League of Legends – 11.10 Patch Notes And the Release date

11.10 Patch Notes

11.10 Patch Notes– Another upgrade for Riot Games’ popular MOBA videogame League of Legends is already been landed, delivering new champion skins, tweaks, and many other delectable goodies. Now that Patch 11.9 is up, it’s time to look into everything League of Legends 11.10 Patch Notes has to offer us!

Launch Date for Patch 11.10

According to the League of Legends patch plan for 2021, Update 11.10 will debut on May 13th, Thursday.

NA Server at 3:00 AM

EUNE Servers at 4:00 AM (CET)

EUW Server (UK) at 6:00 AM

The duration of the service is three hours. Riot will confirm the exact time, and we will refresh this post once they do.

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11.10 Patch Notes

Arcana Skin

The main focus of this patch will be brand-new Arcana skins, something you might have already seen on League’s social media channels.

It’s a significant benefit unless you’re a primary for some of Camille, Lucian, Tahm Kench, or Xerath because they’re amongst some of the 4 champs that will have Arcana skins for the 11.10 patch.

They have striking gold patterns everywhere and a mystical look that gives the champions a brand-new vibe.

Champion Remodeling

In the most recent PBE version, a technology developed for Aurelion Sol on the following features (tails/cloth/hair) has now been upgraded for a good variety of champions.

It is carried out in-game utilizing vectors, making it much faster than the previous turn technology.

That’s all I currently know for the time being about the potential 11.10 Patch notes release, however, I will suggest you keep checking back as the screening process develops! Before the changes go live, we’ll make absolutely sure we’ve covered everything that you’ll need to know. Specifically, expressing your want to know what will happen to Riot’s MOBA in the future. You do, we’re certain of that!

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