How To Get Silk Flower Genshin Impact


Silk flower genshin impact – You’re very fortunate if you’re looking for Silk Flower in Genshin Impact because it is among the easier available resources. That is, if you understand where to look.

This bloom may be found on various plants. A right crimson tone that evokes an intense tendency. They are rarely ignored! We’ll also get two silk flower genshin impact for each shrub we locate, in addition to everything else.

Genshin flowers you must look for

Silk Flower genshin impact might become more widely applicable after it is launched in a different location. But as of this writing, they are mostly employed for the following characters’ power leveling:

  1. Tao 
  2. Hungshu

In what location silk flower genshin impact and genshin flowers can be found is a very important question.

Visit Wangshu Inn and Liyue Farm if you wish to gather silk flowers. Both would be situated beneath Mount Tianheng. If this region hasn’t yet appeared on the screen, don’t panic; if you stick with the tale, you’ll eventually be invited to visit Liyue in the southeast. The very first location to find these is the Wangjhu Hotel.

Silk flower locations: A guide

Town of Liyue

We’ll discover it in copious amounts in the Yujing Tower, a Liyue area with a sizable park and multiple lakes. Hop towards the route of the town after teleporting to the rendezvous spot southwest of Liyue town (in the Tianheng Mountainous Region). The pond-filled region is apparent upward.

Wangshu Hotel

The second place where we can pick up a few silk flower genshin impact is the Wangshu Inn. Situated north of the “Secret Castle of the Zhou Equation” property (where artifacts for Pyro are given), it’s that little village with an elevator-equipped tavern and a big tree.


Where are silk flowers found?

When you descend to the bottom part, you’ll find more shrubs. Additionally, if you traverse the bridge to the northwest, there are a couple more! Only a little distance will be traveled!

Village of Qing.

If you turn west (you’ll have had to leap a little rock), you’ll discover a modest cottage with a girl named Bai. Ms. Bai sells 5 cotton flower pieces for a meager 1,100 moras apiece. Unless you’ve previously collected almost everything, it’ll do.

Can we buy silk flowers in Genshi?

Locally unique Silk Flower has only been found in these few limited locations of Liyue in Genshin Impact.

Silk flowers are necessary for two Genshin Impact warriors to rise properly. Hu Tao and Xingqiu require 169, and all these resources can only be found in Liyue. Silk Flowers are available from two sellers and may be found at Liyue Harbor and Wangshu Inn for Genshin Quality players.

Alternatively, Genshin Young prospects can increase their number using the Serenitea Pot’s planting functionality. The traditional techniques for receiving a silk flower genshin impact will all be covered in this article, but incidental choices must be addressed.

How many silk flowers can you get in a day?

Wangshu Inn and Liyue Harbor are the two key silk flower locations that gamers should search for. For the earlier region, it is not in the tavern proper. Rather, the roadway leading up to it has to be searched. Some Silk Flower spawning will occur towards the northwest, but most will occur east of the inn.

A few silk flowers are also available for gamers to grab in Liyue Harbor’s southwestern part. In Genshin Impact, they are easily identified by their reddish color among the crimson blossoms they surround themselves with. There are two collectible genshin silk flowers in every spawning.


Unfortunately, even though there are fewer places to look for it in comparison to other forms of character advancement, assuming it is accurate that we will obtain at least three blossoms for every shrub because if you captured everything, you would have that much, there are no longer any locations where we may find it. Remember that they will resurface three days after you gather up the items.

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