The Widsith Genshin Impact

The Widsith Genshin Impact

THE WIDSITH GENSHIN IMPACT – A 4-Star catalyst called “The Widsith genshin impact” is obtainable through desires. This has been accessible in Genshin Impact since version 1.0 was given access. Whereas the Widsith passively increases either%ATK Elemental DMG or Elemental Mastery stats, it also gives a significant amount of%Crit DMG. It is among the game’s strongest DPS catalysts, outperforming some 5-Star Catalysts for special characters at higher refine levels.

The Widsith in Genshin Impact: How do I get it? 

The Widsith is a 4-Star Catalyst that can be used with all common wish-granting techniques. It is always usable on all Character Event Wishes, Beginner Banners, and Weapon Event Wishes in addition to the Standard Wish Wanderlust Invocation. Here on the Weapon Event Wish banner, it has regularly been placed on rate-up, more notably on November 21, 2021. A 4-Star item is always assured every ten rolls, so keep an eye out for rate-ups to increase your chances of receiving one.

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  1. A player will receive a randomized theme tune for 10s as they enter the field. It can only happen once every 30 years. ATK is enhanced by 60%, repeating. Aria: 48% more DMG for all elements. Intermission: Elemental Mastery is raised by 240 points.
  1. A character will receive a random theme tune for 10s as they enter the field. It can only happen once every 30 years. Repeatedly, ATK is raised by 75%. Aria: 60% more Elemental DMG overall. Elemental Mastery has been boosted by 300.
  1. A character will receive a random theme tune for 10s as they enter the field. It can only happen once every 30 years. Reiterative: ATK is 90% higher. Aria: Increases the DMG of all elements by 72%. Interlude: 360 points are added to Elemental Mastery.
  1. A character will receive a random theme tune for 10s as they enter the field. It can only happen once every 30 years. ATK is enhanced by 105%, repeating. Aria: Increases the DMG of all elements by 84%. Intermission: Elemental Mastery is raised by 420 points.


Every weapon has 2 types when first summoned and another after ascending to a particular level. The appearance of the weapon would alter once this happens. The Widsith genshin impact is a silver booklet that reveals a light blue evening setting with the moon hanging above upon closer study. The cover of the book is an eye-catching silver hue. 

  • Non-Ascended 

The moon, a tree, and a dark blue lamp can all be found in the upper right corner of this woodland image. 

  • Ascended 

The moon has been changed to a sun, and the book’s borders now have a goldish bronze tint. The former outside environment has been changed with a background that looks like space, with a road nearby.

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A shared journal among the Wanderer’s Troupe members. It includes trip diaries and musical scores. Since the group disbanded while Mondstadt was reconstructed, its history has already been lost.

The troop’s adventures, the places they traveled, and the cultures they encountered are all documented in the notebook. It draws a lot of force from the audience’s applause and the recordings of the Troupe’s performances. The Wanderer’s Troupe was established during the Aristocracy’s rule.

Their final deed was an effort to storm the city and put the oppressive rulers to death. 

The Swordsman’s Troupe was no longer there, and their insurrection was also forgotten. 

However, the resistance spirit they personified will always be there in Mondstadters.


  • The Widsith and the old English poetry “The Traveller’s Song” share the same name. 
  • Opera terminology describes its passive procedures in the arias, recitatives, and interludes. 
  • The only four-star weapon presently offered to wish players that offers a Crit DMG substrate is Widsith.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “the widsith genshin impact.” The Widsith is unquestionably one of the game’s best alternatives for an attacking catalyst. Despite being rather demanding, it offers a significant improvement in harm compared to other class members.

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Q1) how to get the widsith genshin impact?

Ans- Except for Beginner’s Wish, all present wish banners can be pulled to get the Widsith at a normal pace.

Q2) Is the Widsith good? 

Ans- The Widsith is unquestionably another of the game’s top 4-star DPS catalyst options. Between its extremely beneficial passive capability and its extremely potent substate in%Crit DMG.

Q3) What is the process used by The Widsith? 

Ans- Depending on whether the item isn’t on cooldown, a character utilizing The Widsith may receive one of three boosts when it is swapped in. The musical notes that display over the character’s head serve as a visual cue for this.

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