Best Sleeping Bag Liners – The Ultimate Review

sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag liners may not be the hottest of bits of the unit, however, they give a crucial capacity in both colder and hotter climes. Many experienced explorers essentially wouldn’t fantasize about going without one.

The best test campers face on outside undertakings is getting a familiar, great night’s rest.

While it’s precarious to get a similar nature of rest as in your bed at home, there are a couple of embellishments that can improve things significantly to your evenings under the material. The best of which, in actuality, is the sleeping bag liner.

This lightweight expansion to your setting up camp unit is the meaning of “major advantage”. Not exclusively will it give your rest arrangement solace support, it will likewise contribute a couple of levels of warmth to your sleeping bag and increment its life expectancy by a decent couple of years at the very least.

Whether you’re searching for a comfortable downy, cotton, or merino fleece sleeping bag liner; need a lightweight summer choice, or the hottest sleeping bag liner accessible, our manual for the best sleeping bag liners available takes care of you!

In colder objections, a decent sleeping bag liner merits its (tiny) weight in gold, adding an additional layer of warmth to a sleeping bag or the covers of a bed. In tropical areas, they give a lightweight travel sheet good enough for a decent night whether in an inn, on a train, or in any event, setting up camp in the wilderness.

Persuaded? Fantastic! Normally, you’d presently have the undertaking of scanning the open air stores for the sleeping bag liner of your fantasies. However, not today, since we’ve done all the difficult work for you! Continue perusing to find the best sleeping bag liners of today!

In this article, we’ll make sense of what a sleeping bag liner is and dig into more detail on why you ought to consider getting one. We’ll likewise share a couple of our #1 liners to assist you with picking the ideal model for your necessities.

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Brave  Era Hypoallergenic 100 percent Silk Travel Sheet

> Normally hypoallergenic

> Impervious to bloodsuckers, mosquitos, and different bugs


Mountain Warehouse Microfibre Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

> Remains perfect and sterile for significant stretches

> Lightweight


Lifeventure Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

> Manages internal heat level

> Loads simply 108g


Ocean To Summit Thermolite Reactor

> Warm

> Breathable


Case Silk Mummy Liner

> Ideal for lodging stays

> Roomy sleeping region


Scottish Silkworm Micro-Art Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

> Feel of regular silk

> Lighter than cotton

Ocean To Summit Premium Silk

Proofreader’s Choice

With the Premium Silk, Sea to Summit proceeds with a long custom of creating extraordinary open-air gear frill that are genuinely dialed into the necessities of the client.

This liner brings every one of the customary advantages of silk – a low pack weight, minuscule pressed size, and wonderful close-to-skin solace. Surprisingly better, its utilization of premium ripstop silk makes it fundamentally tougher and hard-wearing than other silk models. It additionally flaunts stretchy sideboards that furnish the sleeper with somewhat more portability than other normal textures.

Be that as it may, how can it compare other silk liners for sleeping bags in our audit?

Contrasted with the Cocoon Silk MummyLiner, it’s somewhat more limited and doesn’t give as much warmth. But on the other hand it’s a division more extensive and more than long enough for sleepers under 6’2″ tall. While heavier than the Western Mountaineering Tioga, the texture’s obliging stretch and predominant roughness are certainly worth conveying an additional an ounce in weight.

Adding only a couple of levels of warmth, this isn’t the most ideal choice out there assuming that your fundamental justification for purchasing is for adding intensity to your rest arrangement. Notwithstanding, assuming you’re searching for a comfortable, all around planned, and effectively packable choice that is sufficiently intense to endure forever, it’s an extraordinary decision.


  • Material: Premium AA-grade ripstop silk and polyester
  • Shape: Available in mummy, voyager, standard, long, and twofold
  • Temperature rating: Adds 3/4°F
  • Weight: 4.8 oz
  • Size (open): Traveler – 84″ x 33″; standard – 73″ x 37″; long – 82″ x 33″; twofold – 73″ x 71″
  • Stuffed size: 4.5″ x 3″


  • Strong, ripstop texture
  • Accessible in various shapes and sizes
  • Minuscule pressed size
  • Lightweight
  • Stretch boards give added portability


  • Not quite so warm as different liners in our audit
  • Primary concern: A lightweight and all-around planned choice that misses the mark on minimal in the method of warmth yet packs a lot in the method of execution, solace, and sturdiness.

Ocean To Summit Coolmax Adaptor

Second place

Ocean to Summit Adaptor Coolmax Sleeping Bag Liner and Travel Bedding, Mummy (82×36)

The Coolmax Adaptor is great for purchasers who are glad to convey some additional load as a trade-off for don’t-have any desire to get up solace with adequate added warmth and all at an entirely sensible cost.

