Some useful Laundry Hacks, Tricks, and Tips


You have read and heard various laundry hacks. Today, on internet everyone is talking about it just to increase the traffic. Some of them work but some does not. Some of them are unreasonable hacks that spoil the quality of fabric. In one’s travailing and tedious working schedule, it is quite difficult to get fast and furious laundry hacks. Hacks along with the quality of fabric, are difficult to maintain.

 So, here we have helped you with some of laundry hacks that are based on science, which may help your fabric look better, shinny and long lasting.

Magic of vinegar

Yes, the vinegar which is used in kitchen, probably used for cleaning and cooking, is also helpful in laundry hacks. If you come to know its uses, it comes out to be a magic.

Some of its uses are:

Banish the Dirtiness:-

By adding one cup of vinegar in final rinsing of clothes, helps the cloth in banishing the dinginess.

Remove Body Odor:-

A cup of vinegar helps in disappearing the bodily odor form the clothes. And also keeps the cloth shine and bright.

Erase the marks and spots:-

It is something everyone has asked for. It is surprising to here that use of vinegar helps in removing the dark spots and flaws on the cloth. Other chemicals might affect the quality of cloth.

Vinegar is very easy to use out of drudgery hacks.

Make you laundry with baking soda:-

Also baking soda is a greater laundry hack. It can be used in many different ways. Baking soda is easily available in kitchen.

Brightens white:- 

By adding a cup of baking soda to wash water out of clothes, can boost up the cleaning power of oxygen and chlorine bleach.

Clean the iron: –

Baking soda can clean the bottom of sticky iron without making any scratches.

Dry clothes faster

This is what everyone has wished to know. Everyone wants to clean clothes faster as well as to dry them out faster. It is basic demand in the laundry hacks.

So in order to dry clothes faster, put some dry bath towel inside the dryer. As dry bath towel absorb water more easily and also speed up the drying process.

Iron the wrinkled clothes by Ice cubes

What if you forget to take out your shirt out of dryer inevitably and shirt get wrinkled and you do not have any time to iron?

Put the wrinkled shirt in dryer along with some ice cubes. Tumble it on high heat for at least 10-15 minutes. Later take it out immediately and hang it up.

It happens because the steam of ice let the fabric of cloth relax and helps the wrinkles banish.

Vodka as a deodorizer

If you do not get any time to wash your clothes. To re-wear any of the items, Vodka can be considered as the frequent and a good source which can be used the natural deodorizer for clothes.

Just spray any of cheap vodka on clothes. It freshens up your smelly clothes and you can re-wear any stuff immediately.

Clothes in freezer

Bizarre to here, Clothes in freeze?

Wants to re-wear any stuff without washing?

There are many brand cloth which are restricted to over wash of  fabric.

If you are facing the same issue, then it can be a great laundry hack

To de-stink your clothes or to re-wear any item before a wash, you can put clothes in freezer overnight. It would not kill bacteria but make clothe able to re-wear.

Remove unpleasant odor of clothes

It is the formally asked doubt that how to remove the sweat odor and awful smell of clothes.

Use of vinegar is the best laundry hack as we have discussed earlier.

Before washing soak your clothes into a cup of vinegar with cold water and keep it for around an hour. It will surely help in removing the sweat odor out of clothes.

Baby shampoo’s magic

Another laundry hack that is mostly asked.

  • How to remove sweat stain?

Baby shampoo can be considered as the best method to get rid of sweat stain on collars and underarm areas.

Put a bit of baby shampoo on the stained area and soak it for half an hour and then wash it.

  • How to Un-shrink the sweaters?

Take a bucket of lukewarm water.  Add two table spoon of baby shampoo then soak your shrunken sweater for half an hour. Rinse it and let it dry to stretch it to its original shape and length.

  • Yellowing of clothes

We might have noticed that white clothes gradually turned into yellow or icy white.

For this, you can use Liquid bluing solution, to bring yellowish cloth back into white

White Bread as a laundry hack

What if red sauce dropped on your shirt?

It is quite simple, get a piece of white bread and blot up the stain gently from the fabric. Later get it washed.

Shaving cream in laundry

Surprising, but true. Shaving cream has many ingredients similar as in soaps and detergent. By its foaming quality, it helps in lifting the stains out of clothes. Put some quantity of cream on cloth then blot it up.

Chalk to treat the grease stains

Chalk is an absorbent; it can be simply used by rubbing over any oily kitchen stains. It can absorb the grease out of any oily surface. Wiping off the oily area by any cloth would not help you this much. So, you can keep chalks all time in your kitchen, as it is not time consuming.


Above we have mentioned various Laundry hacks. These are quite simple and can be implemented without any cost.

Almost every ingredient we have mentioned is available in our house or can get easily. It does not cost much but prove to be helpful. These laundry can make out you laundry day even more easier.

Of all those people who hate waiting and gets irritated easily, can use these hacks.

Every laundry hack has proved the different uses of same product.