The 4 Tips To Age Gracefully With Style


You’re only as old as you feel, it’s been said. It’s also been said that age ain’t nothing but a number. Yet, when we look in the mirror we tend to see every wrinkle and sag and see the evidence that we are in fact getting older.

But, why should this bother us? Why can’t we have an older body and still look and feel good? The good news is those things are not mutually exclusive, so yes, we can look and feel good.

There are styles that work for every age and plenty of things to do to feel good. Let’s take a look at some things that can help you feel better about aging.

1 – Get stylish

Unfortunately, many women equate looking good with looking young. The funny thing is that the younger you try to look, the worse you actually look. Instead of trying to beat Father Time, it’s best to accept that you are going to look older but commit to looking good anyway.

This means that you need to work with what you have. The first order of business is wearing clothes that fit and accessories that work with your overall style.

For instance, When you wear oversized clothes, it makes you look older than you actually may be. Also, drab colors are not going to work.

As far as accessories, make sure that you wear glasses that match your hair color and fit well. Look into adjusting acetate frames to make sure they fit your face well.

Hats work really well as an accessory that can show off some style and also protect your eyes and skin at the same time. Choose something understated, yet stylish and you will put out a very elegant vibe.

2 – Look better

Besides being stylish for your age, you should also look good. I mean this in a way that has nothing to do with how you dress. What I mean is how you move and how you present yourself among other things.

Makeup is something that can be done well and make you look great at your age or it can be overdone and look like you are trying to hide your age. It’s ok to try to smooth out some wrinkles but if you apply makeup too heavily, it can end up exacerbating some imperfections.

What you can do is to use some cosmetic products to do things like stop sagging under your eyes or clear up some patchy dark spots on our skin. These things may be a result of aging, but the problem is that they make you look tired or unhealthy apart from looking older. There is nothing wrong with trying to counter the effects of aging in this way as we want to put our best face forward.

Dying your hair might seem like a great solution. Letting it go grey is better. You can look great with grey hair if you find the right style for your face type. If you do decide to dye your hair, make sure it is a lighter color as a dark color will likely not work with your age. A grey head of hair can look positively stylish and elegant.

3 – Stay sharp

You have a very unique position in society as somebody with a lot of experience and a deeper perspective on the world since you have lived through a lot. People will naturally want to talk to you and hear your story when they realize that you actually have something to say and an intelligent way to say it.

In other words, keep your brain alert and active and you will enjoy quite the social life. You should be a perpetual learner and never stop being curious about the world. Read every day and you will find that you have the mind of a twenty year old and will never feel old a day in your life. Aside from a few creaky joints.

4 – Stay in shape

A sedentary lifestyle is bad for anybody’s health regardless of age. It’s even worse once you are of a certain age, however and should be avoided at all costs.

Make sure to get your daily dose of exercise and you will feel as good as you look. Yoga is fantastic for older people as it will keep you flexible. You’ll have less creaky joints and aches and pains as a result of doing yoga.

Walking every day is also great for your heart health as it is a good low impact for of cardio. Plus it’s nice to get out in the fresh air.

Basically, the key to staying young at heart is to keep your heart in good shape by staying active.