Planning a Trip from the USA to Dubai? Find Everything Needed Here!


When we hear the word “Dubai,” not only the dense golden desert, safaris, and camels strike our mind, but also never-ending sea & skyscrapers. There’re only a few places like this where one can witness everything simultaneously. This place is somehow like a horizon where sky and land meet, similarly, it comprises water and desert altogether.

If you’re thinking of how to travel to Dubai, you must know, it is well-known as well as the largest city in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). It is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. Dubai is an international city and is considered the Middle East’s business hub.

Though Dubai has now become a popular destination among tourists and travelers, and anyone can plan a trip from the USA to Dubai anytime. But what’s challenging is to make it economical, and at the same time, distribute your quality time efficiently while being there. —Thus, when traveling to Dubai, make sure to check the options car rental in dubai marina and find the most suitable car rentals dubai airport for you.

To make your ‘how to travel to Dubai’ thought go on ease, we have come up with a full-fledged list of bewitching spots for you to make your vacations in Dubai worthwhile:

Burj Al Arab

Your trip from the USA to Dubai must include Burj Al Arab. The view of the Persian Gulf is seen from its perch situated in between the Palm Islands, and Jumeirah Beach can spellbind anyone. This alluring piece of architecture surprises everyone around it and is genuinely a treat for architecture lovers. It got opened to the visitors in the year 1999, and since then, its glory has been magnifying with the time. Its name comes under one of the tallest hotels around the globe, and its beauty never ceases to amaze anyone.

Burj Khalifa

Being the tallest building of the world, this place is preferred to be seen by visitors on a prior basis during their vacations in Dubai. And after seeing this building in a few international films, who would not want to see it in real. Heading to a height of 2,716.5 feet (160 stories), the Burj Khalifa proudly stands still dictating its tale of being titled as the ‘world’s tallest free-standing structure.’ Due to the same, Burj Khalifa shouldn’t be missed during your trip from the USA to Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach

When people search for cheap flights from the USA to Dubai, they know in mind that it’s hotter in summers and colder in winters. But, the ones who crave to be in the sunlight, never get disappointed over here. Jumeirah Beach proves to be a treat for beach-lovers, where they can feel the brightest of rays in Dubai. While planning an adventurous package for Dubai, this place must be given utmost importance. The Persian Gulf’s turquoise waters attract everyone around to feel the waves.

Dubai Mall

In the nearby territory of the Burj Khalifa, lies the Shangri-La for all the shoppers. The vast-spread Dubai Mall is famous as the largest shopping center of the world and includes about 1,200 stores within. If you are a person who is not into shopping, then also this place won’t disappoint you. Dubai Mall is a major retail center, amazes visitors with distinct stores and varieties being sold. The Dubai Mall also comprises many entertainment facilities, like a movie theatre, ice rink, and many attractions for kids. It also has an aquarium that is home to approx. 33,000 underwater creatures. The famous Dubai Fountain is located just outside the Dubai Mall, and it looks captivating at night. Many night shows are held at this place.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

After exploring the city-side and the lights & heights of Urban Dubai, now comes the time to examine its desert area, which is a golden world in itself. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is known to be the very first National Park of the UAE region. A visit to this Desert Conservation Reserve proves to be a memorable outing as it is situated at the outer edges of the Urban Dubai. The Desert area of Dubai takes over approx. Eighty-six square miles out of the Arabian Desert. The reserve is always open for researchers but is being kept open for travelers and tourists.

If you’re able to search for cheap flights from the USA to Dubai, you should not leave a single spot in the city to visit. Including with these well-known spots of Dubai, there are many more that tourists would love to visit. And, these destinations are Jumeirah Mosque, Bastakiya Quarter, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Gold and Spice Souks, Dubai Museum, and many more.

Some of the essential facts one must know before planning to visit Dubai

  • Dubai is hot all the time, so prefer to go in between October to March.
  • You can get arrested for PDA (Public Displays of Affection).
  • In Dubai, Friday to Sunday isn’t considered as a weekend, but the weekend starts from Thursday to Saturday. In a nutshell, Sunday isn’t an off day in Dubai.
  • You can literally have some world-class brunches while being in Dubai. Lots of drinks and food. That’s all.
  • If you are about to plan a trip from the USA to Dubai, just know it that you are going to visit world’s tallest building, i.e., Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s tallest hotels, i.e., Burj Al Arab, world’s largest shopping center, i.e., Dubai Mall, world’s largest human-made islands, i.e., Palm Islands, and world’s largest choreographed fountain, i.e., shows at the Dubai Fountain.

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