Hairstyling is also one of the most important parts when we talk about grooming our personality and look. Not only this, but it also reveals your fashion sense and lifestyle. A perfect hairstyle depends on the length of your hair along with your face cut. For an appealing look, it is essential to go for such a hairstyle which enhances your overall persona. As our country differs in cultures and traditions at every few kilometers, the hairstyles also vary according to the places and occasions. In this article, you will go through the famous South Indian bridal hairstyles that even you can opt for a distinct look. The rich imbue of Banarasi sarees and heavy gold jewelry adds a lot to the South Indian hairstyle.

The South Indian girls are blessed to have thick, black and long length hair. On the one hand, where the traditional wedding is their culture similarly, on the other hand, it is the dream of every girl to be uniquely dressed up as a bride. With the changing time, trendy hairstyles and accessorizing them has also become a part of South Indian wedding along with the ‘braid’ culture. A little modernization in the hairstyles has given the South Indian brides, a chic look to embellish on the special day of theirs. Below are the top nine South Indian hairstyles that can be chosen by the bride to be or by any girl for any special event in her life or family. Look the way you have always wished to and earn loads of praises and appreciation by one and all.

  1. A look with accessories:


If you have long decent looking hair, then this is the most appropriate hairstyle for your wedding day. A traditional taste with a trendy twist… is the perfect line that defines this stunning hairstyle. You can also embellish yourself with this hairstyle on any type of special occasion apart from the wedding. Just like the picture showcased on the top, one can enhance the look of this South Indian Hairstyle with the rich imbue of fresh flowers which will also create an awful aroma all around. Also, adding some of the glittering metals of different types can also lend you with grace. All this completely depends on the choice and preference of the one who is the bride to be or anyone who has chosen this hairstyle for the special event. Rich looking Banarasi saree with scintillating maangteeka in the mid will make you look incredibly mind-blowing.

  1. Perfect posing bridal braids:


Are you the one who has always dreamt to look like a celebrity on the big day of yours? Here it is… A flawless South Indian bridal hairstyle that will make your dream come true. This superb South Indian bridal hairstyle is the one where you can boast a long length beautified divisions with the golden-colored accessories at the equal distance. These accessories have colored stones in the mid of the bridal braids matching the color of the saree. The image is given at the top to exhibit how gracious it will look. The accession of Kamar bandh and heavy looking necklace will add seven stars to your personality.

  1. The appealing glorious look:


For the ones with or without long length hair, this South Indian Bridal Hairstyle will give you an attractive and glorious look. Right from the wedding function to a casual one, this hairstyle will make you fall in love with its centralized segmented theme. If the weather is summer-like hot or humid like rainy, such a hairstyle can be quickly tried as it won’t let your look be spoiled because of either of the two. In fact, you will be able to carry yourself graciously. The mixture of diamond and gold jewelry covering the neck along with the maangteeka dangling in the top mid of the forehead will make you earn endless compliments.

  1. The long length flowered braid:


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The long hair length bridal braids embellished with round-shaped golden accessories segmented into the equal portions with the flowered touch will not only lend you with the most beautiful look but also fill the whole atmosphere with fascinating fragrance. The moment you step in the wedding hall, your flowered bridal braids will mark your esteemed presence automatically with its magical aroma. Everyone who is a part of your special day will praise your stunning look which is the result of this long length flowered braid South Indian bridal braids hairstyle presented in the above-given image. Also, the length of the segments can be increased as per your wish through the floral extensions. A white colored saree with mushroom golden borders will add a lot to its grace.

  1. Reversed accessorized flowered hairstyle:


This reversed accessorized flowered hairstyle is also one of the most popular South Indian bridal hairstyles. For the one who loves an extremely simple look enriched with the sense of fashion and trend, this hairstyle will mark a special place in her heart forever. The small garland of fresh or artificial flowers is draped around the bun of your hair in such a way that it also showcases the look of accessories in the most fabulous way. So, whether you are a bride to be or her friend or sister, this south Indian hairstyle will give you the desired look for sure.

  1. The small sectioned floral hair bun:


If you are a girl who loves to adore herself with small floral sections, then this is the best South Indian bridal hairstyle that will bestow you with the dream look of yours. Proper expression of the same can see in the image given at the top. Such a hairstyle is comfortable to be carried and fashionable to be shown. With the golden-colored Banarasi Saree and shining border, you will look extremely glamorous. The addition of Kamar bandh right above your waistline and the captivating Kundan jewelry covering the neck will speechless to one and all. You will be a live example of the beauty of tradition and fashion both.

  1. Overall modernisation from head to toe:


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Right from head to toe, when you are dipped in the hue of fashion and trend, what a spellbinding look you will have!! It is so difficult to be expressed in words as only such an appearance of yours can justify it. Different from others, regarding saree color, draping, jewelry, the hairstyle will make you look unique and distinct from the crowd. As exhibited in the picture given at the top, a puffed sleeved and contrast-colored blouse accompanying a multi-colored banarsi saree in a free pallu style is imparting a stupefying look to the wearer. Moreover, the traditional cum trendy jewelry covering the neck and the upper center portion of the forehead is adding endless grace to her chic look. An overall modernization can be seen showcasing her south Indian hairstyle where the hair is tied in jooda sort of bun with flowered garland holding it.

  1. Captivating celebrity look:


Undoubtedly, when it is your wedding day, you are the celebrity meaning thereby, you are the center of attraction. From attire to jewelry, makeup to Mehandi everything demands exclusiveness for a captivating celebrity look. The image given above will leave you with an impression… OMG! Completely speechless! Unique Kundan jewelry with floral braided hairstyle and glorifying golden Banarasi saree is the major attractions. So, are you ready for such an appealing look? Well, you must have noticed this look in South Indian movies where the South Indian actress sport in their movies especially at the time of the wedding scene. After all, who does not wish to be the celebrity of the day by all means!

  1. Traditional & trendy:


Traditional and trendy are the right words to define this South Indian bridal braids hairstyle. The garland of fresh flowers embellished on the hair bun with the red rose in the middle leaves this hairstyling as the most demanded one. Heavy worked zari saree will accompany in the best way with this amazing hairstyle. From wedding to any family, functions will be the right occasion to put up this South Indian hairstyle. Accessories to the hair can also be added for an additional grace.

With the changing time, there will always be more and more good and new changes in the hairstyles too. If we look back at the early times, haircutting was also prohibited in many orthodox families, but now there is a massive change in the thinking of many. We are the lucky ones to cherish these amazing changes in our society and live life king size. Today, hairstyling has also become a flourished profession along with a fashion trend. It has become a personality grooming part of both, males and females. When it comes to sporting hairstyling on occasions like weddings, we have got numerous hairstyles, like the ones given above depending on the place, preference, and occasion. So, enjoy this change.

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