Popular Cornrows Men Braids Hairstyles 

Popular Cornrows Men Braids Hairstyles 

Cornrows are a special way of braiding hair, especially in Black hair history. These braids used to be called kolese braids, a name from the Yoruba language meaning “creature with no legs.”

Nowadays, cornrows are a significant type of braid seen in various Black Cornrows Men hairstyles. They involve braiding the hair close to the scalp, making it lie flat. People of all genders love cornrow braids, and there are several Cornrows Men style too.

Keep looking for ideas the next time you are getting your hair braided.

Cornrows Men Braids Hairstyles 

Here we have discussed some popular cornrows men braids hairstyles:

Simple Cornrows:

Classic cornrows go straight from the front of your head to the back of your neck. Some people call them straight-back cornrows, usually done in small braids. This Cornrows Men hairstyle is easy to change and perfect for keeping your hair in place, whether you are chilling at home or working out at the gym.

Cornrows with Fade:

Combining cornrows with a fade is like having the best of all hairstyles. You can keep some of your hair long on top while making the sides neat and clean. You can even tie braids within a top knot or ponytail for a longer look.

Cornrow Twists:

If you do not like regular braids but still want a Cornrows Men style, you can try cornrow twists, also called flat twists. Instead of braiding, the hair is made close to the scalp, giving that neat braided look without using the three-strand braid. These are a good option if braids have given you headaches before because they do not try to pull on your head or scalp like traditional cornrows.

Crossed Cornrows:

Crossed cornrows twist the usual men’s cornrow style, giving you room to be more creative. Your hair braider may braid your hair in different directions and cross them over, letting you mix various kinds of cornrows. This style is very artistic and great for when you want to make your braids extra special.

Beaded Cornrows:

Beaded cornrows put a fun spin on the original style by adding beads to the ends of the braids. This style is considered as the perfect hairstyle for kids or any other person who wants to feel a bit playful. You can use wooden or neutral-coloured beads if you are concerned about looking too young.

Pop Smoke Cornrows:

These cornrows, made popular by rapper Pop Smoke, are braided from the head’s middle, not from the front to the back. It is a bit more relaxed than the usual cornrows and looks awesome with some beads at the ends.

Pop Smoke Staggered Cornrows

They give a fresh twist to the trendy cornrow style. Instead of having a straight middle part, these braids come from different sides, creating a zigzag part.

Micro Cornrows:

Microbraids are the tiniest braids you can get. If your hair is long, micro braids move more than bigger ones. It takes more time to put in than larger cornrows, but it gives you extra room to try different braiding styles, like these micro zigzag cornrows.

Jumbo Cornrows:

We often consider cornrows small, but you can go bigger with jumbo cornrows. These make your visit to the hair braider faster, saving you lots of time.

Side Cornrows:

If you are not ready to shave the sides of your head, you can get a similar look by cornrowing those areas without shorten any hair length.

Cornrows with a Bun:

Buns have become really popular for guys lately. Combining them with cornrows is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a versatile Cornrows Men hairstyle with a vibe.

Undercut with Cornrows:

If you usually maintain your hair length short but want to try braids, an undercut with cornrows is perfect. It might take a while to grow enough hair for the top, but once it is braided and you have done the undercut, this low-maintenance, stylish cut will stand out.

Zigzag Cornrows:

Zigzag cornrows bring some fun to the classic style by braiding back and forth across your head. They are a cool introduction to different cornrow designs, giving your braids an exciting twist.

Colorful Cornrows:

Feeling tired of the same old braids? Spice things up by adding your favourite colours to make your cornrows really pop. If you do not want a long-term commitment, consult Braider about colourful extensions for a playful touch.

Cornrow Locs:

Cornrow locs offer a way to get a cornrow-like look without changing your locs journey. Talk to your braider about twisting or braiding your locs into cornrows for a fresh style to mix into your usual rotation.

Cornrows with Design:

Many people do not realize how creative men can get with cornrows. Skilled braiders can craft nearly any design, so share some ideas or chat with your braider to see what unique braids they can create just for you.

Cornrows with Mixed-Sizes:

You do not have to stick to one size for your cornrows – from tiny microbraids to larger jumbo ones, you can have it all. Ask your braider to play around with a number of sizes in braid to keep your cornrows men hairstyle exciting.

Zigzag Part Cornrows:

If your braider is still learning about cornrow designs, but you want a change, try with different parts. They also have zigzag parts, even though the braids go straight back.

Wavy Part Cornrows:

Wavy part cornrows are like zigzag parts but with a touch of ’70s style. It has a vintage feel but suits everyone, no matter their personal style.

Sunburst Cornrows:

Sunburst cornrows begin from one spot on your head and braid out, creating a look like the sun’s rays. Whether you go for sunburst cornrows short or long, this style brings simple cornrows into the modern era.

Braid Over Cornrows:

Usually, cornrows are braided underneath, making the braid stand out. With braid-over cornrows, the hair is braided over instead of under, giving it a blended appearance.

Cornrows to Twists:

There is no need to stick to just one kind of braid, especially if you feel unsure. Mix it up by getting a combination of cornrows and twists the next time you’re in the braiding chair, and enjoy both styles together.

Spider Cornrows:

It starts at a point on the head and then braids outward, looking similar to a spiderweb. This style works well for all ages and adds a fun twist to traditional cornrows.

Box and Cornrows Braids:

To give braids a timeless feel, blend modern and classic styles. Cornrows combine ’90s vibes with the current trend of box braids, creating a stylish and up-to-date look.

Some Questions

Do cornrows look good on men?

Cornrows are a cool way men can braid their hair. These braids, close to the scalp and in different designs, look stylish and can stay in place for weeks if you take care of them. Cornrows are easy to do and go well with different men’s haircuts, whether short, medium, or long.

What braids are good for guys?

Small cornrows are fantastic for guys if you have short and thin hair. However, big cornrow hairstyles work best if your hair is longer and thicker.

Are braids still cool in 2023?

Yes, braids are still popular in 2023. The trend is all about celebrating your natural hair texture and trying out various styles. Whether it is long layered braids or faux locs, there is a style for everyone. You can create a unique look that suits you with the right tips.

What is in style for 2023?

In 2023, the style trends include low-rise pants, denim, and unique prints. Expect to see lots of pocket-decorated outfits and long jean skirts. The trend also includes different materials like velvet for a stylish and unexpected look.