What Is Optavia Diet – What are the Benefits of following Optavia Diet

What is Optavia Diet

Are you looking for a diet that does not require much effort for cooking? A diet that can be prepared quickly does not consume much time alongside help reducing weight, then Optavia can do for you. It is a diet plan that is a combination of food that consists of low-calorie that promote weight loss. It involves prepackaged food products, home-cooked meals, and some expert support from the coach.

You may be wondering that what is Optavia Diet? How is Optavia diet claiming to help in weight loss without many efforts? Does it is safe for us? And, What are the downsides of this diet?

Thus, we have prepared this article to help you know about Optivia Diet, What are its benefits and disadvantages.

What is Optavia Diet?

Optavia meal plans are a low-calorie diet plan that involves eating programs in which one can have prepackaged food with homemade cooked meals that lead to weight loss. It was introduced by the Medifast company that brings meal replacement healthy food products and two new diet trends Optavia and Medifast. Both diet encourage weight through the combination of packaged and homemade food that contains low-calorie, carbs, and fats.

However, Optavia’s 5&1 diet plans consist of one more thing that is one-on-one coaching, which is not in the Medifast.

While following the Optavia diet, you have several food options to choose from; they include branded food products called Optimal Health Fuelings and homemade meals Lean and Green Meals.

The Optimal Health Fuelings encourages weight loss and has over 60 packaged food items that are low in carbs and calories but high in protein and probiotics, which is comprised of gut-friendly bacteria that help in boosting gut health.

For instance, these foods include cookies, protein bars, cereals, shakes, puddings, pasta, and soups.

However, they may seem to high in high calories and carbs; Fuelings design their food products that are lower in carbs and sugar than that of the previous versions of the same food products. To accomplish this target, Fuelings uses artificial sweeteners in small portion sizes.

Additionally, many Fuelings food products also pack with whey protein and soy protein isolate.

Moreover, the company has also provided food products for those who do not have an interest in cooking; Fueling offers a complete line of pre-made low-carb meals labeled Flavors of Home, which can be a replacement for Lean and Green meals.

Potential Benefits of Optavia Diet:

Help in Losing Healthy Weight – 

Optavia 5&1 diet plan helps people in weight loss by lowering the number of calories and carbs by controlling the portion size of meals and snacks. The plan limits the meal’s calories up to 800-1000 calories per day and divides them into six controlled meals portion. A study conducted on 198-people for 16 weeks shows that people following the optavia diet had a noticeable impact on weight loss, fat levels, and waist size.

Fewer Efforts Required -Easy to Follow – 

Optavia’s diet plan is easy to follow as it comprises of packaged foods from Fuelings, and you only need to cook the meal one time a day. However, each meal plan comes with sample meal plans that make it much easier to follow.

Moreover, this diet encourages the preparation of 1-3 Lean and Greens meals a day; they are simple to make and have a specific recipe and a limited list of ingredients.

Help in Controlling Blood Pressure –

Optavia Diet plan has benefit in regulating the appropriate blood pressure as it promotes weight loss and less intake of sodium.

However, the proper research on the Optavia diet has not been taken yet, but a 40-week study on 90 people who are suffering from obesity and excess weight issue shows significant changes in weight and reduction in high blood pressure levels.

Ongoing Long-Term Support – 

One of the best benefits of following the Optavia diet is your diet coaches are available throughout the year. They will help maintain your weight loss goals and body maintenance program until you are part of the diet plan.

A study suggested that having a diet-plan coach or counselor that aids in maintaining weight for long-terms has lasting effects on health.

We hope this diet plan helps you get a lean and healthy body. This super easy and less effort-required diet plan has significant effects on the body. While following the Optavia diet, one does not need to stay away from their cravings for packaged food. It involves encouraging weight loss by eating prepackaged low-calorie food.

What Is the Need for Optavia Diet?

Weight maintenance or achieving your goal weight is not that easy. Optavia diet takes an easy take on to encourage weight loss and achieve a lifelong transformation.

Counting daily calories and keeping a check on regular snacks or any meals you consume gets irritating. Also, understanding the nutritional requirements of your body and how everything works are not easy for all.

With the Optavia brand, customers get all the required information laid out in an easy-to-understand manner and you just need to purchase the required ingredients and cook your meal.

Optavia diet is suitable for people with busy schedules to take out time to cook every day. As portion control is a big part of this diet plan for rapid weight loss, the fuelings will keep a check on your intake.

The biggest benefit of following an Optavia diet is that a registered dietitian as a coach is always available on the device to motivate you through the entire process.

What do you eat on Optavia Diet Plans?

Half of your Optavia diet will comprise of your optavia fuelings including shakes, bars, cereal, and cookies, and other savory options like mashed potatoes and soup.

Rest of the optavia diet includes lean green meal which you have to buy and prepare at home. Some of the things included in your meals will be:

  1. Cooked lean protein (5-7 ounces) like egg whites, chicken, fish, soy, and turkey.
  2. Upto 3 servings of non-starchy vegetables like greens, lettuce, celery, and cucumbers.
  3. Healthy fats up to 2 servings including avocado, olives, and olive oil.

How often do you eat on Optavia Program?

The optavia programs advise up to six or seven meals in a day depending on your plan.

The basic three Optavia meal plans are:

The Optavia advises eating six or seven times per day (about every two to three hours) depending on the plan. The three available plans are:

  1. 5&1 Plan- one lean green meal along with five optavia fuelings every day
  2. 3&3 Plan- three lean green meals and three optavia fuelings
  3. 4&2&1 Plan- Two lean green meals, four optavia fuelings, and one snack per day.

Can Optavia cause high blood pressure?

Optavia diet healthy weight loss program helps in improving blood pressure by working as weight loss programs and limiting sodium intake.