PS5 Vs Xbox Series X Sales, Which Is Better?

PS5 vs xbox series x sales

PS5 vs xbox series x sales:

For quite some time, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have been engaged in a struggle for supremacy in the gaming console market.However, just recently, the Xbox Series X outsold the PlayStation 5 in sales to win the competition.

In the year 2020, the PS5 and Xbox Series X were both released around the same time.The PlayStation 5 was released just a few days later, on June 12, 2020, while the Xbox Series X was released on November 10.These two consoles have been difficult to obtain for gamers ever since their release.

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There has been a shortage of stocks because the demand is outpacing the supply.The worldwide and never-ending shortage of microchips is one factor contributing to this issue.This means that when stores restock their shelves (or online carts), new stock is sold out immediately.

In the United States, Xbox Series X/S outperforms PS5 and Nintendo Switch in terms of revenue (March):

The Xbox Series X/S sold the most consoles in the United States alone during the first quarter of 2022, specifically in the month of March.Xbox still came out on top, despite the popularity of the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

In Japan (May), Xbox Series S outsells PS5:

Last month, for the absolute first time, Xbox Series S beat PS5 in one of the most conspicuous and persuasive gaming nations – Japan.Even though we are not discussing the Xbox Series X here, this information would demonstrate why Xbox is currently outselling PlayStation in terms of sales.As a result, this competition marks the first time a brand-new Xbox beats a PS5 in the country.

In Japan (June), Xbox Series X outperforms PS5:

In the past, PS5 surpassed Xbox Series S in Japan.It was inevitable that Xbox Series X would follow its unprecedented success.Microsoft announced on June 13 that 3,272 Xbox Series X units had been sold, compared to 3,035 PS5 units.

In the main quarter of 2022, Xbox Series X deals have been taking off through the sky.Since April, Xbox Series X/S sales have been exceeding those of the PlayStation 5.It is not surprising that Xbox Series X would take the lead as the leading gaming console in terms of total units sold, not just in the United States but worldwide, as the gap between sold consoles narrows every day.

Currently, PS5 still has an advantage over Xbox Series X/S, but Nintendo Switch defeated both of these systems.Nintendo remains at the top of the charts, with total sales of 50,405 last week in Japan.

Over 20 million PS5s have now been sold worldwide, all together.In the meantime, worldwide sales of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S exceed 14 million.

Gamers trying to get their hands on the elusive PlayStation 5 are now buying them from poachers and scalpers.On the other hand, there have been a lot of new online tricks and tips.First, @Wario64 (Twitter) came up with a solution to this problem.They claimed in a recent tweet that your neighborhood Best Buy stores are the best place to buy a PlayStation 5.

However, it is not certain that purchasing a PS5 in the future will be any easier.Fortunately, Sony has informed us that production of the PlayStation 5 will increase in the coming months.

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