Signs that hint to a loveless marriage

loveless marraige

Marriage isn’t easy to manage. Many couples lose track down the line and get divorced. Love is the bedrock of the marriage. Without love, a couple can become unhappy in their marriage. It is difficult to tell if a couple is in an unhappy marriage or not. But there are some signs that show the fact that the marriage isn’t working. In this article, we have tried to consolidate some signs of an unhappy marriage. If your relationship shows any of these signs, then it’s time to work on it.

Avoiding one another

Decreasing communication is a sign of differences between couples. Do you feel like spending more time in the office or grocery store to avoid your partner? Do you spend more time on the smart devices in your house rather than talking to one another? Do you go to bed at different times or sleep in separate rooms? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it could be a subconscious signal that you are unsatisfied with your marriage.

Lack of intimacy

Being intimate with one another is a necessity in a marriage. It keeps the romance alive and makes the other person feel ‘loved’. If the sexual intimacy between you and your spouse is less, then it’s a sign. One of the reasons could be that you are no longer attracted to your partner anymore. Another could be a medical problem that you are facing. Lack of intimacy takes a toll on your spouse and puts a strain on your marriage. So don’t take it lightly and consult a sexologist in delhi for the best advice to reignite the passion in your loveless marriage.

Less teamwork

The difference in opinion is common between two people. Due to such conflicts, couples can get into a fight. But sooner or later they talk to one another and compromise. In a loveless marriage, couples make their own plans without checking with the other partner. They also mind their own business without having any regard for the other. If you are facing such a circumstance in your marriage, then you can get the hint.

Insecure feeling

Sometimes you or your spouse might be unsure about their stance in marriage. Either of you could feel uncertain, anxious, or uncertain about your relationship. It can even happen that you might be doubting a future with your current partner. These feelings make either of the spouses insecure and fearful in the marriage. These insecurities put a strain on the relationship and can cause negative outcomes in marriage.

No healthy discussions

If you have given up on arguing with your partner, then you are in an unhappy marriage. Fights led to a greater love intensity, but silence kills the marriage from within. Little arguments causing healthy discussions strengthen the relationship. Author Laura Doyle suggests that learning to communicate with respect is the key to a loving marriage. If you or your partner don’t work towards resolving issues, then it is evident that you are in a loveless marriage.

Focus on other parts of life

If you or your spouse are more focused on work, money, and family obligations instead of spending time with one another, then you both might be in a loveless marriage. Reduction in quality time is a clear indication of either partner’s priority towards their selfish interests. The personal relationship takes the back burner which should not be the case in a happy marriage.

Flaunting relationship socially

A study done by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows that people who are insecure or unhappy in their marriage post more about it on social media. It sounds counterintuitive, but such people try subconsciously to compensate for their loveless marriage. If you are one such person, then you should revisit your relationship status.

Feel exhaustive more often

An unhappy marriage can get exhausting. If you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally strained in the relationship, then you might be in a loveless marriage. A constantly burnt out feeling is a sign that your relationship has gone for a toss. This could be due to ignorant behavior from your spouse that makes you feel less loved.

If your marriage exhibits any of the signs mentioned above, then it’s time to relook at your relationship. These signs are red flags that hint towards trouble in your marriage. Recognize these signs upfront in your marriage and then work together with your spouse in fixing things within your marriage.