Types of Relationship

types of relationship

We all are connected with our friends, partners, and loved ones. We share a deep connection with someone we love the most. The relationship is the basic necessity to share emotions and the most profound secrets of our life.

Couples manage, untangle, and struggle to maintain their relationship goals. 

Some of you are experiencing toxic relationships or long-distance relationships; it depends on the intensity of emotions and connection between you two. 

For a better understanding, we have listed the types of relationships; you might be sharing with someone.

List of Different Types of Relationship-

Relationship plays a significant role in everyone’s life. 

Whether it’s a family, friends, or lovers or anything and everything in between, it becomes challenging to describe the relationship.

To find out the right role or dynamic of your bond, here we have listed different types of relationships.

Accepting relationship

Accepting relationship refers to the act of learning to appreciate your partner for who they are. It means you both appreciate each other’s behavior, traits, and needs.

If you are accepting your partner genuinely, your bond may achieve a high level of acceptance. In this type of relationship, you will get to know each other’s likes and dislikes and behave accordingly.


Active and passive is the most commonly observed dynamic between couples in relationships and families.

You can see this active and passive combination of relationship in many areas like –

  • Household chores
  • Financially unstable relationship
  • Having tough conversations
  • Prioritizing well-being and health 

The active person is the one who decides for every situation or condition. He tries to dominate other people in relationships; it can be because of money or other personal reasons.

The passive person is the one who reacts in an inactive, unresponsive, apathetic manner or ignores every situation.


A balanced relationship is considered as the healthiest relationship where both the partners give and take equally. 

If you both give an equal amount of energy, affection, love, and support to each other, it will become a balanced relationship.

In this relationship, you both share a bond of respect, values, and a better understanding.


A closed-friends relationship defines a platonic bond that most often exists between two friends. They share a great deal of care, love, and non-romantic affection towards each other.

Such types of relationships often don’t include romantic elements. Instead, they spent good time care and commitment.

The platonic relationship mostly involves healthy admiration, flirtation, and commitment. It doesn’t include any romantic attraction or preferences.

Casual relationship 

A casual relationship is also known as a formal relationship that often requires less attention, dedication, and commitment.

The casual relationship can be different according to their bond, expectations, and affections for one another. For example, some casual relationships are just for romance, while others aren’t.

Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits include the attributes of both friendship and relationship. It consists of the elements of friendship plus the romantic elements for one another.

In this relationship, commitment varies from the bond to bond; if you share a deep connection, your relationship may run long. Most of the people take this relationship formally or casually.

The Co-dependent Relationship

In a co-dependent relationship, you both become an addict. It means you cannot work or function without each other. 

Not being able to stay away from your partner can cause problems in your personal life.

It may hinder your social life with your family members and other friends. However,co-dependency may also affect your work or professional life. 

The Submissive Relationship

The submissive relationship is also known as a dominating relationship.

It consist of partners control each other’s lives, which is not a good thing!

This relationship lacks understanding, independence, trust, and compatibility. If you are in this relationship, you will probably feel insecurities and trust issues towards each other. 

The Open Relationship

The open relationship is a new trend of this modern era. It consists of partners who are allowed to see and have an affair outside their relationship. 

This kind of relationship doesn’t involve any emotional attachment or deep connection for each other. You both decide mutually to have an affair outside the relationship.  

The Changing Relationship

This changing relationship is the most adjusting relationship. It consists of a partner who tends to change for other’s interests and desires.

Changes can be in terms of their lifestyle, routines, style, interests, hobbies, and even friends. 

A relationship requires acceptance and compromises; no one is perfect in this world.

If you are changing your true self for your partner’s happiness; there is no place for that relationship. It may not run for the long term! 

The Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is the most poisonous relationship. It involves couples who are attracted to or love each other without compromising or understanding.

They share different opinions, views, interests that may lead to daily fights and arguments. It becomes tough to fight and survive in a toxic relationship; you both love each other but cannot live. 

 “Just For Now” Relationship

A “just for now” relationship is not a serious relationship. It starts when you both meet to heal after a bad breakup or come out of a bad relationship. Here both partners share a bond for fun or temporary partner.

The Long Distance Relationship

It is difficult to handle a long-distance relationship. Such a relationship includes couples who live in different places far from each other. It may create insecurities and trust issues towards each other.

The long-distance relationship doesn’t work out because both are unable to meet and communicate regularly.  

The Truly Compatible Relationship

It is a perfect and healthy relationship; everyone wishes for it!

The truly compatible relationship is based on trust, love, and understanding.

It consists of two people who are ready to make sacrifices for each other and respect and love each other.

This relationship is the dream of many people, and luckily many of you might already have it! 

Final words 

Starting a relationship is easy, but maintaining trust and loyalty towards each other until the last breath is not everyone’s teacup. 

We all are different from each other. There are different types of relationships based on expectation, commitment, trust, and love. 

Relationship goals look attractive, but not everyone is interested in making them. If you are experiencing a toxic relationship, try to come out of it. A perfect relationship offers love and happiness in our lives, not the toxins! 

Comment down below what kind of relationship you are experiencing right now, and mention the problems you are facing!