Top Tips for Finding the Best Deals Online in Canada


Whether you’re looking for the latest deal for a new smartphone, coupons to save on your weekly groceries, or simply looking to save money anywhere you can, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past couple of years, people around the world, including Canadians, have been spending more money than ever as almost all prices have skyrocketed. Take a closer look here at several top tips for finding the best online deals in Canada.

Top tips for finding the best online deals in Canada

Here are some of the best proven-performing tips for finding the best online deals in Canada. It involves shopping around and never buying the first thing you find. It also involves being patient and savvy to find the best cut-price offers.

Let’s dive straight in and see how you can start saving money right away:

  • Shop around – if you’re looking for a brand-new 60-inch smart TV for your home, when you type the words ‘new 60-inch smart TV’ into Google or any other search engine you prefer using, millions of results will come up. Instead of purchasing the first 60-inch smart TV you find on the first website you visit, shop around. Try up to 10 websites (or more, if you have to) for the cheapest deal. On some websites, you may find it’s CA$950. At most sites, it might be CA$900, but you may be lucky to find a trusted merchant that’s selling one for CA$850 – that’s a CA$100 saving.
  • Use coupon codes and vouchers – entering coupon codes and using vouchers at the checkout can save you a great deal of money. Sometimes they are easy to find, and other times, you may have to search for them, which often means signing up to websites that are dedicated to providing shoppers with regular coupon codes and vouchers.
  • Always read the bonus terms and conditions/wagering requirements. Online casino bonuses provide a boost for new players,  but before accepting a welcome bonus (which could be ‘X’ amount of free spins to try out certain online slots or a matching deposit bonus worth up to a fixed amount), always read the bonus terms and conditions and look for the bonuses with the lowest wagering requirements – e.g., worth anywhere from 1x to 25x times the bonus amount.
  • Always be cautious when purchasing from third-party sellers. Although it’s often cheaper, third-party sellers can sometimes sell fake items or items that break within five minutes of using them, and when you go to contact their customer service, it’s either rude or nonexistent. You’ve got no chance of getting your money back.

What else can I do when searching online for the best deals?

Don’t forget that the cheapest option may not always be the best option. This is why it’s extremely important that you read multiple reviews for the same product. If the majority of reviews seem good, then you should be ok. If they all seem negative, simply avoid buying that particular product and try to look for a better alternative.

Also, look for deals on websites. Sometimes, they have a special offer section with the latest deals. These special offer periods, like Black Friday, Wedding Season, Summer/Winter Clearance, or the New Year sales, only come at certain times of the year, so make a note of what’s coming up so you don’t miss out on these special offer periods.

Take advantage of loyalty rewards programs. For example, if you have a loyalty card at your local grocery store, make sure you use it each time at the checkout, even when you only spend a relatively small amount of money – it all adds up!

Final note

It’s also worth setting a budget. If you plan on going on a shopping splurge, set a reasonable budget and try your hardest not to go over budget. It’s much easier said than done, but definitely achievable.

Finally, there are a growing number of apps and websites that scour the internet and specifically look for the best deals. Using these tools/apps can help you find the best deals instantly.

At some websites, when adding things to your shopping cart and then leaving them in there for a while, or going to the checkout with a few items in your cart and then cancelling the order just before you add your payment details, it can sometimes trigger special discounts that otherwise weren’t there.

Although this can be annoying and time-consuming, it can help save you money. Try it several times. You might be surprised at all the hidden offers you will unlock.