Tree Of Life Tattoos With Meaning

Tree Of Life Tattoo

Tree of life tattoo – The Tree of Life is a strong symbol that makes you feel good. Whether they are small or big, simple or detailed, these Tree of Life tattoos can give you great ideas for your next tattoo.

Trees are popular choices for tattoos because they stand for life, energy, and good fortune. Out of all the tree tattoos, the Tree of Life is one of the oldest and most powerful ones.

Even if you do not know the whole history of this symbol, you can still sense its strength and importance.

Cool Tree of Life tattoos

Tiny Tree of Life tattoos

The Tree of life is a complex picture. It has roots and branches going in different directions, which can make it tricky to make it small.

But by making the design simpler and making a few changes, you can have a small Tree of Life tattoo that can go on many parts of your body. Here are some examples of small Tree of Life tattoos to help you get inspired.

Listen to your feelings

This Tree of Life tattoo replaces the Tree’s roots and dirt with a thumping heart. It reminds you to trust your inner feelings and make choices from your heart.

A basic behind-the-ear tattoo

If you want a tattoo that you can reveal or hide whenever you like, think about getting a behind-the-ear tattoo like this one. You can decide if people see it by either tying up your hair or leaving it down. A small and easy design works well in this spot.

Small yang and yin tree of life tattoo

This arm tattoo shows a small Yggdrasil tree with a yin and yang sign.

Yggdrasil is a big, special tree in Norse stories, and it’s like their Tree of life, growing at the centre of their world.

Yin and yang is a key idea in China. It’s about balance between male and female energies. Staying healthy means having a good balance of yin and yang.

Little Tree of life on the spine

You do not have only to use the Tree of Life in a tattoo. This spine tattoo is a good example of putting different meaningful symbols together.

Tree of Life Watercolor tattoos

Watercolour is a way of colouring, like painting. Tattoos are about blending colours without clear lines.

Shiny Tree of life

Watercolour is not just for backgrounds in tattoos. You can use it to make parts of the tattoo stand out, like in this one.

The tattoo artist added watercolour around the roots and branches. Using colours this way makes the tattoo special without being too much.

Celtic Tree of Life tattoo idea

Celtic tattoos often have special symbols and knots with meanings. These Tree of Life tattoos are the same.

The Celts believed the Tree of Life was a power source. It gave life and plenty to everything. It also stood for life, death, and coming back to life – like a circle.

Tree of Life with Celtic knots on the arm

An armband tattoo goes around the arm. Usually, it is flowers and leaves; however, this one has the Tree of Life in the middle. The roots connect to Celtic knots around the arm, making it a beautiful piece of body art.

Viking Tree of Life tattoo idea

Viking Tree of Life tattoos often have Viking symbols, as Vegvisir Viking compass. Like most Viking tattoos, it means power and strength. It shows their bravery and love for their culture.

Lotus flower and the Tree of life Tattoo:

The lotus flower is special in Buddhism and Hinduism, but people all over like it. Usually, it means calm and purity. It reminds you to be yourself and be peaceful.

Tree of Life tattoos for women

Only because a tattoo looks girly, it does not mean it cannot be strong. If you want to show your inner strength and how you feel about life, this checklist is for you.

Simple shoulder stroke black brush tree tattoo 

Do you not like complex tree roots? Think about using a stroke of ink instead. It might look random, but that brushstroke has much power, making it an impressive tattoo.

Family tree tattoo

You do not have to stick with the usual Tree of life. You can make it your own, like this tattoo of a mother and her daughters.

The artist shows the branches in woman’s shape with her two daughters. It tells a story about a mom who gives her kids protection, advice, and endless love. The mom’s arm points to her zodiac sign, making this tattoo very special and personal.

Mom and daughter tree tattoo

Moms bring their kids into the world. This tattoo is a sweet way to show that. If your mom is always there for you, this tattoo is a nice way to honour her.

Basic symbol tree of life

Instead of drawing the whole Tree, this tattoo has only the main parts – the top branches, the middle part, and the roots.

The middle part changes into a spiral shape, which shows the highs and lows in life’s journey.

Pretty butterflies Tree of Life tattoo

Tree of Life and Butterflies both mean similar things. Butterflies show change and start over. The Tree of life can also mean being born again and the circle of life.

Tree of Life side tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the ribs is not easy. The ribs are bony, which can make it hurt more.

However, this tattoo does it well. First, the tattoo artist changes the Tree’s shape to fit on the ribcage. Plus, it is a simple black design, which helps make it hurt less and take less time.

Tree of Life tattoos for men

Tree tattoos work for both men and women. The Tree of life is the same.

To make a tattoo look more manly, you can make the lines thicker and the tattoo bigger, among other things.

Tree Man

This is not a usual Tree of Life tattoo. Rather than making a tree, the tattoo artist shows a tree person coming up from the ground. It looks really powerful and strong.

So, this arm tattoo is a great piece of art to show off your strength and how determined you are to get through tough times.

Realistic Tree of Life

This tattoo is special because it has a real-looking tree, and there are also abstract symbols and shapes around it.

In this Tree of life tattoo, the Tree connects the sky and the ground. The lines near its roots show the energy going in a circle. This tattoo reminds you to always be down-to-earth.

Tree of Life tattoo ideas

Until now, we have talked about the usual and liked Tree of life tattoo ideas. However, some tattoo artists go beyond and think differently.

If you want something special to express your views on life, these Tree of Life tattoos are for you.

Matching Tree of life tattoos

When you think about tattoos for couples, you might not think of the Tree of Life tattoos at first.

However, the tattoo artist cleverly shapes the roots like a heart. This shows that love can transform someone’s life, creating these tattoos really sweet and full of meaning.

The changing seasons

The Tree of life is about time passing and the circle of life. This tattoo looks at it in a different way.

By showing the Tree in other seasons, it tells the story of life from beginning to end. It reminds us to enjoy the moment and be thankful for what we have now.


What is cool about this tattoo is that it uses different things together. The root starts as a solid shape and turns into a water spiral. The change looks very natural and smooth.

Some Questions

What does the Tree of Life tattoo mean?

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol that represents many things, including growth, strength, resilience, and immortality. It is also a symbol of the interconnectedness of all living things.

Where is a good place to get a Tree of Life tattoo?

The Tree of Life tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, but it is often placed on the arm, shoulder, back, or chest.

How much does a Tree of Life tattoo cost?

The cost of a Tree of Life tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the tattoo. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for a small to medium-sized Tree of life tattoo.