Elopement Wedding- Pros and Cons of Eloping

Pros and cons of eloping

“Maybe, we should elope!” This is the first thought that would come to your mind if you are tired of planning weddings and stressed out from juggling the decisions. You may choose to elope for a wedding to avoid the stress of wedding planning and all the hassle that comes along. But have you thought, Is eloping right for you? Is eloping a good idea?

This is common to come across such brides who can’t handle the stress of planning their big day and instead prefer to elope. You may consider eloping because of the ease and the cost you save by not organizing a wedding.

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What is an Elopement Wedding?

An elopement wedding is thought of as running away to get married without telling your family and friends. But now the definition has changed, elope wedding means tying the knots and celebrating within you two or small gathering, and making it an intimate affair.

Pros & Cons

Before you choose between a wedding or elope, consider the pros and cons of eloping.

Reasons to Elope (Pros of Eloping)

Running off to the city hall and getting married is old fashioned and romantic. Most couples say they want to elope for a wedding to save their money. The cost associated with eloping to get married and go on a honeymoon is way less than a traditional wedding. Couples also claim that they do not want to partake in the hassle and stress of organizing a wedding. Some couples choose to elope because of family arguments like parents on one side disapprove of the couple. And sometimes when the parents are divorced and don’t want to be at the same place together.

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Reasons Not to Elope (Cons of Eloping)

There are some disadvantages of eloping as well. You will miss out on so much fun and celebration with family and friends. The bride’s mother tends to get hurt the most because of not getting invited to the wedding. If your parents don’t like your fiance, then this act will disappoint them further, and your spouse may never be able to have a good relationship with them.

The biggest fear of eloping is disappointing your friends and family by not making them a part of your big day. You should inform your parents before eloping to prevent hurting their sentiments. If possible, arrange a post-marriage reception and invite your close friends and family members to announce your marriage and talk to them personally if they are hurt.

You will not get this chance of fulfilling your wedding dreams again. Many couples wonder about a wedding after they elope. You may not be able to reconnect with faraway friends and family members who would have come to the wedding. And how can you forget all the pictures and lifetime memories? 

If you still think that eloping is the right decision for you as your fiance, consider the variations to avoid some elope pitfalls and disadvantages.

  • Have a wedding ceremony only for you two and then organize a reception later for friends and family.
  • Hire a photographer to come to the city hall and send out these pictures announcing your wedding.
  • Invite parents and best friends to come along with you- later, this small group can go out to celebrate over dinner.
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Some key aspects of eloping:

  • No proper venue is required

Eloping comes with endless options to hold the ceremony. You can do it in the midst of nature, at your house, park or public building, courthouse, etc. Did you plan on getting married at the mountain top? Eloping gives you the chance to get married to your favorite backdrop. You do not have to worry about paying hefty prices for wedding venue deposits.

  • No extensive guest list

         Some couples like to invite their close friends and parents to their elope wedding. But in most cases, elope weddings consist of the couple, the officiant and a photographer. The guest list is kept casual and small. You do not require any seating chart.

  • Vendors

The ceremony will last only for a few minutes, but those few minutes are the most important for your life. This is why hiring a professional photographer is very important to capture the essence of your wedding ceremony. Just because you are eloping to get married, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ‘first look.’ The photographer will make sure to document the moment when you two see each other for the first time.

  • Unbeatable price tag

The price tag is the most daunting part of organizing a wedding. Traditional weddings involve inviting a lot of guests, food, booking venue, and decor, which adds to the expenses. Elope wedding is an affordable option, and you can invest your funds into a honeymoon.

If you have the decision of eloping, take your time, and do not act fast. Consider all the aspects carefully and determine the place where you would want to marry and understand the marriage license laws. At many places applying for a marriage license on the same day as your marriage is not allowed. This is why people elope to Las Vegas the most; it is easy to get married fast there.

So is eloping a good idea? It depends on the reasons to elope for the wedding and also couples’ personal choice. You may consider the option of inviting at least a few closed ones. Some couples prefer to invite only their maid of honor and best man, whereas some invite the parents. If you are planning to get married at the courthouse, then ask about the number of guests that are allowed to come with you.