Purple vs Nectar – Our 2021 Mattress Comparison Guide


Purple Mattress

The Purple Grid is the trademark feature of Purple mattress. It’s a high-grade silicone gel foam that Purple labeled Hyper ELASTIC Polymer. When something’s elastic, it means it can be stretched in several directions simultaneously and go right back to its original form. This is what makes this mattress such a unique product.

Many companies have made products with this same technology. But the difference is, it has the scientific proof to back up the claim. A lot of people have found out just how helpful these mattresses are for them after only using them for a short time. They don’t wear off quickly like many other kinds of bedding do, nor do they get stuck in cracks or crevices of your room. And best of all, when you get to sleep, they’re right there waiting for you. With so many benefits, you’ll never want to go back to traditional beds again.


What makes the Purple mattress stand out is its polymers. It is made from high-density, viscous silicone gel foam. The density of the gel foam allows it to conform to the natural contours of your body. Because it isn’t just a thick foam but is filled with pockets of air as well, you get maximum support while keeping proper support for your entire body. Also, because of the way the material is designed, these mattresses have much better insulating properties than regular mattresses do.


One of the reasons why it’s so popular with sleepers is because of the extreme level of comfort it provides. Just think about it – if you have to sleep on an all-foam bed, not only is it uncomfortable but you will most likely toss and turn all night. These mattresses don’t work as all foam beds do. It doesn’t have the all-foam characteristic. It’s because the memory foam is not all-foam and the way it is made changes the way it works with your body so that you can get the rest you need without tossing and turning.


Another huge benefit to these Purple mattresses is that the company offers superior quality in both of their products: the Tempurpedic and the Motion Anxiety Relieve. The Tempurpedic is considered to be one of the most expensive mattresses on the market and is made to be the premier bed of relaxation. While it has the highest quality construction, the Purple mattress has superior support and it is specially designed to offer superior comfort with all-foam.

Motion Anxiety Relieve

What makes the Motion Anxiety Relieves so great is that it comes in two parts: the mattress and the grid. The mattress comes with two parts: the Grid Core and the Foam. The grid is a thin piece of foam that provides real support for all pressure points and is used as a foundation for the comfort material. The foam provides extra density and has better heat dissipation than the average mattress. With this combination, you will not only wake up every morning feeling refreshed and full of energy, but you will sleep better too.

Both the Tempurpedic and the Purple are top-rated by most consumers. They each have pros and cons, but many consumers have stated that they prefer the Tempurpedic over the Purple due to its unique support. The Purple is a good choice for side sleepers or those wanting more firmness; however, if you prefer a softer mattress you may want to try the Tempurpedic, which has been deemed to provide superior support and comfort, and if the cost of this mattress concern you then you must be glad to know that you can purchase it in installments meaning pay monthly without paying all at once.

Finally – Like most mattresses, the new Purple mattress by Simmons features side sleepers who can adjust to the contours of their beds. The mattress has five-inch pocketed foam in the middle for support and ultimate comfort. The grid is located at the bottom center of the mattress and is designed to relieve pressure points while providing ultimate support for those in the middle of the sleeping plane. The grid is also found on the Tempurpedic and helps relieve pressure points and spine pressure. These mattresses have received numerous awards from readers and consumers alike and have consistently rated highly.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress isn’t a new name in the mattress industry. However, it is a new mattress design from San Francisco-based company, Fiesta. The Nectar mattress was developed for people who prefer to lie on a “cool” bed during the night. The company’s tagline is that the brand offers a “surprise sleep experience”.

Nectar Sleep is an authentic U.S. bed and mattress manufacturer headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. The Nectar mattress is constructed using a comfort layer of proprietary gel memory foam, then a mid-layer of ultra-light polyfoam, and finally a top layer made of high-durability certified memory foam. The bed also includes a layer designed to reduce pressure point changes from head to foot. Other key benefits offered by the Nectar mattress air temperature control, support, energy efficiency, decreased bedtime aches, and a superior warranty.

Breathable Airflow Performance Fabric

To give a clearer picture of how the Nectar mattress operates, let’s look at how other similar products work. The biggest feature of other such products is their use of a breathable airflow performance fabric. When you do a comparison between Nectar vs Purple checklist, this fabric will definitely stand out to be the most important one. This fabric allows air to pass freely through it, and the airflow moves along the surface of the bed. This results in the cooling of the bed surface. However, air can still circulate in the bed because some coils are still not airtight. Air that would normally escape eventually makes its way to the lower paneling and causes a disturbing “breathing loss” effect.

Firm Support

A second important factor is that the Nectar mattress provides an outstanding level of firm support. While most owners describe the firm support as being similar to that provided by many expensive brand mattresses, they say the quality of the support is better than most. They say the mattress provides more firmness and less sagging than most other firm supportive mattresses on the market. So, not only does the Nectar mattress offer excellent firm support, but it also has superior comfort to support a growing baby.

Ability to Adapt

The biggest advantage offered by the Nectar mattress lies in its ability to adapt to the various ways that sleepers use their beds. By using various accessories such as the sleepers, the mattress can respond to how you position yourself in your bed. So instead of feeling like you are sitting on hard metal or wooden surface, the mattress adapts to your body weight and contours. Some owners even feel that the mattress slowly warms up to the touch as they sleep, giving them a real sense of warmth beneath their toes. This unique ability of the mattress allows many people to get a better night’s rest.

But the mattress isn’t just about luxury and comfort, as many of the all-foam layers do have special properties to offer. For example, the former core of the mattress provides support to the back and prevents spine pressure from developing. And since the softer layers do not have as much density, they provide a more plush feel to the mattress, which some owners describe as having a “bedazzle” effect. Some owners also comment that the memory foam mattress has a visco-elastic property, meaning it can conform to the shape of the user, which relieves pressure on sensitive areas of the body that aren’t under as much stress.


Many consumers also appreciate the way that the softer top layer conforms to the shape of their body, reducing pressure points that can be a source of pain for some users. These same consumers frequently comment on how comforting the mattress is to sleep on. Unfortunately, some owners complain about a “cocooning” effect, meaning the cover can completely flatten the top of their body, leaving them without any relief from being pressurized. However, most mattress owners have nothing but good things to say about the Nectar, making it one of the most popular brands of bedding used today.