22 Wondrous Benefits Of Green Tea

amazing benefits of green tea

Green Tea is derived from a plant named Camellia Sinensis plant. There are wide range of health benefits of green tea. There are different ways to prepare and consume it. One of in the form of a beverage and other is the form ‘extract’ which is made from its leaves to serve as a medicine. It does not go through a fermentation process like other tea; rather it is made by the process of steaming the new and fresh leaves at high temperature. The wondrous part is that even after going through a steaming process, it preserves the significant molecules that are responsible for bestowing it with huge benefits. They are known as polyphenols. It can only be called as the blessing of nature. Other advantages like antioxidants benefits present in green tea also lend a great help in contributing to its overall benefits.

Green Tea… now one of the healthiest drinks in the whole world! There is wide range of health and antioxidants benefits of green tea. Though it belongs to the home of India and China but is most consumed in the US. Since centuries, Green Tea is known for its healing advantages universally. Earlier, this was used in conventional Chinese and Indian medicament to cure the wounds, curb the bleeding, help in digestion, ameliorate mental and physical health and maintain the body temperature. If compared with other drinks like coffee and tea, green tea is the best from the health point of view. In comparison to these, green tea has least caffeine content and is a strong source of energy. The presence of caffeine in green tea is only about two to four percent. The best part about Green Tea is that it is derived from the unoxidized leaves and because of being the least processed type of tea it comprises of natural antioxidants and advantageous polyphenols which assure you of healthy skin and body. Weight loss and liver problems caused due to type II Diabetes are also cured effectively by including green tea in your daily diet. Even the recent studies prove the same. It is advisable to consume green tea brewed through the loose tea leaves in spite of choosing the use of tea bags just for the easiness. It not only adds more antioxidants benefits to your body but is also far better in taste. If you can have an unsweetened form of green tea, it is said to carry zero calories.

Why Are Antioxidants Good For Us?

There are few molecules that are produced when either our body crushes food or even if you smoke and drink. These are called Free Radicals and they assault the healthy cells within our body which in further results to various health issues. Even ageing, wrinkles, dark circles are some of its negative results. Now here comes the role of antioxidants. They are such substances that safeguard the cells of our body from any harm obtruded due to the impact of these free radicals.

According to the scientists, there are six types of catechins available in green tea, and one of those is EGCG… Epigallocatechin Gallate. This initiates the rate of metabolism in the person’s body thereby escalating the phases of fat oxidization along with the rate at which body converts food in calories. This successively assists the weight loss also. Also, it also detoxicates the body, subdues ill-timed food urge and cuts down the body fats, swelling and puffin. Green Tea also comprises of diuretic drug which tends to increase the flow of urination thereby helping the body to get rid of extra water and decreasing the excess weight.


  1. Weight Loss Benefit of Green Tea: 

The whole world is suffering from a major disease, and that is Obesity. An inactive way of living which imbibes more of sitting work with less of physical activeness and increase in starving for junk food and drinks in a regular diet has lead to many threatening health issues in the life of many. These diseases could be stress, insomnia, heart diseases, hypertension and many others. The life is turning hectic day by day, and so all these things are sure to increase gradually. Hence, to fight against this devil, it is important that each one of us include Green Tea in our everyday diet. It is one of the best health benefit of green tea. It has been highlighted earlier as well that green tea has a lot of natural antioxidants within it which are termed as Catechin Polyphenols. Moreover, you will also be amazed to know that Green Tea comprises of antioxidants in abundance, and if calculated it will be more than ten times as compared to fruits and vegetables.

2. Say NO to Bad Breath:

Halitosis is the medical term that is used for bad breath. It is something that happens to be unpleasant and embarrassing. Now, the question is, why does this happen? Well, there are numerous reasons to it, but the best part is that here again, the green tea serves to be of great help. Green Tea is efficient enough to suppress the emergence of bacteria and viruses in one’s mouth that causes dental problems like bad breath. There is a superb idea which can prove to be a great help, and that is to wash the mouth with green tea. You need to take one tea bag in one cup of water and wash your mouth thoroughly. The freshness inside is inexpressible.

To add on, the inflammation caused in gums and the emergence of plaque on the teeth is also decreased to a great extent by the magic of green tea. There are two ways through which you can intake green tea for treating bad breath: Either you can make the paste of green tea leaves, or you can take one teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with a severe concentration of green tea liquid to make toothpaste of your own.

