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Do you require what is double ⅔ cups of the amount of the ingredients in a recipe since you’re making it for a party but aren’t sure what the amount of 2/3 cup times 2 is?

What is ⅔ cup of a cup? You are measuring two as 1 and 13 cups of food items. Take two cups, separate one of them into three equal portions, take one portion away, and do the same with the second cup to obtain this value. You get twice as much when you mix the remaining components in both cups.

This article will explain how much 2/3 of a cup is multiplied by two equals and address whether two-thirds or three-quarters are larger.

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What Is A Cup Doubled By 2 And 3?

 Using a scientific calculator, multiply the denominator and the numerator by 2 to determine 2/3 cup times 2. When you solve the fraction, this yields 4/3, equal to double ⅔ cups, or 1 1/3.

Here are 2 detailed procedures that will assist you in precisely determining what is 2/3 cup multiplied by 2:

2/3 cup times calculation Manually 2

2/3 of a cup. To produce a larger serving of the dish, you’re essentially double ⅔ cups of the recipe’s food ingredients, indicated by the number 2. 

Let’s dissect this to comprehend it.

  • Divide a single cup into three equal portions. For instance, if your cup is 90 ml, then 9 divided by 3 becomes 30 ml for each serving. 
  • Take one part from each of the three portions, leaving two.
  • Dividing another cup into 3 equal portions to repeat the process.
  • Once more, take one component from each of the three halves, leaving two.
  • You now have four left out of the original six portions—two in each cup.
  • The remaining 4 parts equal 1 and 1/3 cups because 3 parts equal 1 cup.
  • As a result, doubling two-thirds of a cup yields one-and-a-third of a cup.

Using a page/pen or a scientific calculator

Using a scientific calculator or a piece of paper and a pen is another approach to calculating what is 2/3 cup multiplied by 2. Add two to the denominator (3) & numerator (2) to accomplish this.

Therefore, multiplying 2/3 cup by 2 will give you 4/3 (2/3) x 2. 

Now, multiplying this fraction yields 2 pieces of 1 and 13 cups or 1 and 13 portions.

Two-thirds and three-quarters, which is larger?

Use a fraction to compare what is  2/3 cup and 3/4 cup to see which is larger. 

For this, multiply the number in the numerator (2) by 8 (the US standard cup size) and divide the denominator (3), yielding 5 and 13 parts. This will turn the 2/3 cup into a fluid ounce.

Now, calculate 3 by 8 & divide the end result by 4 to get 6 fluid ounces, the equivalent of 3/4 cup.

You will therefore receive 6 ounces, greater than 5, and a third of a cup, similar to 2/3 cup.

Without a measuring cup, how do two and three cups look?

If you don’t have a cup for measuring and need to measure 2/3 cup of dry components for a recipe, grab a bowl and add 10 tablespoons of each component. Then, to get around 2/3 of the cup, add 2 tablespoons of the ingredient

To figure out a 2/3 part of a cup, weigh 5 & 1/3 ounces of liquid ingredients. To get two times the 2/3 cup, multiply the ingredients by two using the abovementioned procedures.

In a cup, how many times does ⅔ go?

Let’s break it down toward a calculation to see how many times ⅔ fits into a cup:

Two-thirds equals the decimal 0.666, whereas the repeating number represents one-third 

0.333. Thus, when we multiply ⅔ (0.666) by ⅓ (0.333), we have 0.999, rounded to 1. This implies that ⅔ fill a cup once only with ⅓. 

What Is the Purpose of Measuring Cups?

When cooking and baking, we use measuring cups to obtain a consistent and precise ⅔ cup times for various solid, liquid, and semi-solid food ingredients. This aids the cooks in properly executing the recipe and preserving the desired flavours, textures, and consistency in the finished product.  

We utilize measuring cups in baking and cooking for the following reasons:


Because using the correct amount of ingredients helps to prevent under and over-seasoning of the meal, measuring cups provides exact amounts of ½, ⅔, ¾, and other fractions to ensure consistency in recipe results.


The dish could be ruined if you use different amounts of the components than are called for in the recipe. To obtain the correct balance and flavour profile, we can accurately follow these ratios with the aid of measuring cups.

Avoid weighing foods such as three pounds of chicken breast with a measuring cup. 

Baking Science

In the science of baking, precise and reliable measurements are essential. The feel of the dough, the rise, and the general baking experience are all impacted by even a small adjustment in the ingredients, like going from ⅔ to ¾.

Therefore, measuring cups aid bakers in obtaining the proper quantity of ingredients and producing delectable baked goods.


If you choose to test a recipe, measuring cups make it possible to frequently make the same delectable food.

Because measuring cups introduce a little bit of susceptibility or error into the measurements, chefs and professional bakers prefer measuring the flour on a scale. 

What Can Happen If Ingredients Are Not Measured Correctly?

Suppose elements are not properly measured while measuring two-thirds of a cup times 2. In that case, you will obtain erratic results with flavour and texture problems and may potentially have a baking disaster, including:

  • Dishes with an ill or overwhelming flavour due to an unbalanced flavour profile caused by a disturbed ingredient ratio.
  • Baking errors include incorrect rising, unattractive structure or texture, and bad flavour. 
  • Ingredient waste results from unsuccessful results.
  • Flavour balance and enjoyment are impacted by difficulties with taste and texture, such as too sweet or salty food. 


In this article, we’ve spoken about what a recipe equals for what is 2/3 cup multiplied by 2. We have also discussed why we use measuring cups and how many 2/3 pieces equal a whole cup.

We hope that this in-depth post was instructive and useful and that it gives you the confidence to change the ingredients to fit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What does “2 3 cups” mean to you?

Ans. A 2/3 cup is made up of two tablespoons, two teaspoons, and a half cup.

Q2) What percentage of anything is two-thirds?

Ans. When this is rewritten as a numerical percentage, we can observe that 2/3 equals 66.667%.