Where To Find Jueyun Chili Location?


JUEYUN CHILI LOCATION – One of the more popular progression elements in Substances produced by Impact is “Jueyun Chili” Xiangling, a 4-star Pyrotechnic polearm expert, uses it to rise. The fact that Liyue is known for its Jueyun Chili suggests that such a dish is unique to this area. It is primarily discovered in the jungle, and jueyun chili genshin impact advises the team to look for the Qingce town. To get an answer to the question, i.e., where to find jueyun chili. Read the article further.

More about Genshin Impact!

At jueyun chili genshin impact, a complete inventory of various treasures exists. Nearly every action you take in the game involves using resources, money, or unique items. The above entails the method of boosting various characters that, in the case of Xiangling, calls for a spicy component. Jueyun Chili location may be found on Genshin Impact.

Location as well as the Field Way 

As was already stated, to know where to find Jueyun chili, the primary goal of gathering Jueyun Chili locations would be riding Xiangling. Every player requires a rare blend of Ascension elements and artifacts to get past level 20. 

Considering her love of cooking, it’s not surprising that Xiangling’s Ascension needs a unique component. You must go to Liyue, a region in the southern section of Tevyat, to locate Jueyun Chilis.

Genshin Impact’s best known sites for Jueyun Chili 

  • The very first Jueyun Chili place- where to find jueyun chili? The border region among Mondstadt & Liyue is where players can begin cultivation for Juyeun Chili. They must relocate to the breakpoint close to Dawn Winery before climbing to the top at the edge of the area. Juyeun Chili’s location can be found in the places highlighted in red above.
  • Second place for Jueyun Chili- The inclusion of Qingce Village here on the list should go without saying. The terraced gardens at the top can be reached by teleporting toward the area’s endpoint. They can readily access 20 jueyun chili genshin impact using this farming method.
  • Third place for Jueyun Chili- The western region of Qingce Township is yet another site where the Jueyun Chili is grown. The location on the map at the footbridge is where users can relocate; then, they can move toward the terraced gardens. 
  • Fourth place for Jueyun Chili- The Clean Pool and Mount Caver realm would be the next place to grow Jueyun Chili. Then, after progressively navigating Mt. Aozang, players can transfer to the spot on the map beneath Qingyun High point and go on with the agriculture route.
  • Fifth place for Jueyun Chili- And lastly, anyone interested in harvesting Jueyun Chili should go to the northeastern part of Jueyun Karst. As the title suggests, this area is covered in Jueyun blossoms, each with 3 chilies.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give details about “Jueyun Chili Location”, jueyun chili genshin impact, and where to find jueyun chili. In jueyun chili genshin impact, Xiangling is an unrestricted player, although she is nevertheless thought to be much more useful than other four-stars. In just about any team setup, she could function as a primary DPS and a support DPS.


Q1) Where can I find a lot of jueyun chili?

Ans- On a long strand, Jueyun chilis develop in sets of 3. Only Minlin, Qingce Village, and Stone Gate have them in the jungle.

Q2) How do you get jueyun chili fast?

Ans- Teleporting towards the peak of Qingce Town and following a path through the village is the quickest method to grow Jueyun Chili.