Tips for Traveling in Italy: Enjoy Your Trip like a Local

Italy Travel Tips

History, food, culture, ancient ruins, beaches, mountains – one can explore a lot in Italy. It is a darling of various avid travelers, the country can make you fall in love right from the moment you enter here. Every region of Italy is different and has its unique attractions, cuisines, charms, making it an amazing destination for all.

If you are planning a trip to Italy, then it would be better to know a little bit about the country. It will help you to have an authentic experience and a better understanding of the culture. Here are some tips for traveling to Italy in order to make your visit unforgettable.

Italy is known for romantic waterways of Venice, iconic ruins of Rome, and vine-clad hills of Tuscany. These things have been on the list of travelers for centuries. All you need to do is add wonderful scenery, beautiful culture, and fabulous food to your list in order to make your visit unforgettable. But while planning a trip to Italy, it is common to have some questions in mind.

What are the local etiquettes? What should I wear? How can I get around easily? Here is all you need to know. 

Greet People with Two Kisses 

There is a trend of meeting people in Italy with two kisses on the cheeks. Regardless of gender, age, and how well you know the other person, you always greet people with one kiss on each cheek.

Colorful Buildings In Italy

People in Italy are really affectionate, and they are not afraid to interrupt your personal space in order to say help. Greeting people with two kisses is common in Italy, and greeting in some other way will just look awkward. So when you travel to Italy, keep in mind to greet people with two kisses. 

Begin Your Day with a Sweet Breakfast

If you are planning a trip to Italy, then it would be better to know a little bit about the culture and food. The classic Italian breakfast includes some type of sweet pastry, cappuccino or coffee, and orange juice. Most restaurants and hotels in Italy would not serve a cooked breakfast. So you need to start your day in Italy by going to the nearest bar and ordering a coffee at the counter with orange juice and your croissant. 

Avoid Ordering Cappuccino after 11 AM

In Italy, cappuccino is a breakfast drink. Therefore, you should consider ordering it before 11 AM. You should avoid ordering it during the noontime and especially with a meal. If you do so, people might think that you are weird or you have just woke up. 

Moreover, Italians drink a lot of espressos. They opt for taking a single shot of espresso at the counter. People do not drink cappuccino after 11 AM. Moreover, they do not render flavors in Caffe lattes like Starbucks, so keep in mind not to ask for that. 

Enjoy a Mid-Afternoon Nap

Tourists often complain about shops closing during lunchtime. However, it is common in Italy, especially in summer. Hot sun rays and stifling heat during the noontime makes people hide during the hottest hours of the day. Instead of roaming on the streets during this time, it would be better to have a mid-afternoon nap. It is a good idea to take a nap and then come out after 4 PM. During this time, you will have higher chances of finding open shops. In Italy, you can visit exceptional villas for some good options. Make sure to visit these places in the evening for amazing experience.

Avoid Putting Ketchup on Pizza or Pasta

People in Italy do not opt for using ketchup in pasta or pizza. If you ask for ketchup in a hotel or restaurant, you will break a chef’s heart. It is completely okay to put ketchup in fries or burgers, but if you put it in pizza or pasta, you will stand out in Italy. It might lead to an awkward situation, and you might get some disapproving looks from people around you. Therefore, it would be better to avoid asking for ketchup if you order pizza or pasta. 

Dress Up Beautifully

Trust me, appearances matter a lot in fashion-conscious Italy. It is not a stereotype, Italians love to dress well. You might find some Italians dressed casually, but the majority of people are well dressed. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Italy, it would be the perfect time to show off your new dresses, shoes and a pair of sunglasses. 

In addition to this, keep in mind to dress comfortably for the purpose of sightseeing as you will have to walk a lot. It is a must to have practical shoes as ankles and heels would not work on cobblestoned streets. You can choose smart casual for the evening. Dressing properly will help you in blending perfectly with the fashionable locals. 

Do Not Visit in Summer

Now you must be thinking, what is the best time to visit Italy? You should opt for voting Italy in spring or autumn. During this time the weather is mild, places are not overcrowded, and the prices are cheaper. You can visit Italy in early June; the days are longer and enjoyable. 

The worst time to visit Italy is summer. During this time, a lot of Italians leave the country to explore other countries. Due to nice weather and school holidays, tourists from different parts of the world flock the country, which increases the prices. In case you are planning to visit Milan or Rome, too much heat combined with crowded places will lead to an unpleasant experience. 

Talk to People

The best part about Italy is that no one is in a rush there. In case you find someone you know, then it is a good idea to stop in the middle and have a chat. You might get late for your bar reservation or restaurant, but it is essential to chat with localities as it helps you in getting a better understanding of the culture. Be polite while talking to people. Greet them with two kisses and remember to say “Buona Giornata” when you say bye. It means to have a good day. 

No Need to Stand in Lines

It is an amazing difference between Italian culture and yours. You might notice that people in Italy never form a proper line. Italian follow a special way of queuing, and they do not form lines where possible. You might find informal queues, whether you are ordering food at McDonald’s, buying tickets, or waiting to board a plane. 

It is normal not to form a line in Italy, and you should learn to make most of it. You need to find your way in front and then stand with an attitude like it is the right spot. Always remember to be patient, and you do not need to be afraid to stand at your ground. 

Use Gestures While Talking

Again, it is not a stereotype. People in Italy actually speak with their hands. They use a lot of gestures while talking, and they don’t even realize that they are doing it. They find it adds to the conversation and especially if they are telling directions. Therefore, while talking to someone in Italy, use hand gestures for good measure. 

Drink Only Water, Beer, or Wine with Meals

In restaurants or at home, the most common drinks that are served include wine, beer, or water. Most restaurants in Italy do not serve cocktails. People are required to steer clear as it is expected to cover up the taste of food. Children can drink juices or sodas with meals. Drinking wine or beer with a meal will allow you to enjoy your food in a better way. 

Avoid Buying Fake Designer Brands

Many sellers lay the bags on a sheet or carry them on their arms so that they can easily run when the police are nearby. It is a big problem in many cities and police survey the markets for these illegal merchants. People often buy these bags, but better safe than sorry.  

Italy has the best of everything: great wine, delicious food, beautiful beaches, charming art and culture, and beautiful coastal villages and cities. In addition to this, Italians are frank, humble, and most hospitable people on the earth.


The welcoming nature of people and attractive tourist destinations make Italy one of the best countries to explore. Following the above-mentioned tips to travel to Italy will help you in attaining an unforgettable experience.