How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Tree Removal Service, And Is It Worth?


Trees make this planet worth-living for us. Trees avail us with oxygen, and what else do we need to breathe? That’s why trees should be groomed the way we groom ourselves. Trees also need cutting and trimming from time to time. And the biggest factor to consider here is the cost to cut down a tree, which depends on various factors. Let’s discuss everything related to tree removal services and costs.


The average cost to cut or trim a tree generally ranges from $100 to $1800. Usually, homeowners spend approx. $700 when it comes to trim/cut a tree. The average tree removal cost especially depends upon the height and size of the tree you are going to cut. The price can also change depending on the area, it will be a different price from a tree service LA to a tree trimming company from Oklahoma.

Let’s get a clear idea of the same:

  • Small Tree Removal Cost

The trees which are 30 feet tall are considered small trees. The estimated cost to cut a small tree varies from $100 to $300. The small trees include apple trees, corkscrew hazel, hawthorn, ornamental pear, silver birch, and other fruits’ trees.

  • Medium Tree Removal Cost

The trees which are in between 30 and 60 feet height are considered under medium tree removal cost. The cost for medium-sized trees will range from $300 to $700. The medium trees include hornbeam, maple, linden, and elm, etc.

  • Large Tree Removal Cost

The trees which are between the height of 60 to 80 feet come under large trees. The price to cut these trees vary between $700 to $1000. Such trees are oak, zelkova, etc.

  • Very Large Tree Removal Cost

Trees that have a height of more than 80 feet are very large trees. Such trees include tulip tree, and pine, etc. the price to cut these trees range from $1,100 to $1800.

  • Fallen Tree Removal Cost

If a tree has fallen and dead already, then the average cost to remove such a tree will range from $100 to $600. The fallen tree removal cost is one-third of the trimming cost of the tree that is still standing.


The average price for removing a tree, i.e., full-grown ranges from $650 to $1100. The price may vary according to the structure and size of the tree. Let’s discuss the removal price for various trees to get an idea:

  • Oak Tree Removal Cost

Including California, there are many other states that have put a ban on cutting oak trees until its posing a sort of health or safety risk. The approx. price to cut an oak tree is $950. 

  • Pine Tree Removal Cost

As pine trees probably leave the soil in the acidic state, you should use lime to maintain the pH level of the soil. The cost to remove the pine tree is approx. $1100.

  • Palm Tree Removal Cost

If the weight of a palm tree is considered according to per trunk foot, it varies from 100 to 1000 lbs. The cost is approx. $650 when it comes to removing a palm tree.


Tree removal costs are determined by many factors. Here are factors that affect the costing of tree removal service. Understanding these factors will help you decide if tree removal service is charging right or not.

There are four main factors that affect the tree removal cost of a tree service. They are:

  • The type of tree and service

The type of tree is essential to be concluded when you start getting the estimated rates. The type of service that is required to be performed. Is it going to be a service tree removal, or will the tree need to be cut down? Are you going to hire professionals to do the service or do it yourself? Each of these options will have their own impact on the cost of tree removal. To get an estimate of the services that will be needed considering this in addition to the other factors.

  • The height and size of the tree

Tree sizes. Most professional tree removal companies will provide estimates based on the size of the tree. This means you will need to have an accurate measure of the tree before hiring a tree removal company. If the estimate is based on the estimated size of the tree, you can then get an idea of the approximate cost of tree removal services.

The size of the tree needs to be considered when getting an estimate. Having accurate knowledge of the size of the tree will help you determine the size of the estimate needed.

  • The time it will take to remove the tree

The time that will be required to remove the tree. This is measured in hours and, therefore, will also play a factor in the total tree removal cost. Obtaining a clear idea of how long it will take to remove the tree and the amount of the estimate will help you make an informed decision about whether to hire a tree removal company or to do it yourself.

  • The number of employees required to remove the tree

A number of employees will be required to remove the tree. The more employees that will be required, the higher the total tree removal cost. If you have the tree removal company removing the tree, then consider how many hours that will be required before finding the best estimate.

Each of these factors will affect the overall tree removal cost of a tree service. All these attributes need to be considered before choosing a tree removal company.


Tree removal and tree trimming are required for various reasons. Tree trimming is done to keep the tree free from insects that might damage it, which is why trees that need pruning are removed. However, it is important to ask for the correct services to take care of these jobs properly.