Ocean to Summit’s Coolmax texture is the Adaptor’s principal selling point. In addition to the fact that it is super-delicate, stretchy, and high-wicking, it additionally works as a decent base layer by adjusting to changing temperatures and moistness.

On the off chance that you can bear to spend somewhat more, and expect to camp in buggy conditions, we’d suggest selecting the Coolmax Adaptor Insect Shield (surveyed underneath), which is basically a similar item with a bug repellent treatment. Contrasted with the other non-silk liners in our survey, be that as it may, the Coolmax Adaptor is a champion victor inferable from its lower weight, more modest pressed size, ergonomic 3D foot box, and great warmth-to-weight proportion.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Shape: Mummy or voyager
  • Temp rating: Adds 10°F
  • Weight: Mummy – 8.7 oz; voyager – 11.6 oz
  • Size (open): Mummy – 84″ x 36″; voyager – 85″ x 36″
  • Stuffed size: 3″ x 5″


  • Warm!
  • Adjusts to fluctuating temperatures
  • Delicate and stretchy texture
  • 3D foot box
  • Reduced
  • Ultra-Sil™ stuff sack


  • Anything we notice would absolutely criticize…
  • Primary concern: A genuine all-rounder. It’s somewhat lightweight, breathable, eminently agreeable, and adds sufficient additional glow to keep you comfortable while your sleeping bag alone won’t cut it.

ALPS Mountaineering Microfiber Mummy

Best Value

ALPS Mountaineering Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

Assuming incentive for cash’s your thing, the reasonable yet all-around made ALPS Mountaineering Microfiber Mummy is certainly worth considering.

While ALPS doesn’t give a temperature rating, we gauge the Microfiber Mummy including the area of 5-10°F. The microfiber texture is additionally incredibly comfortable and has an only outlook as great against the skin as some other models in our audit.

The primary drawback to this liner is its genuinely selfish aspects. Estimating only 80 inches long by 32 wide, it’s an entire 4 inches smaller across the chest than our other spending plan pick, the Teton Sports Liner, and furthermore 7 inches more limited – OK in the event that you’re a modest camper, less so on the off chance that you’re not.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Temp rating: N/A
  • Weight: 11 oz
  • Size (open): 80″ x 32″
  • Stuffed size: 6.5″ x 5″


  • Delicate, catch-free material
  • The superb incentive for cash
  • Straightforward however functional plan


  • Not the roomiest
  • Moderately weighty liner
  • Main concern: An extremely fundamental, ornamentation free liner that comes up short on a couple of fancy odds and ends seen in different choices however offers an exceptional incentive for cash regardless.

Ocean To Summit Adaptor Coolmax Insect Shield

Best For Buggy Environments

Ocean to Summit Adaptor Coolmax Sleeping Bag Liner and Travel Bedding, Rectangular w/Insect Shield (85×36)

On the off chance that you routinely camp in regions where gnawing bugs are an issue, the Coolmax Adaptor Insect Shield is an advantageous venture.

This liner brags every one of the characteristics the standard Coolmax Adaptor recorded previously. It’s generally lightweight, pleasantly packable, breathable, dampness wicking, and utilizes stretchy material that allows you to thrash around without getting into a knot.

A special reward to the entirety of the abovementioned, is a strong bug repellent treatment that keeps mosquitoes, chiggers, midges, ticks, flies, insects, and bugs under control. Not awful considering the additional expense likens to the expense of a six-pack of brew… !


  • Material: Polyester w/Insect Shield bug assurance
  • Shape: Mummy or voyager
  • Temp rating: N/A
  • Weight: Mummy – 8.7 oz; voyager – 11.68 oz
  • Size (open): Mummy – 82″ x 36″; voyager – 85″ x 36″
  • Pressed size: 6″ x 4.5″


  • Gives unscented bug assurance
  • Cushion embed
  • Dampness wicking texture
  • Stretchy material
  • Drawstring string hood


  • Very weighty
  • Genuinely expensive
  • Main concern: While somewhat heavier than most gram-counters would like it is remarkably agreeable and an incredible sleeping bag liner for trips and in buggy areas.

Ocean To Summit Reactor Thermolite

Best For Cold-Weather Camping

Ocean to Summit Reactor Thermolite Mummy Liner – SS22 – One – Black

At both temperature limits, whether setting up camp in a chilly climate or for warm summer experiences when you need to leave the sleeping bag at home, it doesn’t beat the Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite.

