Update Your Spring Wardrobe: Finding an Outfit for Every Occasion


Spring has finally sprung, and that means updating your wardrobe with the cutest and trendiest pieces for this breezy and sunny weather! We all know how exhausting it can be trying to build a wardrobe with enough pieces for every occasion, which is why we’re here to help!

Together, we’ll build a wardrobe filled with the basic essentials that can work for most of the events you can have. So, without further ado, let’s transform your wardrobe together!

The Safe Option: Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowy, floral dresses, they’re basically a staple for the spring season! Owning a few different floral dresses will allow you to dress them up or down however you want, and you can even adapt them to the changes of the weather.

For example, if the weather gets chillier again, you can still wear your long, flowy dress, simply wear a matching sweater on top and add a belt at the waist. You’ll give the illusion of wearing a beautiful floral skirt with a matching sweater. If it gets hotter as the day progresses, just remove the sweater and reveal the entire beauty of your dress!

This is great for picnics, especially if you’re unsure of how the weather will be, and even for an office party if you want to look elegant yet comfortable.

Pastels For Days

Pastel outfits are a great way to stand out from the crowd by having a pop of color that is subtle yet eye-catching. Pastel pieces are essential for spring as they give off a playful vibe along with a touch of elegance.

For example, if you enjoy watching horse racing on the weekend, then a pastel outfit is definitely one to consider. Maybe pick out a hat to match your outfit that you can also wear to other events as it will surely elevate your look!

A Night On The Town

OK, let’s move along from elegance. Spring is a great time when you can go out at night and won’t freeze to death or have your outfit covered with a coat, so now is the time to invest in some outstanding pieces. Accentuating your outfits with stunning tanzanite jewelry can make your whole look more attractive. The unique blue-violet tone of tanzanite can perfectly match your spring outfits, providing a classy and elegant touch to your nighttime appearances. 

A bold red dress never hurt anyone, and it’s something that you can wear for several events, whether it’s a high school reunion, birthday dinner, or date night, you’re bound to rack up some compliments!

Back To The Basics

If you just want an outfit to wear to work or school, then consider a capsule wardrobe. This wardrobe is built on simple and basic everyday outfits that you can mix and match together. Make sure to stick to neutral colors as they will definitely match, such as black, brown, and white.

Then, invest in simple and comfortable jeans and trousers in the same neutral colors. Since all of your pieces won’t have any designs or clashing colors, you’ll be able to wear every shirt with every pair of trousers. Just think of the number of outfits you can create!

Pro Tip

When finding outfits to build your wardrobe, start building outfits with them, that way, every item of clothing will have a complimentary piece to go with, making it easier to build a simple spring wardrobe!