The Ultimate List of Sleepover Activities (50+) (2023)

things to do at a sleepover

Things to do at a sleepover – Sleepovers are a wonderful opportunity for kids to get together with their peers, whether it’s just a small group of close friends or the whole class. We’ve put up a list of awesome suggestions that will make your party a hit with all your guests. There are number of things to do at a sleepover and the most interesting ones are mentioned below.

For your kid’s next overnight party, here are 50 exciting ideas:

1. Twister

One of the best party games to play during a sleepover is Twister. The game’s caller will announce the required colour and body component. Whoever is still standing in the end wins. It is one of the best things to do at a sleepover.

You can either buy the original version online or use paint to make a huge outdoor version of Twister to play on your yard. Take a look at

2. Makeup while blindfolded

Guests should be paired up for this exciting game. A blindfold is placed on one eye. One partner gives directions while the other, blindfolded, applies cosmetics to the other’s face. It gets out of hand really quickly! If you want to do things at sleepover then it is one of the best things to do at a sleepover.

3. Prepare Pizzas on Your Own

At a sleepover, pizza may be ordered in bulk or made from scratch. Get pizza dough and sauce separately for each person and set out a variety of toppings.

4. Props and Photo Booth

Is it real if there are no pictures to prove it? Having a photo booth is a fun and easy approach to ensure adequate documentation. For the kids to take hilarious pictures with each other, you can either hire a professional photo booth or install a background and provide some accessories.

5. Confess or Dare

One of the most popular activities during sleepovers is playing the game Truth or Dare. The game is played by having one player ask another player whether they want a “Truth” or a “Dare.” whether the other player chooses “Truth,” the first player may ask the second player any question they choose, and the second player must respond honestly. You may ask a question that occurs to you or choose one from a preexisting list. Physical and mental security are both vital. Invitees should be made aware of what is expected of them.

6. Mocktails

Find some easy and entertaining mocktail recipes online and enjoy them with the kids. You might also provide a special non-alcoholic cocktail during the gathering.

7. Day at the Spa

Make your living area into a relaxing oasis. Bring out the cucumber slices, face masks, and nail polish! One of the best things to do during a sleepover is to give each other manicures and pedicures. Invest in stick-on nails to save cleanup time. They’re quick to put on and popular with young users. There is a huge list of things to do at a sleepover and it is one of them. 

8. Guess the song

Playing a game of “name that tune” is a blast for any young listener. Make a mix CD of your kid’s and their pal’s favourite tunes. Then split the youngsters in half and play each song in a shortened clip. 

Have the youngsters take notes and see who can score the highest. Think of a creative, musically-themed gift for the victorious team, and maybe something similar for the losing one. One party game is “Hum That Tune,” in which people take turns humming a tune and seeing whether their colleagues can identify it.

9. Would You Rather…?

The “Would You Rather” game is a wonderful way to break the ice, share some laughs, and learn more about one another. Sometimes it’s more fun to ask a question that forces the other person to choose between bad choices than it is to ask them to pick between two good ones. If you’re at a loss for what to ask, just Google “Would You Rather Questions” and choose a couple that seem fun to you. Keep reading to know more about things to do at a sleepover. 

10. Traditional Games of Chance

Tweens often find enjoyment in traditional board games such as Monopoly. Take a night to yourself and get out the board games from the closet. Games like Taboo, Pictionary, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and others are popular among children of this age. Put on some tunes, set out some munchies, and watch while they enjoy a good time. It is type of a slumber party. 

11. Popcorn and a Film

If your youngster is having a sleepover, a classic movie night is a safe bet for entertainment. Kids of all ages will love it, and you can kick back and relax.

Make it a night to remember by turning down the lights, popping some popcorn (and making it extra special by adding sweets like gummy bears or sprinkles), and having everyone lay out their sleeping bags or blankets.

You may call it a “movie marathon” if your kid wishes to watch more than one film.

Stretch down on a blanket and take the movie to the great outdoors. Watching a film beneath the stars adds a distinct touch to the experience.