This one tips the scales at simply 8.7 ounces but offers an astounding 14°F of added warmth on account of the purpose of empty central elements trap your body’s intensity inside.

Like the Coolmax Adaptor (over), the Reactor Thermolite is incredibly happy with, bragging bounty stretch in the texture and an extravagant, robe-like feel. It’s likewise far lighter than the other hottest liners in our survey and has a couple of non-standard “extra” highlights like a foot box and a locking drawcord hood to keep out drafts.

Searching for far better protection? Look at Sea to Summit’s Reactor Extreme, a mummy bag liner that can add 25°F to your rest framework.


  • Material: Thermolite polyester
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Temp rating: Adds 14°F/8°C
  • Weight: 8.7 oz
  • Size (open): 82″ x 35″
  • Stuffed size: 5.75″ x 4″


  • Empty main element protection
  • Drawstring hood
  • Rich, comfortable texture
  • Ergonomic footbox
  • More packable than most downy liners
  • Superb warmth-to-weight proportion


  • Very costly
  • Main concern: This liner might be a little expensive, however, its extraordinary warmth-to-weight proportion makes it an incredible pick for spring, fall, and winter camps.

Cover Silk Mummy

Best For Tall Sleepers

Throughout the long term, Austrian brand Cocoon has acquired a rep for creating travel embellishments of uncommonly great, and this liner is no exemption.

Likewise, with most silk sleeping bag liners, it’s light, breathable, packable, and feels perfect against the skin. While it comes up short on not many of the comfort upgrading additional items tracked down in a few different liners (drawcords, cushion pockets, stretch texture, and so on), still an incredible decision for purchasers esteem straightforwardness, quality materials, and the additional largeness of a rectangular plan.

Contrasted with the other silk choices in our survey, the Cocoon adds somewhat more warmth (around 10°F) and is just 1.1 oz heavier than the lightest, the Western Mountaineering Tioga. It’s additionally the longest liner in our audit, and an extraordinary pick for tall sleepers is as well.

This one barely passed up acquiring our best position. While it gives somewhat more warmth than the Sea to Summit Premium Silk, the Premium Silk’s expansion of stretch boards encourages it somewhat roomier and more agreeable than the Cocoon Silk Mummy.


  • Material: Silk
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Temp rating: Adds 10°F/5.3°C
  • Weight: 4.7 oz.
  • Size (open): 95″ x 35″
  • Pressed size: 5.7″ x 2.6″


  • Extraordinary warmth-to-weight proportion
  • Minuscule pressed size
  • Drawstring hood
  • Delicate against the skin
  • Open


  • Expensive
  • Simpler to tear than manufactured texture
  • Main concern: It’s lightweight, warm, practical, and pretty much surprisingly agreeable – what more might you at any point request?!

TETON Sports Liner

Best Budget

TETON Sports Sleeping Bag Liner; A Clean Sheet Set Anywhere You Go; Perfect for Travel, Camping, and Anytime You’re Away from Home Overnight; Machine Washable; Travel Sheet Set for Your Sleeping Bag

This reasonable choice comes in two sizes, two material sorts, and two shapes, and offers the best value for your money by some edge.

The texture utilized in both the cotton and polyester choices isn’t exactly essentially as extravagant as others in our audit, however, the TETON compensates for this weakness with its liberal aspects, warmth, and easy-to-understand plan. It adds 10°F of warmth, flaunts a cushioned slip, has side cuts for simple section/exit, and measures 91″ by 58″ (Mammoth) or 87″ x 36″ (XL).

Contrasted with our aide’s other minimal expense liner, the Alps Mountaineering Microfiber, the TETON offers somewhat more warmth, and significantly more space (an additional a 4″ of width and 7″ of length), however, is a part heavier and not exactly as agreeable against the skin.

All things considered, an incredible choice for intermittent campers or purchasers quick to get a deal.


  • Material: Available in cotton and polyester
  • Shape: Rectangular and twofold
  • Temp rating: Adds 10°F
  • Weight: Mammoth (twofold) – 24 oz; XL – 12 oz
  • Size (open): Mammoth – 91″ x 58″; XL – 87″ x 36″
  • Stuffed size: Mammoth – 9″ x 8″; XL – 5.5″ x 4.5″


  • Open
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Warm
  • Pad hood
  • It Opens 24″ on each side


  • Weighty
  • Less agreeable texture
  • Main concern: With its staggeringly open aspects and unassuming sticker price, this liner is great for setting up camp couples and purchasers on a careful spending plan the same.

I hope this list of best sleeping bag liners for camping will help you for the next camping trip.

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