What Is Buffalo Milk? What Are The Benefits And Nutrition Value Of Buffalo Milk?

Health Benefits of buffalo milk

This post is based on the Potential Health and Nutrition Benefits of Drinking Buffalo Milk that you must know and nutritional value comparison between Cow’s milk vs Buffalo Milk.

Most of the milk production throughout the world derives from the cows, goats, buffaloes, camels, and sheep. Buffalo milk is the second most consumable type of milk in the world just after Cow’s milk. Buffalo milk contains the high nutritional value, just as like Cow’s milk. Buffalo milk is mostly used for making dairy products like cheese, curd, ice cream, butter.

Thus, this article focuses on the nutritional contents of buffalo milk, what are the benefits of drinking buffalo milk regularly.

What Is Buffalo Milk?

Buffaloes are the type of mammals in which mammary glands stimulate hormones that produces milk to feed offsprings. There are varieties of buffaloes like water buffaloes. Water buffaloes contribute most of the buffalo’s milk production throughout the world. These buffaloes are divided into two types like swamp and river.

River buffaloes produce the majority of the milk production, and swamp buffaloes’ milk is used as a draught animal.

80% of the worldwide buffaloes’ milk produces by the two countries, India and Pakistan, and other countries that contribute to buffalo milk production are China, Nepal, and Egypt.

Buffalo milk contains high amounts of proteins and good Fat, which makes the milk texture creamy. That’s why buffalo milk is used to produce butter, yogurt, cheese, and cream.

Nutritional Value Of Buffalo Milk as Compared To Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk is light in texture, have fewer calories, contains fewer amounts of fats and other essential nutrients.

Nutritional Value of Cow’s Milk Constitutes of 149 Calories, 8 grams of Protein, 12 grams of Carbohydrates, 11 grams of Lactose, 88% of Water, 8 grams of Fat and 21% of DV of Calcium.

Whereas Buffalo milk is thick in texture, has more calories, contains more amounts of fats, and other essential nutrients.

Nutritional Value of Buffalo Milk Constitutes of 237 Calories, 9 grams of Protein, 12 grams of Carbohydrates, 13 grams of Lactose, 83% of Water, 17 grams of Fat, and 32% of DV of Calcium.

Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Buffalo Milk

There are numerous effective benefits of Buffalo milk that make it recommendable by an expert nutritionist to increase one’s health. Research studies show that buffalo milk contains high amounts of nutrients and have multiple benefits to health.

Support and Improve Bones Health

Buffalo milk contains high amounts of Calcium, about 32% of the daily value of Calcium that is more than that of Cow’s milk. Calcium is mineral required by the bones to develop and grow and to maintain the strength of bones. Buffalo milk is also a rich source of casein derived peptides that promote the sustainable health of bones. Casein also reduces the risk of osteoporosis that leads to the weakening of bones and fractures.

Support in Improving Heart Health

High amounts of potassium and Beta-Lactoglobulin present in the buffalo milk reduces the high blood pressure. Beta-Lactoglobulin is a whey protein and source of a bioactive compound that is directly associated with improving heart health. One study shows that beta-lactoglobulin found in buffalo milk that inhibits the angiotensin-converting enzyme that increases the blood pressure by making the blood vessels tight. Thus buffalo milk help in reducing the blood pressure levels that ultimately leads to improving heart health.

Contains Antioxidants

Buffalo milk contains high amounts of antioxidants than any other dairy products. It contains high amounts of vitamins, bioactive compounds, and minerals that make it rich in antioxidants that help in increasing collagen in the skin and overall body health.

Antioxidants are known for fighting against free radicals and harmful toxins that lead to increasing the risk of certain diseases.

One researched study shows that buffalo milk contains about 56%-58% of antioxidants than compare to Cow’s milk, which is about 40%-42%.

Thus, Buffalo milk is high in nutrition benefits more than that of Cow’s milk and best suited for those who want to increase their weight.

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