Everyone’s favourite movie snack may be made even better by providing a popcorn station stocked with savory and sweet toppings. It is one of the best sleepover ideas that you can do at a sleepover with your friends or family

12. Baking Battles

Make a batch of plain cupcakes ahead of time, and have the kids compete to see who can decorate theirs the best, just like on their favourite baking competition programmes! The victorious group may claim a reward associated with baking. What’s even better? It’s ready-made for a social gathering.

13. Night at the Fort

Unfortunately, most children like playing video games. For one evening, why not promote it? Have the kids build a fort out of furniture and blankets so they can play Fortnite in comfort.

14. Pinata (With a New Spin on It!!)

Having a piata during a sleepover is nearly certain to be a good time. A piata may be purchased at any department store or party supply shop. The youngsters will have a blast attempting to crack it open with their eyes closed so that they may eat all the sweets inside. You may wish to acquire more than one piata, depending on how many people will be attending your celebration. The piata will be much more exciting if you stuff it with anything than sweets. Toys, baseball cards, hair ties, pop-its, etc., are all fair game.

15. Scavenger Hunt, or Treasure Hunt

A scavenger hunt may be modified for use with any age group. If you’re in the mood, have your birthday party attendees participate in a simple treasure hunt or neighbourhood scavenger search. The scavenger hunt should match the party’s theme if at all possible. A Harry Potter-themed party can have a Marauder’s Map theme.

16. Wine and Canvas

Give each visitor a canvas, some paint, and some fancy soda or sparkling fruit juices, and watch the creativity flow as you relax and enjoy the party. They’ll have a blast, and as a thank you, you may give each guest a brand new paintbrush or watercolour set. The best part about this game is that each guest will leave with a unique keepsake of your sleepover.

Get outside with some paper and paints of various colours. You may do this easy exercise in your garden or a nearby park. Draw or paint the foliage and flora you notice.

17. Outdoor Sleepover

Have a campout in the backyard and reminisce about easier times. Invite everyone to bring a tent and sleeping bag for an outdoor sleepover. A bonfire, a game of torch tag and some s’mores are all great additions. It’s a good idea to talk to parents first, especially if their children have never spent the night outdoors.

18. Charades

Charades is a great icebreaker and guaranteed to get everyone in the party mood. To be ready, go over the fundamentals with the kids, demonstrate it for them, and jot down some ideas for them to play out.

19. Photos in Matching Nightwear

Do a sleepover picture session with everyone dressed same in their jammies. Distribute copies to all parties.

20. Masai Tipis

The use of tipi tents for overnight sleepovers is now trending. Typically, event organisers in the area provide themed tents so guests have their own private area in which to relax and sleep. Tents in the shape of tipis are sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering.

21. A Match of Flag Football

Super Bowl bash! Guests may wear flags around their waists and play a game of flag football in the backyard while the food is cooking. Having a football viewing party with wings, chips & dip, and soda is a great idea if your party is planned for during football season and your kids are fanatics.

22. Party with Karaoke

A karaoke party is one of the best ways to spend a sleepover. Turn on the karaoke and permit the youngsters to act like fools. It would be fun to have a movie night with light stick dancing.

23. The Game of Tug-of-War

Birthday parties are more fun with field day activities like tug of war and relay races. A sizable rope and a distinct ground marker serving as a focus point are all that’s required. The children should then be divided into two groups, one on each rope side. The objective is to force the opposite team over the centre line. Just have two people grip the rope on each side of the sprinkler and pull! The losing side will be drenched.

At a sleepover, mad libs may be a great way to keep everyone entertained. The children take turns providing words from a list of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs to complete a tale. The consequences are often rather amusing.

25. Stabbing a Balloon

Each participant in a Balloon Stomp has a balloon tied around their ankle, and the goal of the game is to explode the balloons. Whoever is still standing in the end wins.

26. Three Lies and Two Truths

This classic icebreaker may be just as entertaining when played with people you already know well. Learning something new about the other person is what keeps a relationship fresh and intriguing, even among the closest of friends who think they know everything about each other. If you are one of the people who wants to know about things related to what to do at a sleepover then this article is for you. 

