How To Cancel Shipmentsfree.Com Subscription?

cancel shipments free subscription

Shipments free.Com – Are you spending more money on your rebates subscription than you’re saving? This can happen if you do not order much online or only sign up for the free trial. In either case, it is a good idea to cancel your subscription to, and we are here to assist you with that.

These days, people are buying things online more often. Along with the cost of the item, they often have to pay for shipping or return shipping, which increases the total amount they spend.

To help people save money on shipping and returns for their online subscriptions, purchases like Shipments are available for those who frequently order from online platforms.

If you want to cancel your subscription to, you can do it in two ways.

First, you can go to their website, open the Help tab in your account, and find the option to Cancel Membership. Just click on it to cancel your subscription. 

Second, you can email the customer care service id and request to cancel the subscription.

If you want more information on how to cancel your Shipmentsfree subscription easily, keep reading for detailed instructions.

How To Cancel Subscription of Shipments free.Com?

Right now, there are two ways to end your subscription with We will explain both of them so you can pick the one that works best for you. One way is to cancel it yourself, and the other is to ask for help.

If you want to cancel your subscription yourself, here is what you need to do:

  • Open a web browser on your device and go to the official website of Shipmentsfree.
  • Start with the Shipments account login and click on the Help tab.
  • Look for the option called “Cancel Membership” on the screen. Click on it and follow the instructions provided. By doing this, your subscription will be cancelled.

How to Cancel Subscription of by Email?

If you do not want to cancel your Shipmentsfree membership yourself, you can email their customer care and request the subscription cancellation for you.

To cancel your subscription to Shipments by email, follow these steps:

  • Start by writing an email mentioning the subject line stating that you want to cancel your subscription. In the email body, provide your details and your subscription information. Also, clearly state that you do not wish to continue with the subscription and give a valid reason for your decision.
  • Once you have written the email, send it to the official customer service email address of,
  • Wait for their response. Once they check the requested email, they will process it and reply. You will also get a confirmation email once your subscription has been successfully cancelled.

Can I Try for Free?

Yes, Shipments offers a free trial for customers to try their services before paying. The trial period lasts for 14 days. During these 14 days, you can use without any extra payment.

However, after the end of the trial period, you must pay the total subscription amount for using’s services. If you do not want to pay anything for the subscription or if you do not find it helpful after trying the free trial, make sure to cancel your subscription plan before ending of the trial period. This way, there will be no charges for the services.

Are There Any Monthly/Yearly Limit Rebates On Shipmentsfree.Com?

Yes, has a limit on the rebates you can receive. In one month, subscribers can get up to $100 in restitution. You can request refunds as many times as you want, but the total amount you receive in a month should be, at most, $100.

How Can I Contact Shipmentsfree Customer Care?

If you have any problems or questions about, call their customer care at (310) 593 4557. When you call, you will be transferred to one of the customer support agents to help you with your concerns.


In conclusion, we hope you have had a good experience with Shipments and can cancel your subscription on time without extra charges. If you ever need help cancelling any other membership or subscription in the future, we are here to help you.


What is shipments

Shipments is a website that claims to offer free shipping on all orders. However, it is a scam website. Once you enter your personal information and credit card details on the website, they will steal your information and charge you for shipping.

How do you make shipments scam people?

Shipments uses a variety of methods to scam people. One standard method is to offer free shipping on all orders. This attracts people to the website, but they are charged for shipping once they enter their personal information and credit card details.

Another method is to claim to be a legitimate shipping company. They will create a website that looks like a legitimate shipping company, and they will even use the logos and trademarks of legitimate shipping companies. However, they are not affiliated with any legitimate shipping companies.

How can I avoid being scammed by shipments

There are a few things you can do to avoid being scammed by shipments

  • Do not enter your personal information or credit card details on the website.
  • Be careful of any website that offers free shipping on all orders.
  • Do your research before entering your personal information or credit card details on any website.
  • If you think you have been scammed by shipments, you should contact your credit card company immediately.

Is shipments a legitimate website?

No, shipments is not a legitimate website. It is a scam website that is designed to steal your personal information and credit card details.