Meaning Of The Divine Symbol Of Lilith

symbol of Lilith

The symbol of Lilith is considered a demon, vampire, primordial being, sorceress, and a Goddess, depending on which you choose to follow her. Her appearance is marked as a gorgeous woman with wings and long red hair.

The symbol of Lilith is considered modern occultism and neopaganism and is also regarded as the demon or deity. Keep reading this article to understand the symbol of Lilith. 

Who is Lilith?

Lilith is known as the Goddess of Energy and the counterpart to Adam as told at the beginning of creation by Judeo-Christian Traditions. She was Adam’s first wife and lived by his side before Eve.

Lilith was made of Earth’s dust just like Adam, and she believed that both of them should be treated the same manner. She did not wish to be submissive, and she excluded strong feminine power with a demand to be treated as her partner in everything, including sex. 

Adam considered Lilith inferior, and she chose to defy him, which is why Lilith was forced to leave the Garden of Eden forever. The symbol of Lilith is depicted as a demon and associated with negative attributes.

Is Lilith Evil?

No, Lilith in modern-day practice is regarded as a symbol of resistance and empowerment like many other Goddesses.

Lilith is strongly connected to the persecution of witches and history. Both these things were terrified by the medieval men who saw the presence of evil in almost everything they could not dominate and were opposed to the usual place of their security. 

Lilith was also seen as a vampire because she was claimed to drink the blood of children and infants as a rebel against Adam. In this sense, Lilith is the mother of Succubi, the demons, man-eaters.

According to a modern worldview, all women are dangerous, and all of them have Lilith residing in them in some way. The witches portrayed by the media were never real; people came to seek the guidance of Lilith to become a figure of resistance to patriarchal oppression and society.

Symbols of Lilith

Lilith in medieval times is depicted as a Gothic art in reddish hair, nude with wings and tattooed body standing in front of a mirror with no reflection.


Serpents shed their skin as a symbol of rebirth, transformation, healing and immortality. Lilith serves as an essential rebel and trailblazer, which is a powerful archetype of transformation. Serpent as a biblical meaning also shows that Lilith has a cunning side with the power to destroy or deceive. 

Lilith’s Glyph

Black Moon Lilith is the name given in astrology to the location of the birth chart representing a point along the moon’s orbit farthest from the Earth. A glyph of the crescent and a cross for matter and mind represents the Lilith In astrology. It depicts a dark side of someone’s personality and is linked to shadow work. 

Dark Moon

Dark moon energy is rebellious, empowering, and creative, and all these things are associated with Lilith. Wearing the image of a dark moon in jewelry or keeping it in your altar space can help you connect with the energy of Lilith. 


In the Hebrew language, the term Lilith occurs in the list of animals as she has been associated with birds like eagles as night owls.

Epithets and Names of Lilith

Lilith has been given many names throughout history and some of the popular ones are mentioned below:

  • Demon of screeching
  • Screeching owl
  • Temptress
  • Night Monster
  • Lili
  • The First Feminist
  • Lamia

How to Worship Lilith?

As a Goddess Archetype, Lilith embodies the sexual energy of Feminism opposed to the phallocentric masculine force. Wiccans aim to work in balance and harmony of these two opposite forces. If you believe that Lilith is calling you, then reach out to her as a personal spiritual practice. 

Do Complete study and research.

Always start by getting well-informed about Lilith and get rid of anything demonizing her. Instead of valuing her true worth as a counterpart of Lucifer, a deity of wisdom and knowledge. 

Set intentions

Lilith is a powerful and magnificent spirit that must be reached with clear intentions. Be truthful and honest always about your goals. A dark moon or new moon is beneficial in working with her. 

Set up an altar for Lilith

To show commitment to Lilith, you should specifically set up an altar dedicated to her. Draw Lilith’s sigil on paper or a handmade craft to keep on her altar. 

The symbol of Lilith is strongly associated with sex, and sex magic is a powerful way to invite her into you. You can use her sexual energy in your workings in different ways. 

Lilith Pagan Invocation

To tap into the energy of Lilith’s New Moon is the best time. You can cleanse yourself by following the New Moon Ritual Bath. Follow the below-mentioned steps to craft a ritual for Lilith:

  • Turn on any music associated with Lilith’s nature. Express yourself through your dance or movement. Dancing is a powerful way to raise energy and allow yourself to connect with the symbol of Lilith. You can also cast a circle to open the ritual. 
  • Pour red wine to offer chalice. Set the chalice on the altar that holds sigil, candles and offer to Lilith.
  • Now say one of the incarnations invites her into you and drinks red wine. After that, move to a comfortable space to focus on opening up and receiving her energy. 

Make use of your sexual energy to bring her into you as well. Lilith is fond of sexual energy, and while you are performing self-pleasure, recite the incantation and offer your sexual climax to her and then you will start to feel her presence.

Lilith Invocation

Never let the misconception of Lilith pollute the benefit of working with her and her powers. The symbol of Lilith brings authority, authenticity, self-acceptance, and empowerment into your life. 

Lilith is an ancient, powerful goddess, and only the informed and prepared should work with her. Once ready, you can change your life working with Lilith and bring out the magic of darkness within yourself.