  • Power tools can be used to cut off branches and limbs, which may cause a loss of limbs and the surrounding areas. Trees with thin branches and limbs can be easily cut down if you know how to use the right tools. Power tools for tree trimming are also available in all sizes, from basic to higher quality models. You can utilize these tools at home or for commercial purposes.
  • Tree pruning is when you remove excess leaves, dead branches, and other objects from the trunk of the tree. This may be done on a tree that is not producing enough foliage. If this is the case, you may need to plant another tree around the old one. Alternatively, you can cut off the tips of branches that are already growing on the tree.
  • Removal of branches can be done manually, or the tool can be more sophisticated. A clipper can be used to remove branches and limbs with no problem. This is a wheeled tool with a motor attached that uses hydraulic power to make the task easier. The use of this tool is very popular because it is faster than using a chainsaw.
  • Another tool for leaf removal is the shear pruner. It is a very small tool that makes use of a circular blade to remove the leaves. If you have smaller branches, you can use a brush attachment to do the job. With this tool, you may have to use tweezers to pull out the leaves.
  • In order to minimize the risk of tree limbs falling on your home or business, you should take some precautions to keep these branches from falling. Trees that need trimming or removal often have damaged limbs. Therefore, a good tree removal service can keep this from happening.
  • Branches that are too thick can cause damage to walls and buildings, so they should be taken out before trimming. Clipping the tree’s branch can cause an imbalance between the bottom and top of the branch. This can cause the branches to fall and damage property. For this reason, when trimming trees, clipping should always be done beforehand.
  • After removing the branch, you can easily use ground stakes to prevent a chain reaction. These can also be used to secure the branch before staking it down. After this, you can use either pruning shears or scissors to cut away the remaining portion of the branch.

Tree trimming is a very common service. However, if you want to try your own hand at this type of job, you may need to have some tools. The most common tools needed for this type of job are a chainsaw, a chainsaw blade, a pair of pincers, a shear pruner, and a side cutter. If you can get hold of these tools before the trimming of the tree, you will greatly improve your success rate and eliminate risks.


  • What is Tree Trimming Process?

Tree trimming is a process of trimming a tree by removing any unwanted branches. It may also be performed on trees that are diseased, if the branches are too large or if the tree has branches that are falling out. A tree may also be trimmed if the growth is above the tree’s normal growth rate.

  • Why is Tree Trimming/Cutting Essential?

It is very important to keep the tree healthy so that the tree can grow without suffering any damage. In some cases, tree cutting may be required for repairing the tree. This is generally done if the tree is losing its leaves in large amounts or if the tree is growing abnormally. Questions about tree trimming and tree cutting are often asked by people as they want to know how to trim their trees or if it is necessary to trim their trees.

  • How to Know When Should Be the Tree Trimming Done?

There are many factors that determine whether it is appropriate for you to perform trimming. You should ensure that you have checked the part of the tree properly before you proceed with the work. You should also identify any branches that could pose a risk to you, especially when you are working near a house. If there are still certain branches that are not visible on the tree, you can trim the tree by yourself, but you should make sure that you know what you are doing before starting the work.

  • What Are the Attributes That Should Be Considered Before Beginning Tree Trimming?

A person has to assess the part of the tree first before starting the work. This is because it is always better to do the work after knowing what the branch looks like. It is necessary to keep your eyes peeled while you are inspecting the parts of the tree. You should also ensure that you read the rules and regulations that govern tree trimming and tree cutting so that you know how to perform this work legally.

Questions related to tree trimming and tree cutting may also arise if you plan to start a new tree pruning project or if you are using the same tree for the second time. It is also important to ask the expert of the industry if he/she has given you any instructions regarding tree trimming and tree cutting. If there are questions about trimming or cutting the same tree more than once, it is advisable to choose a tree pruning plan that has been created especially for the same tree.

Some people may prefer to buy a service package from the tree pruning experts. These packages may also contain other helpful information, such as how to trim a tree. A person who wants to trim his/her tree should also ensure that he/she has read all the safety precautions and directions provided in the package. He/she should also ask about the certification that the expert offers.


Before hiring a tree trimming company, you need to be aware of their operation techniques and equipment. For instance, tree trimmers must be able to work at high speeds, be durable, and be made from durable materials. These are the fundamentals when it comes to working with tree trimmers.

The landscape companies, for example, may have a wide range of services and treatments in their portfolio, as well as equipment and tools for a variety of services. Thus, it would be easier to choose the right service provider.

Before hiring a company to undertake your tree trimming, it is important to understand their available tools and equipment. The most common tools used in this work are power saws, tree trimmers, and hand trimmers. There are also specialized tools that are often used, such as hand weed whackers, rotating blades, rubber mulchers, chainsaw blades, and pressure weeding tools. The right tools will help them get the job done fast, accurately, and effectively.