Everything About Truth Social Waitlist


Truth Social Waitlist is perhaps a social networking site created by Trump Media & Technology Group, a technology and entertainment company founded in the United States by the previous president Donald Trump in October 2021. Another name for Truth Social is ‘TRUTH Social.’ Some claim that the site competes in the alt-tech market with Parler and Gab.

This program officially began on February 21, 2022. The Truth Social waitlist has experienced significant scalability problems since its launch, which has led to a smaller user base than projected.  As of May 2022, the program was only accessible through an iPhone app and was exclusively accessible to consumers in the United States and Canada. This same service created a web-based app in May 2022 that allows people from just about any internet browser to navigate the site, even though availability is now geographically limited.

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Truth Social Waitlist: How To Have Your Account Quickly Approved?

This procedure requires at least two minutes to execute and is fairly simple to comprehend.

Launch the TruthSocial program. If you verify your account through SMS, a pop-up will show you that you have moved “one step closer.”

P.S.- If you do not see any pop-up, look for said truth social media app in the App Store and get the truth social waitlist update if necessary. You can, however, reinstall the application. Hardly your mobile number needs to be entered at this point. Your account will be approved in three to five working days. Remember that only American phone numbers are currently allowed by the Truth Social app waiting list. Phones from those other countries simply will not work.

NOTE: Truth Social Waitlist: How To Have Your Account Quickly Approved

Customers of iOS are the only ones who have access to this method. On Android, Truth Social isn’t yet accessible. One can join our World-Wire Telegram group to update on Truth Social.

Does Truth Social Have a Waitlist?

Yeah, the Truth Social waitlist app was officially launched on February 21; however, the program is inaccessible here to most customers. The Truth Social signup procedure needs users to input their email addresses and names before they can register their usernames. However, individuals are queued up and given a Truth social waitlist number. “Thank you for joining!” reads the invite on the Truth Social page. Your identity has been placed on our waitlist because of the high need.

Approximately 500 beta members were first invited by Truth Social last week. Since the app’s formal introduction, how often have people been approved onto the network? Waiting lists and similar features are typical in emerging social apps.

Nevertheless, many portals provide a viral networking feature wherein consumers may ask their acquaintances to sign up to jump ahead of them. There isn’t an incentive component like that in this. Therefore, is it actually due to “high demand”? Let’s look into it.

The Appeal of Truth Social?

Trump is renowned for being fixated on big numbers; they come from illicit business operations, social networking likes, Television ratings, or any other source. The modern Republican Party’s haughty side likes to boast about its successes.

Consequently, as Truth Social dominated the Apple App Store charts for free, non-gaming applications, Trump supporters boasted well about the network’s achievement.

However, that raises the question of how many installations Truth Social has experienced. According to software strategy analytics Apptopia, Truth Social has announced that it has received 350,000 installs by Tuesday’s end. Remember that the app just launched on Monday. Though you may have noticed backlog numbers higher than all, it is uncertain how much Truth social waitlist numbers are dispersed. According to an Apptopia representative, the waiting list sizes were given in-app, and the ones customers were sent via email were off by around 80,000 spaces.

“I signed up for Truth Social waitlist almost an hour after getting a “pre-order” message from the App Store alerting me that the application had gone live. I was first on the waitlist at around position 11,000 or so. The next time I reopened the program, Truth Social had returned me back to my previous position at roughly 100,000, wherein I presently sit.”

Waiting period for The Truth Social

A lengthy waiting list exists for Truth Social. Hence, there isn’t a predetermined time frame regarding account approval. But, the above-described process may increase the possibility that such an account will be authorized as soon as is practical.

The actual World Wire account on Truth Social got verified after 22 days of use. The preliminary confirmation of our phone number helped the approval procedure. I, therefore, recommend everyone verify their mobile number on the Truth Social app waiting list as soon as possible if they haven’t already.

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Waiting Lists as of Truth Social

In case you’re still intrigued, our Truth social waitlist number was 95,102 when our profile got granted on March 14, 2022. The Truth Social account should be accepted quickly once you’ve validated your phone number and email address.

Truth Social Waitlist Update 

At the moment, TruthSocial’s approvals are moving quite steadily. 5-8K new customers are approved each day. On March 14, 2022, an account from World-Wire truth received approval, and its Truth social waitlist number was 95,102. By dividing the number of persons on our waitlist by the date, you can calculate when your account will be approved.


That concludes the tutorial on how to join the waitlist for the Truth Social App. Truth Due, because of its release goal and objective, a social media platform operated by the previous American president, has been trending throughout the current collection. Trump will use this forum to tell Silicon Valley and Big Tech businesses that opinions cannot be silenced. He then established a foundation to enable everybody to express their views without even being frightened of prejudice.

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Q1) The Truth Social Media App: Is There a Subscription Plan?

Ans: Truth Social is free to use. As of the right moment, there are currently no subscription programs.

Q2. What date will the Truth Social App be released?

Ans: Congrats! On February 21, 2022, the eagerly anticipated Truth Social App will go on sale.

Q3) How Do I Join The iOS Waitlist For The Truth Social App?

Ans: 1)Go to the App Store.

       2)Enter Truth Social into the search field and press the search option to find it.

        3)Click on the “Pre-order” option that you’ll notice.