Genshin Impact Swan Quiz Guide to Questions and Answers

Genshin Impact Swan Quiz Guide to Questions and Answers

Swan Quiz – Genshin Impact is indeed a game that encourages you to discover Genshin’s environment in exchange for rewarding you for learning more about it. This will come in handy while coping with Swan, a fighter who’d rather put your knowledge of the terrain to the strain. Swan Quiz only has a few topics, yet if you’re able to pass on all of them, you will earn several rewards. The following are the problems and solutions for the Swan Quiz!

Genshin Impact Swan Quiz’s QuestionsRespective Answers

What is the name of the monuments northwest of Mondstadt?

Stormterror’s Lair

What does one use in Mondstadt to address a random person?

Unusual but respectable traveller

What is the full name of Jean?

Acting Grand Master

What does Lisa’s legal name mean? 

Librarian (NOT Library Superintendent)

What is the full name of Amber?


What is the full name of Kaeya?

Cavalry Captain

A typical question-and-answer session will then proceed. You would be required to react to a question being asked by Swan. Most of the queries are simple, especially if you have been paying attention to conversations and legends.

There are many trick questions included for comparison purposes, even if some of the problems aren’t that challenging when you’ve been paying attention to the patterns during your voyage. Check all of the alternatives offered by Swan before choosing.

You’ll earn some prizes even though you answer 1 or 2  problems incorrectly. On the other hand, you’ll receive the greatest prize if you offer every one of the accurate responses.

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If you really can correctly respond to each inquiry, Swan will be delighted with your comprehension. Then you will be getting 5x Mondstadt Hash Brown, 20,000x Mora, plus 110 Adventure EXP.

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