The Best Gaming Setups that People Should Use


Dedicated gaming fans know that there is no activity quite like playing games for immersive excitement. The number of those fans is increasing with every passing year too, as more people cotton on to the escapist pleasures of gaming.

One notable difference between the gaming of the past and that of now is that much of it takes place on the internet these days. It is online that more and more people head to play casino games like slot machines and poker for instance.

For the same reason, the top games companies release all of their major new titles as PC games alongside the console versions. The preference a person has for either console or online gaming determines their setup, so it matters.

This article will explore the best setups for all gaming needs.

What Type of Gamer Are You?

That is the first thing to consider when creating your ideal setup. Are you mainly a console gamer or a PC one? Because whichever it is will play a major role in deciding exactly what equipment you need.

Then there is the issue of what genre of game you like playing. The setup for playing casino games could be different from that needed for role-playing games (RPGs).

  • PC Gaming Setup

Let’s begin by looking at the optimal PC gaming setup. This will require a computer with a monitor that offers high grade image quality, and the ASUS TUF VG27QA is among the best for gaming on the market.

It reproduces colour graphics with stunning clarity, boasts response time of just 1ms and refresh rate of 165Hz. That makes it particularly ideal for live casino gaming, where split second timing is crucial. If your budget will not stretch to it, the 4K BenQ EL2870U is a good alternative.

The best graphics chip is the ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 4090, while the perfect gaming processor will be the Intel Core i9 13900k. Go for RAM of 64GB and it is even possible to get special gaming glasses that protect your eyes against the blue light from the monitor.

  • Console Gaming Setup

Console gaming is a different matter altogether. To start with most console players prefer to use a television rather than a computer monitor.

There are lots of good televisions available for gaming, but the Samsung S90C is widely considered to provide the most overall bang for your buck. Its OLED screen offers brighter picture quality than comparatively priced rivals and it has great gaming features like four different HDMI ports.

In terms of the actual console, the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 both represent the state of the art. Which you pick will ultimately be a matter of what games you want to play.

That is true of PC versus console too. If you like casino games, it is definitely better to build a good PC setup, so that you can play the real-money ones at online casinos. For complex games like strategy ones and RPGs, a console setup will be more comfortable.

The Gaming Room

A solid gaming setup is not just a matter of the actual hardware. It is also about designing the room for the best overall experience.

  • Decor

If you are able to set aside a room just for gaming, why not design it with a theme. Casino game fans may fancy adding a classic fruit machine or roulette wheel and maybe decorating the walls with playing cards.

On the other hand fans of fantasy or science fiction games might want to design the room to resemble a spaceship or alien planet.

  • Chair

The chair you choose is very important, because you will be sitting on it for long periods of time. Either the AKRacing Core Series EX or the SecretLabs Omega will offer pillowing to support your lumbar region, plus armrests and necks that can be adjusted to your height.

  • Headphones

Some types of games demand a greater degree of concentration and immersion than others. That is certainly true of deep strategy and world-building games as well as RPGs.

If you mainly play those kinds of games, investing in a pair of headphones will filter out background noise while you are gaming. The WH-1000XM4 phones from Sony are one of the better sets currently available when it comes to that.

  • Lighting

The last element of your games room will be the lighting. This should provide a soft glow rather than anything too harsh or bright, to set the right atmosphere and avoid giving you headaches during long gaming sessions.

These are the essential setups that you need; whether you like console or PC gaming and whatever the types of games that you happen to enjoy playing the most.