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fat albert characters

Fat Albert characters – Bill Cosby is the creator of the animated TV series Fat Albert and the Cosby Children. The program ran from its 1971 debut till 1985, under the production banner of Filmation. The show is centered on Bill Cosby’s recollection of his boyhood buddies.

 Every Fat Albert episode concludes with a message highlighted by Bill Cosby’s moving parts. In the early seasons, Fat Albert Characters and his pals usually congregate in the North Philadelphia Junkyard to perform a tune on their homemade equipment while recapping the moral of the hour.

The NBC television spectacular combined live action with graphics. Herbie Hancock, a jazz musician and guitarist composed and played the song for the program in 1967, and it was published on the Warner Bros. record Fat Albert Rotunda. Every member of the Fat Albert Gang’s physical looks had to be developed for the illustrated segment of the special.  This article, titled “Fat Albert Characters,” discusses its cast and characters.

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 Fat Albert cast cartoon

Kenan Thompson deserves a loud “Hooray” for bringing Bill Cosby’s enormous, endearing comic book character to (bigger) reality. In this fun adventure, Fat Albert and the crew emerge from the cartoon planet to assist a young woman struggling with depression. 

Tip: The screenplay was co-written by Cosby, who also appeared in a cameo as one of the characters he developed.

  • Filmmaker Joel Zwick
  • Charles Kipps and Bill Cosby wrote the film’s script.
  • Kenan Thompson plays Fat Albert in the movie.
  • Shedrack Anderson III and Kyla Pratt portray Rudy.
  •  Jermaine Williams as Mushmouth.
  • Keith Robinson portrays Bill. 
  • Alphonso McAuley as Bucky.
  • As Old Weird, Aaron Frazier Dumb Donald, played by Harold Marques Houston.
  • Dania Ramirez plays Lauri Omari Grandberry as Reggie.

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Fat Albert cartoon character 

Fat Albert

The character was modeled after Bill Cosby’s childhood sweetheart, Albert Robertson, and was dubbed by the comedian personally. He is the series’s central figure and the boss of the Junkyard Gang. Despite his slight obesity, Fat Albert is sporty and likes playing athletics. Fat Albert is respected for being mature despite his age and values for upholding his honor within the group and among others.

“Mushroom” James Mush

Bill Cosby also provided the voice for James Mush. He has a wide mouth, a loose chin, and is credulous. He typically has a red beanie on and a white robe. Due to an excess of novocaine, he constantly uses the imaginary “Ubbi Dubbi” accent.

The character of Bucky Miller Miller, whose name implies that he has a big overbite, was voiced by Jan Crawford. Bucky is a talented athlete who plays the stovepipe organ in the Junkyard Band and is swift and adaptable.

Richard Davis

Eric Suter provided the voice of Rudy Davis, a clever, smooth-talking figure who frequently finds himself in trouble. Donald Parker’s closest friend is Davis. Although he occasionally exhibits an arrogant approach and a contemptuous manner. He has a decent spirit and always strives to improve.

Cosby, William “Bill”

His role, which Cosby himself inspired, is played by Bill Cosby, who also serves as the show’s presenter.

Weird Harold Simmons

Weird Gerald Edwards provided the voice of Harold Simmons. He is a tall, slender young man with bulging eyes who sports the wrong set of socks and a burgundy sweater jacket.

Robert Cosby

Jan Crawford also voiced the character of Russell Cosby. He is modeled on Bill Cosby’s real-life brother and is Bill’s younger brother. He is the tiniest and shortest member of the Junkyard Crew and enjoys donning a thick blue coat, red boots, and a yellow hat.

Who played Fat Albert?

Albert Robertson, played by Bill Cosby and sung by Michael Gray, is modeled after Cosby’s high school friend. He is typically the Junkyard Gang’s morality man and the series’ primary protagonist. Despite being extremely heavy, he is athletic and likes to play sports. He usually dresses in blue slacks and a red shirt. 

The Junkyard Band is the frontman and lead guitarist (built from a funnel, radiator, and airbag) in the Junkyard Band. He is civic-minded and mature for his age, working incredibly hard to uphold ethics in the group and with others. Fat Albert also enjoys playing with the bedspring.

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The topics covered by Fat Albert and his companions throughout each encounter ranged from performance anxiety, first preferences, surgical treatments, and hygiene practices to much more important subjects like the destruction of property, misappropriating, racial prejudice, sexual assault, tobacco, being duped by scammers, sexually transmitted infections, child molestation, abduction, narcotic use, police shootings, and fatality. 

Once the show’s creators realized its significance, they intended to run it on NBC on weekend mornings, but the show’s marketing management rejected it since they believed Fat Albert to be too informative. This is why Bill Cosby brought the program to CBS, where a designer had designed new graphics for Fat Albert and his Gang and a new manufacturing firm called Filmation Associates. I hope this article about the Fat Albert characters was interesting to read.

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