Are you considering getting a bulldog but aren’t sure whether to have a French or an English one? Each of them has a lot of things in common and other things that are different. Which breed fits your lifestyle the best? And how many are English bulldogs? Find out!

With a few significant characteristics, the French bulldog vs English bulldog is remarkably similar to young dogs. Their resemblances are uncanny, given their closely related, and their adorable features with wrinkles and gregarious personalities make wonderful family pets that everybody will like. French Bulldog is a smaller and more streamlined variant of English.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the English Bulldog is its folded skin which hangs down either side of its face, whereas the most distinguishing characteristic of the French Bulldog is its tall, bat-like ears.

Therefore, even if you’re trying to choose between getting a small French Bulldog or a moderate-sized English Bulldog, keep reading to learn more specifics which will certainly aid you in making your choice.

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Bulldog Breed History: English vs. French

The French Bulldog is indeed a relative of the noticeably bigger English Bulldog, but their ancient paths diverged whenever the different types of bulldogs; French Bulldog emigrated from Britain to France, where the weather was much milder.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is an English breed, regardless of his name. Small English Bulldogs rose to prominence among lace merchants in central England in the middle of the nineteenth century, especially within and around the market of Nottingham. The dealers sailed away with their puppies to the countryside of northern France whenever the demand for their laces declined in England. Nearly immediately after landing, the smaller Bulldog gained popularity. He gained popularity throughout Europe and America by the end of the nineteenth century, but the Americans demanded that he retain his recognizable bat ears. Nevertheless, because the English were incredibly protective of their language, his popularity never gained off there. A question was raised about french bulldogs- are french dogs hypoallergenic?’

He remains incredibly popular, and the American Kennel Club (AKC) listed them as the fourth most famous dog breed in the USA in 2019 due to his adorable, unusual characteristics and energetic demeanor.

The breed finally found its way to Paris after becoming well-liked in rural France. They immediately established themselves as regulars in the cafes and streets of Paris. The French bulldog gained their current fame as a true city dog. 

English Bulldog

How much are English bulldogs? The English bulldog didn’t start in the best of ways. The bulldog is thought to have been invented in England in the thirteenth century for the brutal bullfighting sport. The English bulldog changed from a warrior to a lover once that (eventually) lost favor in the late 18th century. Bulldogs were bred to be kinder and less ferocious, and by 1866 the American Kennel Club had approved of them. The English Bulldog was created in 13th century of England specifically for bull baiting. These days, the English Bulldog was vicious and had incredibly powerful teeth, but it seemed impervious to harm in the arena. The once-aggressive dog soon transformed into a charming outlaw who is a wonderful family companion. 

He currently serves as the spokesperson for numerous businesses and well-known sports franchises around the globe; however, Sir Winston Churchill, one of Britain’s national leaders, is most likely the most recognized individual because of being related. Many regarded him as “The British Bulldog” because of his tenacity, unwavering fortitude, and severe but drooping smile.


The size distinction between french bulldog vs English bulldog is among the most pronounced. The English bulldog is indeed a short, robust dog. They barely stand 14 to 15 inches tall, according to the American Kennel Association, despite their ability to weigh up to 50 pounds. The flat noses and big puppy dog eyes of these kooky-looking canines, despite their distinctions, are what endear them to people all across the world.

French bulldog

French bulldogs, or “Frenchies,” were only ever just a few inches shorter, standing between 11 and 13 inches in height. When grown up, they often weighed less than 28 pounds, which is half that much. The two breeds resemble one another due to their significant size differences. They generally differ from most breeds by having short noses, square skulls, short legs, and wrinkled skin, while English bulldogs prefer greater creases.

English bulldog

Nevertheless, the English bulldog is easily recognized whenever you look at them because of their distinctive chops, which dangle from both edges of their jaws. The ears are another distinctive feature of the Frenchie. The French bulldog possesses big bat ears that frequently stand up straight, contrasting to the English bulldog’s rose-shaped ears.


Both the French as well as the English bulldogs are outgoing animals that adore receiving attention from people. They both enjoy taking naps on their owner’s lap. Each of them is known to experience anxiety issues, and since they are both very gregarious, they do not want to be left alone for extended periods.

Both the French Bulldog vs English Bulldog are excellent companion animals because of their tiny size and extraordinarily kind and calm temperaments, which makes them ideal for kids being taught how to care for and manage a dog. However, kids shouldn’t be left unattended among dogs!


The French and English Bulldogs have low activity levels and are extremely laid back, making them identical. Each of them will only require 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity each day, which can be satisfied by taking a short stroll around the block to extend their legs and use the restroom. These two guys are content to lounge around and nap all day; neither needs vigorous exercise. Due to their similar brachycephalic shapes, none of these dogs thrive in humidity or warmth, so avoid exercising them on hot days.

Bulldog Grooming

The French bulldog VS English bulldog requires very little upkeep. The Frenchie, on the other hand, would be a better choice if you’re seeking a dog that’s also largely independent. Also, are french dogs hypoallergenic?

The Frenchie sheds very little; therefore, you should brush him every week to maintain his coat looking beautiful. Nevertheless, in different types of bulldogs the English bulldog tends to sweat a little bit more. You should groom him a minimum of two or three times a week to keep the waste in control.

These breeds require some work in addition to their charming wrinkles, which pull you to them. In different types of bulldogs, the skin among their wrinkles must be kept dry and clean, whereas, with the English bulldog who has a little more wrinkled, this is a bigger task. The breed finally found its way to Paris after becoming well-liked in rural France. They immediately established themselves as regulars in the cafes and streets of Paris. The French bulldog gained their current fame as a true city dog. (Additional Read: All About The Fluffy French Bulldog

Temperament and Training

French bulldogs are slightly more picky than English bulldogs, who will likely make friends with family members and integrate into the pack. There is a strong likelihood they will only bond with one individual if they are not exposed to different individuals and animals from such an early age. In those other terms, a French bulldog might be your dog unless you’re seeking a needy partner. You can learn more about French bulldog training here.

Puppy Price

The appeal of the French Bulldog has grown considerably over the past ten years, much more slowly than the English Bulldog, whose popularity has remained constant. As a result, French Bulldogs are currently a bit more costly. A French Bulldog would typically cost you approximately $1,800, while an English Bulldog would cost you about $1,500. Of course, you might anticipate paying significantly more than the standard value if the person has very desired qualities or was born into a prestigious family.

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There is also no ignoring the reality that each of these guys is endearing in their special way, and even though they may not appear to be connected, you can see that they certainly are. In french bulldog vs English bulldog, The English Bulldog is fairly laid back, while the French Bulldog is so much less tall but far more restless & playful!

Whatever puppy you choose or which fits your lifestyle the best, both are adorable, fun-loving puppies that everybody will like!


Q1) Compared to English Bulldogs, are French Bulldogs healthier?

Ans: Both breeds may be prone to various health issues. Hip dysplasia in dogs could be the issue with English bulldogs. Despite being one of the bulldog varieties with the best reputation for health, Von Willebrand’s disease, a blood illness, can affect French bulldogs.

Q2) Do bulldogs possess intelligence?

Ans: Intelligence. Bulldogs & French Bulldogs, respectively, rank around 77 and 58 on this scale of intellect. Bulldogs are the least intelligent working/obedient animals. According to the report, they execute the initial order just 25% of the time or worse and incorporate new orders following 80–100 tries.

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