What Is The Worst Thing About Homelander

What Is The Worst Thing About Homelander

The worst thing about Homelander – The spoof of a wicked Superman has gained popularity in recent years. Perhaps none is as well-known and divisive as Homelander, a figure from The Boys comic book. In the same-titled Amazon Prime Video series, The Boys, this character most recently gained even more notoriety and underwent character development.

Homelander has engaged in some heinous crimes simply because he can. He basically can do whatever he wants because of his invincible power. Homelander behaves even worse and poses a more significant threat to civilization with each passing season.

Madelyn was a senior executive at Vought International and frequently collaborated with The Seven. Homelander, who had a strangely sexual and maternal bond with her, was one of her more intimate and contentious partners. Madelyn quickly became a pawn in Billy Butcher’s scheme and was held as a hostage until Homelander could arrive to save her.

  • The Deep has attempted to atone for his evil deed on Starlight in each The Boys season. Homelander assists The Deep in season 3 in skipping a few steps and reuniting with The Seven. There is only one requirement: the group must eat seafood during the celebration meal.
  • Homelander requests that The Deep consume Timothy, an octopus who is a close buddy of The Deep’s, as he enforces his control over the sea-loving superhero. It’s a disgusting scene demonstrating the joy Homelander derives from torturing those beneath him, both mentally and physically.
  • Homelander encounters no obstacles. The character will punish anyone who disobeys him or tells him a falsehood. No exception was made for Queen Maeve, who was revealed to the world as a lesbian on live television by Homelander. Maeve was astonished since she is bisexual and didn’t want her sexuality to be in the spotlight so her lover wouldn’t be harassed.

Publicity stunt, really? 

Maeve was subsequently reduced to a publicity stunt in The Seven, where her lesbian orientation was made the focal point of her persona as the group’s heroine. Homelander’s public exposing of Queen Maeve is dreadful for someone not ready to let the world know who she is.

Homelander, the anti-Superman, inadvertently pays homage to one of Superman’s most dramatic scenes. Superman is a hero because of his compassion rather than his superpowers. When a girl prepares to jump to her death, Superman talks to her instead of forcing her back to safety. Homelander can’t be said to be the same.

Homelander, a callous character, forces the suicidal victim to jump to her death from the roof while staring at her in the face. It shows how little he cares for human lives and how this was just a PR stunt he did not care about. 

A superhero known as Doppelganger can shapeshift. This includes becoming the person that they shift into, including their voice. After Stillwell’s passing, Homelander abuses Doppelganger to have the sex with her he has always desired.

Homelander By assuming that the hero’s megalomaniacal nature will make him love himself, Doppelganger believes that by becoming Homelander, he will no longer be subjected to such abuse. Homelander responds by snapping Doppleganger’s neck.