GENSHIN IMPACT DANDELION SEEDS – You may learn whatever you need to understand concerning “Genshin impact dandelion seeds” to obtain Dandelion Seeds Quickly in this Genshin Impacts Wiki tutorial. Due to their short respawn times, dandelion seeds are among the most difficult commodities to obtain. Since the time this book was written, dandelion seeds were mostly employed as a character-ascension resource for Jean and Eula. 

Additionally, a few potions and a device at the manufacturing table both use dandelion seeds as a manufacturing component. Only anemo characters can pick genshin impact dandelion seeds with their assistance. So that if you intend to go gather some, make absolutely sure you have just one. This is how to collect dandelion seeds without further ado!

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How to Quickly Obtain Dandelion Seeds?

Dandelion Dandelions, a specialty of Mondstadt, are a good source of seeds. An anemo capability first must hit the dandelion locations’ genshin impact in order to gather them. Travel easily in its direction and grab the seeds after attacking it using an anemo capability. Just one seed is present in each dandelion, and it will reappear one to 2 days after being harvested. 

Another option to collect them is to visit a friend’s world & inquire about the possibility of gathering dandelion seeds there. If they haven’t previously harvested theirs, this is the easiest method for gathering seeds once you run short in your own world. 

With Jean, Sucrose, Venti, Anemo Traveler, Kaedehara Kazuha, Sayu, and Xiao, elemental abilities and bursts will be used.


Genshin dandelion seeds: Where to Find Them?

Mondstadt is known for its dandelion seeds genshin, which can be spotted all throughout that area. Dandelion seeds are most plentiful close to the Stone Gate as well as the city walls of Mondstadt.

  • Location:-

A specialty of Mondstadt, dandelion seeds is available all around the area. To get these, the plants should be gathered. There are indeed genshin impact dandelion seeds found close to the Gates.

Tips For Gathering Seeds:-

  • Choose an anemo attack on the dandelion stems to obtain the genshin dandelion seeds. They will drop off from the plant as a result, enabling you to collect them. 
  • It is very recommended that your roster includes at minimum one character who is skilled with using anemo attacks.

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Farming Route for Dandelion Seeds!

Dandelion Seeds are more difficult to cultivate than that other local cuisine, but fortunately, you may transport to Mondstadt City & cultivate them beyond the city walls! 

The agricultural path would begin at the Alchemy Bench, close to Mondstadt City’s major Waypoint teleporter. After leaving the city gates, proceed all around the wall and gather the seeds with your Anemo characters!

  • Farm along the Liyue and Mondstadt Border- The second-best place to harvest dandelion seeds is northwest of Ridge Watch & Dragonspine. Utilize your Movable Checkpoints to quickly return to this area if you possess them.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you details about the “genshin impact dandelion seeds”. In the above article dandelion locations, genshin impact, and tips to obtain dandelion seeds are mentioned. 


Q1) where to find dandelion seeds genshin impact?

Ans- Mondstadt is known for its dandelion seeds genshin, which could be spotted all throughout that region. Dandelion seeds are most plentiful close to the Stone Gate as well as the city walls of Mondstadt.

Q2) how to collect dandelion seeds’ genshin impact?

Ans- An anemo ability first must strike the genshin impact dandelion seeds in order to fetch them. Freely travel in its direction and grab the seeds after attacking it using an anemo skill.

Q3) What is the respawn time for dandelion seeds? 

Ans- Approximately, one to two days 

Remember that Dandelion Seeds germinate for about 1-2 days to regrow when you obtain them.

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