer an email notification choice, but I suggest you do so manually or leave the management of studies page open while you’re working.

The assignments are filled in order of arrival. If you wait too long to participate, other users will quickly fill the void.

3. consider and meticulously read all instructions before responding to any questions. Incorrect responses will result in lower remuneration and a negative image. Your future reviews on Prolific will be hampered, and a permanent ban will follow.

4. Not sufficient revenue coming in? You can see others earning hundreds of dollars while you receive insufficient survey responses. Keep your motivation up; there are many variables.

  • Because professors or students conduct most surveys, there aren’t enough over the summer break.
  • Your demographics will prevent you from having options.

Simply maintain consistency, and the sum will eventually increase.

5. Utilize the Prolific survey extension – If you’re using a PC, use the Prolific assistance. It’s an add-on for the Firefox and Chrome browsers. In line with Chrome, it offers capabilities such as:

  • Desktop alerts for each new study that is discovered.
  • Shows the number of studies on the additional icon.
  • Displays the most recent time studies were verified.
  • Whenever an additional study is released, an alert sounds.

What is the pay rate for the Prolific survey? 

Perhaps you were waiting for this section of the thorough review. So, various aspects affect the payment. Some make over $200 monthly, while others barely make $50.

Your income is influenced by things like

  • Demographics of you.
  • Applied for research (you’ll undoubtedly overlook some of them).
  • Don’t forget to report any research that paid less than the stated amount (some investigators cheat by uploading underpaid studies).
  • Rate of disqualification. Typically, it doesn’t occur prolifically, but occasionally it does.
  • What time you are working because the summer doesn’t give you enough work.

When considering all these considerations, an average Prolific user makes $30 to $40 per month. Due to intense competition, it used to be more, but the average salary has since plummeted.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain the “PROLIFIC SURVEYS”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is Prolific an improvement over Amazon Mturk?

Ans. The prolific survey is comparable to Mturk, however, it is not superior. Mturk offers a large quantity of work across many categories, and the employees constantly welcome new people. Although Prolific Survey is improving, they only accept existing users and only focus on surveys. Prolific used to be a direct competitor to Mturk with a smaller user base, but it’s not anymore.

Q2) When can Prolific users request a cashout?

Ans. Each Friday and Tuesday, in the late afternoon, they carry out a manual cash out for the initial four payments. You’ll then have access to immediate rewards.

Q3) When will your name be removed from the prolific waitlist so you may join?

Ans. As of the 25th of October 2021, they are not taking on any new users. Prolific published these facts on their blog; however, there has been no update about the platform’s acceptance of new members. There was no other way to put our names on the waitlist.

Q4) Why do frequent offenders get banned?

Ans. Prolific places a lot of emphasis on data accuracy and monitors several factors, including.

Inbox address, Ensure that the phone number corresponds to the caller’s country of residence, a photo ID, PayPal account, an IP address, ISP, or Internet Service Provider, and details about your browser and device, using a VPN or proxy.