Natural Tips to prevent Sunburn & Keep Your Skin Glowing

Prevention form Sunburn
Prevention form Sunburn

Does the scorching Sun make you fiery the way you scorch eggs? Are you confused about where all your energy flushes out? If yes, then, we have in store, all the answers to your ‘Sunny’ questions. Don’t worry about the Sun sipping all your juice, follow some easy Natural Tips to prevent Sunburn and treatments to stay protected and safe from the intense heatwave. Here, we’re representing the best ways to avoid getting sunburn:

So, these the following are the best tips to prevent sunburn, and lessen the effects of the sunny boy:

Prevent going out during the ‘high-temperature periods’

This period may vary from place to place, but the most common one is 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. Let’s leave the Sun to linger around during this period, and if you have to go out, then keep track of the following sunburn treatments and prevention tips to be safe.

Use Prickly Heat powder

This is a type of powder that could be available at any supermarket or medical shop. It keeps your skin protected from the heat’s damage, against itchy projections, and also keeps you fresh.

Intake of a lot of fresh salad

During summers, your salad platter should contain watery veggies and fruits like cucumbers, watermelon, celery, tomatoes, and also onion. Eating a lot of onion keeps your body safe from the Sun.

Drink lots of water

One amongst the best ways to avoid getting sunburn it to drink a lot of water before going out into the Sun. The heat of the Sun evaporates water content from the body, so; you should have enough in store for sharing it with Mr. Sunny.

Eat less

Do not fill up your stomach with food; fill it up with regular water as an excess of food in the tummy creates a heavy load over the digestive system. 

Use sunscreen

The use of sunscreens or sunblocks would be helpful for your skin to protect from redness, itchiness, and tanning. Oops! That hurts more.

Wear more cotton clothes

Prefer wearing cotton clothes rather than other heavy material clothes that could harm your skin by absorbing heat. Cotton clothes keep you light and cool.

Take cold showers

One of the best soothing points of all is to prefer taking as many cold showers as possible because it helps your body to cool down.

Avoid wearing black

Yes, of course, black is the most stylish color, but it’s also harmful during summers as it absorbs as well as radiates heat. So, quit styling with black and draw a new colorful summer.

Intake of excess cold fluids must be avoided

You should not drink too many cold fluids as they prove to be harmful to our digestive fire and digestive system.

So, now that you know the tips to prevent sunburn go carefree onto the hot ramps and spread your coolness up towards the Sun and show him that you’re not afraid of his heat waves.