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3. Reduces Cholesterol:

It is always advisable for the doctor to maintain your cholesterol levels, or else it can turn up to be disastrous for your health. The increase in cholesterol level also increases the risks of heart diseases like attacks and strokes. Green tea works tremendously in bringing down the level of cholesterol in the body if it is high. This is because of tannins that are available in green tea which decreases the levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in the body. LDL is termed as ‘bad cholesterol’ which is the reason of building up bacterial plaque in the arteries which further causes a blockage. But no such problem occurs if you regularly drink green tea because it keeps a person extremely healthy at heart. But this does not mean that you enjoy having high cholesterol foods. For a healthy heart, say a strict NO to such dangerous good and enjoy drinking green tea, it is effective health benefit of green tea.  Also, keep checking your cholesterol on a regular basis so that no problem occurs ever.

4. Rich & Healthy Skin Benefit of Green Tea:

There have been numerous studies done regarding the advantages of green tea and successfully discovered that the antioxidants present in it are highly beneficial for our skin. Green tea works superbly when it comes to attaining a shiny and rich looking skin. Apart from drinking benefits, one can apply green tea externally as well. If the skin has been damaged sue to excess sun exposure, this remedy is just the best. It works effectively on free radicals and decreases inflammation. Not only this, but green tea also retards the signs of ageing because of the polyphenols that are present in it. Do you think what needs to be done? Check this out:

Take half a litre of water in a small container and combine about hundred grams of green tea into it. Now let it remain at room temperature for about half an hour. Now filter this liquid and store into the fridge as the face pack is ready. Whenever you are tired after a stressed out working day, you can immediately use this pack and freshen up yourself quickly. The other additional benefits of this face pack are clear acne, blemishes, minor rashes and cuts thereby precluding it from returning. Moreover, green tea can also be used as a toner as well. All you need to do is to freeze the newly soaked green tea leaves in the form of an ice cube and apply it softly over your skin whenever required. Wow! What a bracing feel it will be!

When talking about healthy skin, how we can forget to mention that green tea can also work as an excellent exfoliator also, which you can make yourself. Take a big bowl and blend these: one teaspoon of green tea leaves with three teaspoons of yoghurt. Now massage your face gently with this for a period of five to ten minutes. Once done, let it remain as it is for another five minutes and as soon as the time is up, wash your face with slightly warm water. Last but not the least, Nature is bestowed with many powerful antioxidants in abundance, and one of the many is Oligomeric proanthocyanidins. This is present in green tea in adequate quantity and helps the skin to remain vernal for a longer time rather than turning aged before time.

5. Kick off the Allergies:

As mentioned earlier as well, Green tea is rich in EGCG which further assist in barring the key cadre receptors that exhibit Immunoglobulin E and Histamine which are responsible for causing allergies. Thus, drinking green tea regularly helps your body to save you from the irritating allergies such as dust, pollen, pet hackles etc. It is one of the best health benefits of green tea. You can make the use of green tea as given in the above methods. So, kick off the problem of allergy just by including green tea in your regular dietary chart.

6. Healthy Hair Benefit of Green Tea:

Who does not wish for long healthy hair? Green tea is also a blessing when it comes to accelerating the growth of hair thereby maintaining its softness. As discussed above, polyphenols are present in green tea which helps effectively in enhancing the shiny hair. Once you are done with shampoo and conditioning of your hair, just make a green tea cleanser at the end and wash your hair by taking a bucket of water and immersing three to four bags of green tea in it. Furthermore, green tea is also rich in antiseptic qualities which are a superb help in healing and precluding the usual hair problems like dandruff, itching, hair fall etc. It strictly stops the occurrence of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the major reason behind obstructing hair growth and stimulating hair fall.

7. Controlling Diabetes:

Did you ever wonder that green tea can be so awesome when it comes to counting on its qualities? Just one word… Amazing! The medical world has also not been left untouched by its positive impact. You will be surprised to know that natural antioxidant present in green tea cures and manage Type II diabetes very effectively. The secernment of an enzyme named Alpha-glucosidase is restricted by these natural antioxidants which also retards the assimilation of glucose into the primary bloodstream. All this means that very less insulin is needed to wield the glucose supply in the blood stream and hence, drinking green tea daily aids in controlling and handling this dangerous disease. Not only in a diabetic patient but in healthy persons as well, green tea can be of great assistance in ameliorating the glucose tolerance which contributes to the health benefits of green tea. So, do you promise to take green tea every day?

8. Managing Blood Pressure:

Green tea comprises of caffeine in a very limited quantity and stamps down the angiotensin 1 – converting enzyme. Though it is not considered good for the people enduring hypertension due to the least percentage of caffeine present in it, it has no adverse effects all. The problem of caffeine can also be solved easily by swapping a decaffeinated form of green tea. One, who takes green tea daily, is sure to be healthy at heart. Moreover, it also controls diabetes and cholesterol levels thereby controlling high blood pressure also.

