Top 7 Boot Trends for 2022


Investing in a pair of boots is an important decision for both men and women. Whether you walk to and from work, have a job at a building site, or want to look stylish and feel comfortable, you need a great pair of boots.

Investing in dune London boots or any other popular brand is even more pertinent when the weather gets colder, as boots go great with jeans, leggings, and other warm clothing items.

If you have not bought a pair of boots for a while, you may be confused about the best style or brand to buy.

Below is our guide that breaks down the top seven boot trends that have emerged so far in 2022.

1. Ankle Boots

A trend that is emerging in 2022 is to wear shorter boots, almost like army boots or ankle boots. These boots are extremely practical, as they are not so bulky or warm that you will feel tired of wearing them in the summer, but they are still great for protecting your feet from everyday wear and tear.

You can find fashionable ankle boots that will match any outfit, but they look especially great if you are pairing them with jeans or pants. They are not ideal if women are wearing boyfriend jeans or a tracksuit.

2. Jackboots

Another type of boot that has become trendy this year, jackboots, are extremely popular as women’s boots. They are a very versatile clothing option, as they can be useful when you want to look more refined or slightly outlandish.

There are some jackboots that can even go over your knees, which can help to complete the specific aesthetic that you are attempting to achieve. If you want jackboots as part of your work attire or everyday outfit, then you may want to pick ones that are slightly shorter and are a darker colour.

3. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots feature an elastic insert on the side, which you can use to quickly put them on or take them off when you are in a hurry. While these boots were originally designed for horse riding, they have recently become a common, everyday pair of boots.

You may notice that a lot of people are wearing Chelsea boots this year, as they go well with mini skirts, jeans, or dresses. You can even pair them up with a pantsuit if you buy the right type of Chelsea boot.

4. Slouchy Boots

A very specific style of boot that can look as though it has some extra material as it goes up your leg, the slouchy boot is very trendy this year. These boots are great if you want to pair them up with a skirt, while they are also excellent if you wear mini-skirts and want to cover up most of your legs.

Most people tend to wear slouchy boots when it is fall or winter, as they can feel a little bulky and warm during the summer or spring.

5. Floral Boots

Another unique option for your next pair of boots is floral boots, as they are currently all the rage. These boots are great for the autumn and winter months, as they are ideal when worn with darker-coloured jeans, pants, or leggings. 

If the rest of your outfit is a little plain or straightforward, you can spice up your entire aesthetic with a pair of floral boots. They are also great fun if you are attending a party, going out with some of your friends, or hoping to get people asking you about where you bought your boots!

6. Chukka Boots

A serious trend among boots for men, Chukka boots are desert boots that were first made popular by British soldiers when they were stationed in African countries during the Second World War.

These boots have made a comeback in the fashion world in recent years, as they are very useful for people who live in hotter parts of the world. Clarks still makes great Chukka boots, while you can find them from other brands as well.

7. Hiking Boots

Even though they are not the boot you would imagine when considering stylish footwear, hiking boots are extremely trendy among those who live an active lifestyle. If you want shoes that will keep your foot protected and free from pain when walking tens of miles each day but also want to look good, stylish hiking boots are a great option.