Reduce Your Carbon Footprints and Become Environment-Friendly this Holiday Season

reduce your carbon footprint

The issue of climate change is real, but it is not unsolvable. There are various steps that you can take to save our planet form the ever-changing climate. We all know that holidays are more about shopping, gifts, food, human gathering, and travel. But do you ever think that these holidays also bring more waste, garbage, and senseless waste of the depleting resources of the earth? Yes, you read it right. So let’s take an oath to be environment-friendly this holiday season. Here is a list of ways by which you can reduce your carbon footprints.

  1. Wrapping Paper

We all love giving and receiving gifts, so why not try using reusable gift wrappers like fabric gift wrap, or you can also consider using reused things like the newspaper to wrap the gift. Glitter wraps or foils are pretty, but they cannot be reused or recycled. So it is better to skip these options. It might look weird, but trust me, by doing this, you would be taking a remarkable step to reduce your carbon footprints. 

  1. Food

People often waste a lot of food during festive seasons. This season assures that you do not waste even a single bite of the food. Make appropriate plans to prepare the right food in the right quantity. Let your guests fill their own plates so that they take only what they want to eat. It will help you in reducing food wastage.

  1. Travel

There are plenty of chances when you have to leave your house during holidays like you might have to go on a trip to some other city or to the home of your relatives in the same city. For social gatherings or family events in the same city, you can opt for carpool. It will help you to reduce your carbon footprints. 

  1. Lights

It is best to skip the lights; instead, you can opt to buy soy candles. You can also choose to decorate your house with LED lights as they use 80-90% lights lesser energy. It will not only be good for your electricity bills but will also reduce your carbon footprint.