2020 Met Gala Theme Has Been Announced – Let’s Dive Into What We Need To Know All About


This post is based on the Met Gala 2020 theme 

‘About Time: Fashion and Duration,’ the Met Gala theme for its 2020 annual confab has been announced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. The theme is based on the early 20th century theories from French philosopher Sir Henri Bergson and novels like Virginia Woolf.

The Wendy Yu Curator in charge of the Costume Institute, Andrew Bolton, said that he get inspired by the Sally Potter film Orlando released in 1992. In the interview with Vogue, Andrew Bolton told the reporters, “There’s a wonderful scene in which Tilda Swinton enters the maze in an 18th-century woman’s robe à la Francaise, and as she runs through it, her clothes change to mid-19th-century dress, and she reemerges in 1850s England. That’s where the original idea came from.”

Moreover, the sources reveal that the 150th anniversary will be going to be the biggest of all the time. A report from the New York Times stated that 70 percent of the biennale would consist of items that are from the holdings of the museum, and the rest of the 30 percent will be the new presents in honor and celebration of 150th women’s clothing anniversary.

The collection will bifurcate into two different collections, which exhibit women’s clothing styles from 1870 to 2020. The one section will display black looks and other white attire ensembles that show how the fashion ‘moment’ shifts with the time. Collection also highlights the chronologies throughout the history of women’s clothing.

“For example, a black princess-line dress from the late 1870s will be paired with an Alexander McQueen ‘Bumster’ skirt from 1995, and a black bustle ensemble from the mid-1880s will be juxtaposed with a Comme des Garçons ‘Body Meets Dress—Dress Meets Body’ dress from 1997.” – stated by the Met during the announcement of the theme.

The entire show will be going to be designed by Es Devlin, an expert behind the sets of Royal Opera House and Beyonce’s Formation tour.