9. Prevention of Platelet Accumulation:

Do you want to know how does green tea help in the prevention of platelet accumulation? Here is the answer. The platelet accumulation in a body invites various heart diseases through numerous mechanisms and the antioxidant flavonoids acquainted in green tea helps a lot in preventing platelet accumulation. Hence, if a person is a patient with coronary heart disease and consumes green tea on a daily basis, then he or she is sure to be highly benefitted by it. As per the reports of researchers, Green tea cuts down the mortality rates that occur because of the cardiovascular disease on a person’s body.

10. Genital Warts:

Green tea is also miraculous in treating the problem of external genital warts and perianal warts. An FDA authorised drug, named sinecatechins is extracted from green tea which assists in any such treatments.

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11. Pregnancy:

For a safe and secured pregnancy, which also ensures good health of the baby in the womb and the expecting mother, green tea plays a vital role. In the earlier discussions made above, there are many such amazing health benefits of green tea which popularizes its use in the life of a pregnant woman as well. Due to eminent antioxidant available in green tea, the body quickly retrieves from inner health issues like regulating insulin levels, curbing hypertension, recovering from any cell damage inside the body and also maintaining the blood sugar levels of the body. All these factors are responsible for proper working of a person’s body. Moreover, there are other health problems that enter in the body of a pregnant woman in the later stage of pregnancy like gestational issues, acidity and diabetes. Drinking green tea during whole pregnancy and as well, speedily reduces the chances of such issues thereby advancing the immune system of the mother-to-be.

Caution: There are always pros and cons of everything, and the same goes in the case of green tea especially for an expecting woman. This fact cannot be denied that green tea has little components of caffeine present in it which is considered to increase the flow of urination than usual which often results in dehydration. As a result of dehydration, the body is sure to lose its necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that facilitate the growth of the baby. This is not considered good for pregnancy because it is highly crucial to maintaining the levels of liquids in our body because the healthier a mother is, the healthier and happier a baby will be.

12. Prevents Arthritis:

The list is too long when we discuss the wondrous advantages of drinking green tea. Another benefit of green tea is that it minimizes the danger of rheumatoid arthritis and in many cases, it even prevents the occurrence as well. Now, what is Arthritis? There is an enzyme termed as Chemokine that initiates inflammation in a body and ruins the tractability of the cartilage, and hence Arthritis begins to take its shape. Now how does green tea work? Green tea takes care of your health by safeguarding the cartilage by barring the yield of that enzyme in our body and thus saves our body from the dangerous impact of Arthritis.

13. Precludes Skin Cancer:

As you know that Green Tea has polyphenols present in it which suppresses the emergence of two proteins and they are: Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF). Both of these are known t initiate the growth of tumour cell. It also effectively mends the pre-cancerous leprose known as keratosis. It is a sort of skin illness that happens due to unneeded and continuous exposure to the sun. Furthermore, it also cures the modest skin issues thereby keeping it immune to other serious harms like those of skin tumours. To prevent cancer, green tea assists in stopping the actions of the cancer-causing carcinogens and UV rays. So, do not wait for any diseases to occur and then begin to drink Green Tea, rather make it a habit and stay healthy always.

14. Reduces Stress And Depression:

Two devils have taken away the peace of everyone’s life, and they are Stress and depression. With the hectic lifestyle, both of these problems are increasing day by day. But why to talk about the problems when we have a superb solution? Green Tea is a magical treat for the life of everyone. It assists a lot in fighting against these two evils. In accordance to research carried on by the American Botanical Council has detected that the more green tea a matured person (who takes care of his entire family) drinks in a day, the least depressed or stresses he/she was found. This is because drinking green tea has a direct relation to your brain system as well. It is amazing for your brain as well, and it is due to the polyphenols exhibited in it which manages a regular supply of glucose which is mandatory for a healthy brain.

The second reason as to why green tea is an excellent remedy for curing stress and depression is the presence of theanine in green tea. It is such an amino acid that quickly relaxes your mind deeply and relieves you of both the monsters. Theanine is also known as an Anti-depressant agent. Last but not the least, the lower quantity of caffeine available in green tea is also an extra benefit for those people who are the sufferers of anxiety disarrays and other stress-related health issues.

