Details About Shadowbringers Relic Weapon

Shadowbringers Relic Weapon

Shadowbringers relic weapon – Relic weapons, unique luminous firearms for every profession, are available in Popular Series 14. All of the legendary weaponry from the Shadowbringers update is connected to Bozja and the Blades of Gunnhildr.

This Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers relic weapons tutorial will follow step-by-step instructions on obtaining that stunning climax weaponry. This article here on Shadowbringers relic weapon will give you a detailed overview.

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Relic weapons are specialized firearms with stunning aesthetics and frequently a distinctive illuminating motion. You’ll get the greatest weapon in Shadowbringers as a reward for your efforts after improving the weapons repeatedly, but the level of effort required is considerable. Instead of attempting to complete the exercises fast and exhausting yourself, execute them over a prolonged period.

Engaging in The Bozjan Southern War, the explorable Shadowbringers territory with a distinctive warfare mechanism is required for nearly all weaponry upgrade stages. Although there are other ways to get the resources for a number of these phases, you must level up in Bozja to enhance your weaponry beyond such a degree, so be prepared for it.

To obtain the finest armament in the enlargement, you must complete several procedures, most of which must be repeated for every item you desire.

The first step towards making defensive weaponry:

The following are the 487 real-time inventory weaponry that was made available in patch 5.75. Your initial gun is:

Finish the primary storyline mission for “Shadowbringers.”

Finish “The Valley of Lost Angels,” a minor mission.

“Hail to the Princess,” “Path to the Dead,” “The Bozja Affair,” and “Hell in the Forge” must all be finished.

Finish the “Force is (Not) Senseless” mission as the profession you would like the subsequent weapons for. Zlatan needs four Thavnairian Scale powders from us. These are available to purchase from the Tome stone NPC merchants for 200 Allagan Tomestones of Poetry each, such as Auriana in Revenant’s Toll and Hismena in Idyll shire.

What to do to IMPROVE YOUR Tension WEAPONS in Stage 2

The following phase entails improving your Resistance weapons, raising its equipment levels and attributes to 510. The patch 5.37 update included this procedure.

  • Obtaining the improved method of one of your weaponry requires:
  • Finish the primary storyline objective, “Vows of Goodness, Actions of Evil.”
  • Finish the small tasks “Where Hawks Nest” and “A Decent Proposition.”
  • Prepare the Resistant weaponry you prepared in step one.
  • Recognize the recurring mission “For Want of a Remembrance” from Zlatan in the Ganges.

The Twenty Tormented Thoughts of the Dead, the Twenty Melancholy Thoughts of the Passing, and the Twenty Heartrending Recollections of the Death should be collected and submitted. All Sixty experiences are available as unexpected rewards from Important Undertakings and Altercations on The Bozjan Southern Frontier.

You can also obtain these by completing FATEs in the Heavenly sward regions if you despise Bozja.

How and where to Create Retrieval Devices in the Third Step

The antique weapons gain their recognizable light in the following phase, but the equipment grade remains at 510. The patched 5.55 update included this.

  • How to obtain a Retrieval weaponry
  • Execute the preceding actions described previously.
  • Zlatan in the Ganges is the place to begin the reoccurring “The Ability to Overcome” adventure.
  • Send six sour recollections of the dead.

In addition to being dropped by foes in Bozja, the Painful emerald Thoughts of the Suffering are prizes for finishing degree Sixty adventures. Additionally, finishing Leveling Blackjack in the Task Tracker will provide you with one Painful Remembrance of the Dying every day. Stage 60 dungeon completion without level synchronization does not grant recollections.

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What To do to Procure Firearms Following Legislation Orders?

The equipment rating of your firearm will increase to 520 when you upgrade it to a Law’s Rule weapon. The patched 6.31 update included this procedure. Find your following treasure here:

The actions listed here.

  • In Bozja, reach Resilience Rank 11.
  • Castrum Lacus Litore, a Bozja fortress, must be finished.
  • A Glimpse of Things to Arrive, Suitable for a Majesty, and In the Queen’s Face are secondary missions that must be completed.
  • Consider Zlatan’s offer for the recurring mission “Exchange of Arms” in the Ganges.

Get Fifteen Repulsive Impressions of the Dead and give them to Zlatan.

The grey Repulsive Remembrance of the Dead are prizes for defeating Castrum Lacus Litore’s final fight, surviving any coalition assault in the Crystal Castle, and finishing crucial fights in Borja. Castrum defeating Lacus Litore boss rewards five memories.

You are not required to acquire these recollections while performing in the profession for which you would like the weapons, comparable to the previous stages.

Stage 5: Adding Firearms to Your Law’s Structure

Your Law’s Command weaponry will reach item levels 516 and get unique specular highlights if you upgrade them. 4.9 patch adds this section. To get the Law’s Order armaments that have been enhanced:

Perform the actions listed beneath.

  • Choose “The Opposition Recognises” as a side mission.
  • The 19 Frivolous Thoughts of the Passing and the 19 Stunning Experiences of the Death should be sent in.
  • Perform the “A New Path of Opposition” repeating mission.
  • Gather the Fifteen Timeworn Treasures and deliver them.

When you’ve collected all 38 recollections, you won’t need to go through this process again with any other firearms. While performing FATEs for the emotions is quicker than attacks, you could have irritating unfortunate sequences because remembers do not always fall from finishing FATEs. Homespun Treasures are dropped after completing Bozja’s Delubrum Reginae raid and the Castle of the Damned.

How to obtain your knife’s weapons in step six?

This procedure, which was included in version 5.75, awards you a 534 accurate inventory firearm. To acquire this sidearm:

  • Perform the actions listed underneath.
  • Finish the primary storyline objective for “Futures Redone.”
  • Finish the sidequest “A Fresh Competitive Landscape.”
  • Begin the “What Dreams are composed of” side mission with Gerolt in Gangos.



The levels 80 monsters Delubrum Reginae, The Dalriada, Paradise on Heaven, and the purple Raw Feelings all yield them as rewards. Both Delubrum Reginae and the Dalriada award five intense feelings each. If you complete the material without synchronization, you will not receive Raw Feelings as you did for the prior iterations.

You’ll be finished with your initial weaponry afterward. You could get a copy from Regina in the Ganges to use for elegance if you enjoyed the appearance emanating from any of the stages somewhere. I hope this article on Shadowbringers relic weapon was a fun read.

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