The Rarity of Fancy Color Cushion-Cut Diamonds


Are you a lover of fancy glamorous diamonds? Has it ever crossed your mind how fantastic it would be if you could own some rarity like the brown diamond of Scarlett Johansson or the pink one of Blake Lily? After all, these lovely shades make perfect wedding bands and you can shop lab created diamonds by shape and color at Rare Carat.

What is a fancy colored diamond?

In jewelry trading, colored diamonds are referred to as fancy diamonds. You can find fancy diamonds in a wide array of color tones, shades, and saturations. Some of these diamonds are extremely rare while others can be available easily. But in general, these fancy diamonds are comparatively rare than their colorless counterparts.

Contrary to clear diamonds and the GIA certification they possess, it is important to check how the stone appears under different lighting conditions since their color and saturation can show great variations. In addition, shaded diamonds are more dependent on the intuitive response of the diamond experts in place of diamond grading reports.

It’s worth noting here that although round diamonds are classic and a traditional choice for all kinds of diamond jewelry, it is not the best choice for colored diamonds. This is because they cannot display the colored radiance as a cushion-cut diamond. In addition, the most effective way to feature a cushion-cut diamond is to feature them in a halo or a pave setting. You can find some exquisite cushion cut diamonds when you shop lab created diamonds by shape.

What are the various shades of cushion-cut diamonds available at Rare Carat?

Diamonds are made from carbon and the more colorless they are, the purer the stone’s molecular composition. All colorless diamonds are graded from Scale D to Z by GIA where D is the most untainted stone while Z is considered to have a yellowish tinge and is a step away from being called fancy. Diamonds have higher color grading and are much pricier whereas the lower range of alphabets has reduced value. Let’s take a look at the fancy grading of hues that you may find in cushion-cut diamonds.

  • Brown diamonds: When you shop at Rare Carat, you will see that brown is the most common fancy shade. This suggests that they are more affordable than other shades. The color of these diamonds stems from the irregular growth patterns of crystals.
  • Yellow diamonds: in terms of occurrence, yellow diamonds come second. They are formed due to the presence of gaps between carbon, hydrogen, or nitrogen. They are available in abundance across various cuts and sizes.
  • Green diamonds: These diamonds are quite rare and usually display a low color saturation. Sometimes, green diamonds are accentuated with browns and greys. It’s worth noting here that green diamonds are never found in deeper shades than we see in tourmaline or emerald.
  • Violet and blue diamonds: In most cases, blue diamonds are formed due to the presence of boron in the carbon structure. Even the best blue diamonds found naturally show a greyish tinge and it is not possible to find blue diamonds with deep color saturation like sapphires. When talking about blue diamonds, the infamous Hope Diamond weighing over 45 carats deserves special mention. Violet diamonds are equally rare and they came mostly from the Argyle Mine.
  • Pink and purple diamonds: Pink, red, and purple diamonds are generally found together as they result from a natural process known as graining. It is the banding in which the hue remains concentrated. When talking of natural pink and red diamonds, Argyle Mine in Australia was the most significant producer of these diamonds till 2020. Thankfully, you can get synthetic red and pink diamonds when you shop lab created diamonds by shape at Rare Carat.

Final words

In recent years, colored diamonds have grabbed the spotlight and regularly broke records at celebrated auction houses around the globe. They are even making headlines as notable personalities are opting for engagement rings. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank if you wish to own any of these gemological marvels. All you need to do is to browse your favourite color of cushion cut diamonds and shop at Rare Carat. So what are you waiting for? Shop these rare beauties for yourself or your partner today. Visit to buy online dimonds.