Myths & Facts of Face Roller Benefits

Face Roller Benefits

Whenever you read any skincare blog or hear the conversation in the beauty community, you may definitely hear this trending term “face roller.” These days face rollers are on the boom for the stupendous benefits on facial skin. There is no doubt that facial rollers are good for making your skin toned. But there are some myths regarding these facial rollers which I like to discuss in this article. 

Whether these face rollers are made from rose quartz or jade or any other, these are one of the most attractive beauty devices that make you instantly ready to buy it. 

So let us check what its benefits are and do it really help in improving your skin texture!

What Are The Benefits of Using Face Roller

Different types of face rollers

Increase The Blood Flow Under Facial Skin

When you use a face roller on your skin, it will help in stimulating the blood flow. It improves the circulation of blood and makes your skin look brighter and glowy. It also helps in reducing the puffiness and sagging skin. When the proper blood circulation runs in your facial skin, face roller will help in stimulating the blood flow in every part of the face. 

Provide Complete Lymphatic Massage

You may have noticed that when you wake up, your eyes are looking puffy and your face gets a little swollen. Face roller helps in removing the lymphatic fluid stored in the skin and also keeps your skin away from getting swelling as well as inflammation.

Your body naturally drains the lymphatic fluid from your facial skin daily. The lymph fluid consists of white blood cells and molecules that stimulate the immune system to lower the distress occurring in your body. This is the reason that you see swelling in your body. When the lymph fluid completes its works in your body, it goes back to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes filter the bad stuff and send back the fluid to the bloodstream. 

Facial massage with a face roller helps in reducing the swelling and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Lymph nodes near your nose, behind ears, under chin, jaw, mouth lines, and back of your neck. You can stimulate lymphatic drainage appropriately using the face roller.

Support Anti-Aging

You may have read and seen on Instagram and youtube that beauty bloggers always mention the term Anti-Aging. They use face rollers to completely penetrate the serums, creams, and lotions into their skin.

This is because a face roller increases the blood circulation inside the skin, and it makes skin soak up the products to apply to it easily. In this way, applying anti-aging cream after using a roller on your face makes your skin soak the cream easily and helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

This makes that apply anti-aging with face roller rather than using your hands much better and help your skin fight against the aging process. 


Just make sure that you do not use a micro-needle roller to your facial skin, it may hurt your skin tissues and make it look red. 

Myths Related To Using Facial Roller

As you have noticed, so many blogs and beauty bloggers say so many different things about using the face roller, there are so many myths behind it that you should be aware of. 

These below points will tell you the truth behind using the Roller for facial massage and what are the myths related to Roller.

Face Roller Helps In Slimming The Face: This is a myth and not possible only with the face roller. To slim down your face or lose weight completely depends on the types of nutrition you are taking and what type of exercises you are doing. Face roller can help you in de-puffing your face within the instant use. 

Face Roller can help in contour the face: As we have talked earlier, face roller helps in draining the fluid stored under your face skin, which helps you in getting a contoured face temporarily. To contour your face, you can move the Roller first upward and then roll it down to the ears. In this way, the lymph nodes will drain the fluid instantly

Face massage with a roller increases good mood: This is true when you do massage with a roller. It gives you chills and makes you feel amazing. You feel happy using the Roller on your face, and you will forget about any anxiety you have before and focus on your face massaging process. 

Face Roller helps in removing toxins inside the skin: This is also true because any type of activity that helps in lymphatic drainage like massaging or using Roller can remove the toxins stored in the skin. Thus using a face roller detoxifies your skin and makes it look healthier. 

Use Face Roller: 

To maximize the benefits of using a face roller appropriately, please follow these below-mentioned instructions:

Beautiful white girl using a face roller

  • Clean your face with soap and apply your favorite facial oil, moisturizer, or even serum. If you do not apply facial oil or any lubricant to the skin, it may rub against the skin and cause wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • First, start rolling from the back of the neck and roll it upward. Always remember to move the Roller in an upward direction. 
  • Next, move the Roller from the jawline and touch the ears, roll on both sides with gentle pressure. Do the same move from jaw to cheekbone in upward direction. 
  • Now move the Roller from the forehead to the temple in an upward direction. Do it with the gentle pressure in the same way you press using your fingers. 
  • Next, move the Roller horizontally on the eyebrows, which also makes you feel relieving and reduces stress. This process also helps in reducing headache and makes your mood uplifted. 
  • If you don’t have Roller or don’t want to use it on your skin, then you also try “face yoga” which is also on-trend and has so many benefits to your skin as well as facial muscles.