What happened to Saylor Gulliams?


Saylor Gulliams and her hiking partner Brenden Vega(her friend) of Ventura(place) were on a trekking

An incident occurred; both got injured and yelled for help, but unfortunately, because of the low network and thinly populated place, they could not get help. They faced bad injuries over their bodies. After a few days, Brenden Vega was found dead at another location. And Saylor was missing, found on the West Virginia side of the Greenbrier River.

This incident has raised different allegations, whether Brenden Vega was murdered or died of injuries.

Let us get the full information. 

Who was Saylor Gulliams?

Saylor Gulliams was a hiker of Ventura. At a very young age, 22, she went on trekking with her hiking partner, Brenden Vega, 22.

Who was Brenden Vega?

Brenden Vega was born on April 23, 1991, in Sylmar. He was trying to help her friend, Saylor Gulliams, in trekking. Both fell, and an incident took place, and both got injured. Due to dehydration and severe injuries, after a few days, he died.

What was the incident?

 Saylor Gulliams and Brenden Vega were good hiking friends. One day both friends were hiking. However, they were thrown off the trail.

 Saylor Gulliams had serious ankle and wrist injuries, while Vega had terrible arm injuries. However, Vega stood up and yelled for help, but unfortunately, he could not get any help.

They both were missed. Throughout the day, the man’s body was found at 10:30 AM. Later after two or three hours, the lady was found in Tangerine fall areas by other hikers as she was badly injured and could not move. 

 After falling 20 to 30 feet down a rocky cliff, the man was discovered dead near Montecito’s Cold Spring Trail.

Along with his death, many conspiracy theories were rumored. Some believed that it was a murder, whereas others thought it was an accidental death.

Is she still alive?

Missing hiker,  Saylor Gulliams, was found injured. She was spotted at a place where hardly one can find any person. Some hikers found her and were later rescued at a hospital, where she was treated for her ankle and wrist injuries. Unfortunately, her companion, Vega, died. 

As per the reports of sources, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, she is recovering in the hospital. She went through 5-6 surgeries. 

Even after the efforts made by her hiking partner, Vega, he could not save her from injuries, and he lost his own life.

Some handful of sources and people considered it a murder, while investigators had proved it an accidental death. 

Currently, Saylor Guilliams works as an assistant to her mother’s business.

Is Saylor Gulliams on social media?

Yes, she is on Instagram and Twitter; however, she rarely posts. A lot of things have changed for her after the severe incident. Currently, she is working with her mother as an assistant. 

She is not very active on social media, but you can find her with a few posts.