The Rules of the Game:

Put pen to paper for a minute or two and tell us three things about yourself. Two of the three must be true 100% of the time, while the other is absolutely untrue. If you must lie, choose one that seems plausible, and if you must tell the truth, go for something that could take the other person by surprise. You want the other individual to struggle distinguishing between genuine and deceptive statements.

27. Fortify it

I haven’t met a kid who didn’t like making a blanket fort at some point. It’s the ideal activity for a sleepover party. Let the youngsters use all the pillows and blankets in the home. It is one of the best answer to question what to do at a sleepover. 

28. Charming Friendship Bands

Have the youngsters construct friendship bracelets out of lanyard or other coloured thread you purchase. There is a wide variety of guides available online, and craft stores often provide starter kits.

29. Cocoa with marshmallows in a hot bar

During the winter, this is an excellent plan. Get some marshmallows, chocolate shavings, sprinkles and whipped topping for your hot chocolate. This unique and delicious dessert will be a hit with everyone.

30. Experiments in Insanity

Do you know a kid who might enjoy a “mad scientist” themed birthday party? Here is a collection of seventy-five easy scientific activities that will blow your guests’ minds at your next gathering.

31. Balloon races in the rain

All you need for a great time on a hot summer day is a bunch of water balloons. And the fun doesn’t stop with the traditional water balloon battle.

You’ll enjoy these 21 water balloon games with your friends and family. Sundaes should be served with ice cream thereafter.

32. Challenge Course for Ninjas in Training

It’s safe to assume that most children like participating in entertaining tasks. Distribute bandanas for headwear to everybody. Gather some outside items, such as hula hoops, cones, outdoor blankets, tiny chairs, and anything else you may need for an obstacle course or relay race.

You may either put up the obstacle course for them or let them to do it on their own. Compete in a footrace to the finish. Who will be the first to cross the finish line? Getting active in this manner is easy and enjoyable.

33. Punctuation Success with a Balloon!

Balloon bulls eye is great fun for parties. Tie off a number of balloons to a vertical surface you don’t mind destroying. To check whether the kids can burst the balloons, give them each a dart.

34. Hula Hoop Games

Play human ring throw with a hula hoop, or simply spin it around your waist for some laughs.

35. Creativity with Chalk on the Sidewalk

Masking tape used on the ground, fence, or another surface will help create a fantastic geometric chalk mural. Make stained-glass-style geometric shapes. Fill in the blank shapes. A stunning geometric artwork will reveal itself after the tape is removed.

36. Dance with Glow Sticks

Being able to let go and dance your heart out as a child is one of life’s greatest joys. Turn down the lights, put on some music, and hand out glow sticks to everyone. Freestyle dancing is encouraged, or a dance-off might be held.

37. Hunt and Peek

This is not only a great game for kids, but one of the finest of all time. In reality, the enjoyment only increases with age. One person closes their eyes and everyone else has thirty seconds to find shelter. They will attack you in 30 seconds. Limit the playing area and establish ground rules to ensure everyone’s safety.

38. Don’t Stop!

Try to see how long you can go without letting a balloon or bouncing ball contact the ground. No one on the team is allowed to touch it twice in a row. Each touch results in a point for the team.

39. Grab, Slide, and Fall

If you want to go wet and crazy but don’t have access to a pool, a slip n’ slide is the next best thing. Put anything odd along the slip and slide to make it more interesting. As you descend, make a grab for them! A slip and slide birthday party is a great idea for any eleven-year-old kid.

40. Game of Frisbee

Work on your discus throw. Get a bucket or laundry basket and see how far you can throw the frisbee into it.

41. Get On That Ladder

The ladder is in the garage; bring it in and set a bottle on the ground step. Put sock balls in a pail or laundry basket and see who can knock it over first. If you manage to knock it down a rung, raise it to the next available level. How many times must each partygoer toss before they win?

42. Corn Hole Tournament

This age bracket is a good fit for this timeless game. Put them on two-person teams and host a competition.

43. Tripodal Contest

Test your speed by walking across the garden with your left leg tied to your partner’s right.