15. Increases Immunity:

Wonders after wonders, one after another in is the queue! green tea is packed with antioxidant benefits. The adequate quantity of flavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols present in Green tea altogether gear up the immune system of your body thereby making you far healthier than before by fighting against the bacteria and infections. Moreover, the presence of these awesome threesomes also protects your body from getting cold, dust allergy, flu etc. Even if you catch any infection, drinking Green Tea regularly will cure the problem and this is because of the abundance of Vitamin C present in it. After all, who does not love to live a healthy life and stay away from doctors! It is better to consume green tea to get remarkable antioxidant benefits.

16. Helps With Asthma:

Here comes good news for all the persons who have been struggling with asthmatic issues. As remarked earlier, green tea protects the body against allergies and infections so it is also an awful cure for asthma also and this is because of theophylline present in it which contributes to the health benefits of green tea. The job of theophylline is to unstrain those muscles that provide strong support to the bronchial tubes thereby decreasing the inclemency of asthma. Hence, drinking it regularly can make your body free from the negative impacts of asthma.

17. Healthy Liver:

It is well said that if the liver is healthy, then almost the whole body is considered to be healthy. It is where the healthy roots of the body are inlaid. As read in the above information, green tea works well in losing weight and kicking off the obesity by enhancing metabolism thus it discards the motion of glucose inside the fat cells thereby decreasing the unnecessary pressure on the liver. To add on, the antioxidants benefits hidden in green tea works in eliminating the dangerous free radicals and let the liver stay healthy always. It also minimizes the risk of having a fat-filled liver where all the fat collects inside the liver and increases the risk of many harmful diseases. So, if you wish a disease-free liver then begin to drink green tea daily.

18. Forestalls Osteoporosis:

As per the research, it has been found that low bone density is the most common health issue in women which happens after menopause. Green Tea turns up to be a super saviour in such a situation. Osteoporosis makes the bones turn extremely weak and brickle, thereby raising the risk of cramps and fractures now and then. The content of high fluoride found in green tea not only strongly strengthens your bones from the roots but also slacken their breakdown. Such is the magic of green tea!

19. Heals General Stomach Ailments:

Undoubtedly, Green Tea is an astounding antiseptic, and all the credit goes to its bacteria demolishing power. Hence, it turns up to be a miraculous medicament for preventing or healing general stomach ailments such as stomach infection, food poisoning, ache due to indigestion etc. But mark this point on board that do not take it in excess quantity than it has been advised else the result will be opposite. The tannins in green tea might raise the secernment of acid in the tummy thereby resulting in ulcers and acid reflux. So, always act as advised and say goodbye to all your stomach complaints!

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20. Natural Sunscreen:

Green Tea not only serves as a useful drink but also acts as an excellent sunscreen. It is one of the best health benefits of green tea. It strongly fights against the harmful exposure of ultraviolet rays of the sun which in return does not let the free radicals enter our skin cells and dampen the protection circle of our skin which is a major cause of wrinkles on our skin. Now the question is how to use the green tea as a sunscreen? Begin at your own home, take a container and boil two cups of water in it. Add about half cup of green tea leaves to the boiling water and let it boil for about ten minutes on normal heat. Now strain the water from the leaves and let it cool down to normal room temperature. Once cooled down, take a cotton ball and dip it into that watery solution and apply on the face. Wash the face after few minutes after applying. The best part is that you need not throw the rest of the sunscreen solution; rather you can store it in an airtight container and use it when required.

21. Strengthen & Shinier Nails:

Are you screwed up with your nails breaking and dull finishing? Well, here is the solution to your problem. If you wish to have strong nails that do not break now and then when you think of growing them up to make your hands look beautiful, then start drinking green tea at least twice a day. Also, for the shiny look, you can do away with a yellowish look of your nails just by dripping your nails in the green tea. This needs to be done only once in a week, and the results will shock you. This will also strengthen your nails. There is also green tea oil known as cuticle oil available in the market. You can polish your nails once in a week with this oil and see the change. You are sure to love it!

22. NO to Neurological Diseases:

Green tea enhances the learning capacity, and memory power of an individual and all the credit for this goes to polyphenols present in it. Furthermore, they also retard the procedure of less acetylcholine in the brain and preclude the damage of cells inside the brain. If you make a regular habit to drink the advised amount of green tea, then even the dangerous neurological diseases won’t be able to touch you. If you are healthy from a brain, you can achieve the heights of success.

Always remember the proverb that ‘Excessiveness of anything is hazardous to health’! So, looking at the long list of advantages of Green Tea do not consume it in excess else it will take no time for advantages to turning to disadvantages. It is strictly advisable for everyone to consume a maximum of two cups of green tea regularly. Our target should be a healthy life, and that can only be achieved if everything works in a system.

It will be a great pleasure if you share the health benefits of green tea that you earned after including green tea in your daily dietary chart. Please comment and also let others know your secret.

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