44. Cups and Bowls

Get several bowls and slip pieces of paper with point values inside them outside. Determine the starting positions for each player’s throws and see who can rack up the most points in a certain length of time.

45. Horseshoes

Horseshoes is an easy game to learn and play with friends of all ages. The easiest way to see whether your horseshoe will land in a winning position is to throw it!

46. Icy Dance

Take your music outdoors by blasting it from a speaker. Everyone stops moving when the music stops. Everyone must sit in a chair when the music stops, like in the game musical chairs. Each time, remove one seat from the table.

47. Toss the Potatoes

The classic yard race is played using sleeping bags or potato sacks.

48. Luminous Tag

Flashlight tag is a fun and simple game that is perfect for a kid’s birthday celebration. Everyone only has to bring a torch, and you can do this anywhere! It’s lights out if the beam hits you.

Shadow charades, catch the Light, limbo and torch Disco are just a few other games you may play in the dark. Luminous tag is one of the funniest things to do at a sleepover.

49. Limbo

The timeless game of Limbo is a great time at any gathering. Play some limbo music and get a long pole, stick, or even the rod from the shower. The limbo contest may now commence. This is something that everyone in the group can enjoy.

Seeking a promotion? Since the original limbo game was created in Trinidad, the Caribbean, make sure to decorate with tropical themes. The craziest things to do at a sleepover are listed in this portion. 

50. Tossing a Beach Ball

Toss beach balls using the ‘pushing’ technique of a shot putter, draw a line on the grass and stand behind it. Take the length of the tape measure and record the length of each throw. Compete to see who has the furthest throw. Tossing a beach ball is one of the extremely crazy things to do at a sleepover. 

51. Massive Jenga

Set up a tower of wooden cubes and take them out one by one. Avoid having the tower collapse. We think Hey! has a great new album. Play! on because the pieces are substantial without being so massive as to pose a danger to anybody should they fall.

You may also play a huge version of Memory if you don’t have a giant Jenga game or don’t want to spend too much money. Put two of each letter or number on separate sheets of big cardboard and label them with a Sharpie. Then play a gigantic game of Memory by laying out all the cardboard pieces facedown in your yard.

52. To Play Cards

Playing cards is a great way to have fun during a sleepover. For competitive multiplayer fun, try either Uno or Peanut Butter (or B.S.).

53. Exposing Talent

Let the kids show off their skills, whether they’re funny or impressive. Perhaps they are musically talented, have a passion for singing, or are masters of the yo-yo. A talent show is a fun activity for any sleepover, regardless of the guests’ abilities.

54. The Runway Show

The youngsters can put on a fashion presentation and will need to dress the part. You may choose a theme or tell them to go wild. Then throw on some catwalk music and construct a temporary runway. That way, every kid gets to walk the runway.

55. Create t-shirt designs.

Have the youngsters bring a white T-shirt and plenty of fabric paint. They’ll have a blast making something to wear, and they’ll take home a unique memento of the celebration.

55. Throwing Pillows

A pillow fight is the answer to every problem. Each contestant attempts to deliver as many blows to the head to their opponent as possible. Players may use either one or two hands to swing their pillows, at your discretion


When is a good time to have a sleepover?

It’s best to start a sleepover party in the late afternoon or after supper so that guests don’t have to wait too long to go to sleep. Plan a pick-up time for the next morning (let’s say 10 am) that will enable you to sleep in a little bit.

Why sleepovers are good?

There’s more to sleepovers than just goofing around and staying up late. They’re great for encouraging kids to go out independently and adapt to new experiences.

Do you sleep in a sleepover?

It’s a lot more enjoyable to do it with a group of friends than to do it alone. Everyone ultimately succumbs to sleep, no matter how hard they try to stay awake. Thus, sleep does feature in a slumber party, but often as a brief and insignificant component.


You and your family could enjoy watching The Sleepover together if your kids are a little bit older. This comedic escapade features a mother who, with her children’s assistance, must flee her hidden criminal history. The above-listed portion has described several things to do at a sleepover